Monday, August 01, 2005

Look through My Eyes...Can You See what I see?

I ask could ANYONE even 'think' that Shasta and the other dogs of responsible owners can be dangerous or vicious? I mean...LOOK at her! Do you not see in her what I do?
Shasta has nothing but love and loyalty to offer. She is a sweetheart and is so gentle. She loves children. She loves animals of all kinds. She loves to go for walks to meet people and their pets. She does not have a mean bone in her body.
When people see her on the street, she doesn't strike fear into them. Matter of fact, she attracts people towards her in a positive way.
She brings smiles and laughter to most that we meet along the way. And the thing is, it's not just her. The other day, Shasta and I were taking a walk to the park, and we met up with a guy that had a fawn colour pitty as well. He didn't realize that Shasta and I had already met the dog and was surprised when his dog greeted up both the way he did.
Shasta looked small and dainty in conparison to him. His name was Blade or Blaze...(something like that) and he also was a real sweetheart. He loves Shasta, and other dogs were walking by with their owners as the 2 of us stood and talked while the dogs socialized together. Shasta even showed him that she could roll over on the grass and do a few tricks with me not even asking her to. She was showing off.
As some of the other dogs walked by, a few were pulling on their leashes and barking at the two of them, while their owners tried to control them. Our two dogs just stayed there not concerned with the other dogs. The looked naturally, but never got out of the sit position.
Our dogs were better well behaved than the others and they weren't pet bulls. So what does that tell you. I just can't understand people judging our dogs because of what they are know as. Pit bulls! But in reality, both of them are Staffordshires, and not Pit bulls at all.
Look hard at her eyes. Do you see anything but love and softness in her eyes? No way do you see any viciousness. No way would she harm a hair on your body. Well, perhaps if you were to actually try to harm me, but isn't that natural for any breed to protect those that they love?
The muzzling is coming close to the end of this month. The 29th. No one knows what to expect or even what our rights are. It's so unclear to everyone. I have a friend at the Humane Society that I keep tabs with and even they are unclear to what will happen as of Aug. 29th.
I emailed her and asked what would happen if someone broke into my apartment to do me harm. Because she is considered a Pit bull, does that mean I have to try to defend her by locking her up while I get attacked? Does that mean that when I am walking her with her muzzle on, that some idiot can come and start kicking her because she's muzzled and the two of us are helpless to defend ourselves? Does that mean we have to take the verbal abuse that is likely going to come from some people? Do we always have to be on guard that nobody gets upset with us or they could lie and she could get taken from me just like that? Can someone that doesn't have a pit bull look alike send their dog to attack her while she is muzzled?
I know a lot of these thoughts are most unlikely, but it's the what if's and not knowing our rights about them that is unsettling. Shasta has given me back life and I love her so very much. We are so closely bonded that I don't know what I would do if they ever tried to take her. It scares me to death. Is this what it is all about? That the owners of our dogs have to be fearful for them and for us? Does this make Ontarians feel safer, because at this rate, I am feeling more valnerable then I ever have.
At a forum the other day, a man wrote and said only thugs owned dogs like these. I'm the furthest thing from a thug. He wote that all Pit bulls couldn't be trusted as they were born with a violent and vicious nature. I was angry and told him to do some research from the libary as obviously he picked out one thing off the net and wrote what it said as if it were the Holy Bible itself.
People like that are so closed to even listening to your view point as their minds are so made up...yet, they don't know the breed...and nor do they want to. They WANT to be right! They are hoping that they're right. They are hoping these dogs will turn on us so that they are right. How sick is that?
We want to live happy and carefree lives, but because we own a dog they do not like, they hope that we learn our lesson by being harmed. Is this what society has come down to? Wishing harm on others just because you don't agree with their stand? Because we love our pets as unconditionally as they they do us? Now we can be called thugs.
I try and try to understand and I can't. I can't because of all the dogs I know that are of these breeds, I haven't met one yet that I would be afraid of. The closer the 29th comes, I worry more. That's so unlike me as I usually just take a day at a time and don't worry about tomorrow un-needlessly...but because harm could come to Shasta, it worries me the same as if it were one of my human family.
I pray that out of this bad situation and just because I can't see a light at the end of the tunnel, that God will rectify this as they are part of his creatures that He has created. What sorrow He must feel to see those that he gave dominion over to protect His creatures cause such a cold and brutal attack against them.
Comes the 29th, I wonder with sorrow how many thousands will be murdered or sent to labs.


Flexxn said...

Hey, I somehow wandered onto your blog.... :-) Dont know how, but I did. Anyway, I was a proud owner of 2 APT's for over 10yrs... I can sincerley empathise w/ your feelings about other's ingnorances of the breed... However, as I see, Shasta (even though she is a staff) is a wonderful exception... Boo was my female who died in 2003 suddenly... was one to be watched... In 10yrs, she wopped about 7 dogs. All of which had come into our yard. I never walked her off a leash and she was never around small childre for the mere fact that I was concerned about little kids getting up in her face and her mistaking them for animals... Basically, she was emotionally challenged but a great companion to me... She never bit a human and prolly saved my life more times than I can count. She died suddenly and unexpected from a uterus infection. I never got her fixed and the infection got in her blood stream.... She was fine one minute and dead the next. I encourage you to spay your dog if you havent already done it... Especially, if you dont plan on breeding her. Hope you come over to my new blog... I will post about Boo in the coming wks... Man she was a cool dog. Thanks for bringing back some memories. Out

Flexxn said...

woops... its thanks for triggering some good memories... :-)

Flex said...

I just read up on the BSL.... what a farse. I guess you have to spay her now. geeesh... Do you have to carry around her spay papers?! and prove that too... lol

They should run background checks and if you are a felon or have violent offenses... u cant have one... just like the gun legislation here in US... Most problems w/ pits stem from GROSS MISHANDLING and no accountability from the owners...

I advocate enforcing responsiblity w/ conciquences NOT breed bans...

Conners said...

She was spayed at 5 months and no I don't need to carry her papers... or at least I haven't had to but we don't know what will happen come the 29th of this month.
I advocate the same as you. If we can eliminate the irresponsible owners and not only have their dogs taken from them, put severe punishment to them and never allowing them another dog to harm and ruin again.
In Canada...or at least Ontario, we have to not only liceanse our dogs, but our cats too...even if they are only indoor cats such as are mine. It's really called and identification tag, but pretty much the same as the dogs get.
Cats are not suppose to be let loose (at least in the city) as a life span of an outside cat is about 5 years where with an inside cat, I have one that is 22 years old and another 11 years old.
Responsible owners love their fur pets as family and protect them as such.
If you take on an animal, that animal is your responsibility for the rest of it's life just as if it were your child.
Why get an animal just to risk it's life? The irresponsible owner doesn't care. They are out for a fast buck or blood money.

Flex said...

rite on..