Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bogus Half-Truths make Headlines

Headline Maker Posted by Hello
Bogus headlines! Notice how the headlines of the dog attack on the boy say Rottweiler, yet as you read the article in the news, it says a Rottweiler Labrador cross?
I’m not trying to take away from the attack. I feel awful for the boy and hope he heals quickly and without trauma. It’s just with all the hoopla on the pit bulls; it was bound to happen to another breed. Meaning, the media is out in full colours, not only writing about the attack done to the boy, but still commenting about the pit bull ban.
It’s what all of us responsible owners were asking for in the first place. Responsible ownership and a bill that didn’t include a specific breed, in the dangerous dog act. Our voices were ignored. Do owners of other breeds think it’s all right to let their dogs at large? Isn’t there a by-law that says all dogs must be leashed and that’s why we have designated leash free parks? That’s the way it is in my city and I’m sure we aren’t the only one. I’m positive Toronto has the same bylaw. Instead, we have
Bill 132 , which refers to pit bulls and pit bull look a likes. Will there become a new bill now banning Rottweilers and Rottweiler look a likes? Then which breed will come next on the hit list?
This attack should NOT have happened! And, as repeating myself from my other posts, where was the owner of this dog? Another issue involved here is why are parents not teaching their children about staying away from strange dogs? I was always taught, and taught my children and now my grandchildren that you never go up to a strange dog. Not even one that someone has on a leash unless you ask the owner for permission first. Parents need to take responsibility to educate their children as well as the owners, but it seems as if the responsibility lies only on the owners. Those that abide to their responsibilities that is. More than likely, the family pet is used to sharing toys, balls, etc. but a strange dog…you don’t know how it will react. It may not even be accustomed to playing with kids. Common sense is the issue here and once people understand that, the less attacks we will see. Come on people! You were given a brain…why not put it to use!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Information Needed on this Photo...

old photo Posted by Hello
This old photo was sent to my grandmother (Baba) from the Ukraine from her family, back home. I would think probably around the late 1970's.
Baba has long past away, but I have some of her letters from her family and this old photo. As I'm not able to read Ukrainian, I have no idea what the letters say, therefore I'm stumped with this photo.
Obviously, it looks like a funeral from the casket that is in the pictures along with all the priests, lined with people in the background. By the extravagance of the procession, it doesn't look like it would be a common funeral...but then, how would I know? I'm only assuming.
So if anyone views this and has any knowledge, I'd appreciate any background you could give me.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Either it's Cindy or the Spider...

If I were rich, I’d be deemed eccentric…but I’m not… rich I mean, so that just makes me nuts, crazy, weird. Endearing terms my family and friends have lovingly labelled me as being. In truth, they’re right I suppose in certain areas of my life. An example being today, just minutes ago. But, before I explain, let me go back one week.
My very dear friend had cancer and reconstructive surgery done to her face only months ago. To her it feels a lifetime ago and she forgets the recovery time is a long process. Her family members and friends forget also. From over attentiveness and alarming outbursts of fear, when in fact what she needed was loved assurance and support, comforting her.
I know the alarming feeling, as I myself sat in her place when I had a bad fall and broke my neck. Two vertebrae’s were pinching my spinal cord and ruptured and tore both the discs. Major surgery was necessary and I was advised of the risks involved. The pain was so intense that no amount of pain medication could stop it until my natural body endorphins kicked in. But, I’m here and I survived, maybe a little battle scarred, as due to the trauma of it all, led to other disabilities and diseases that try to disrupt my life. I say try, as I no longer allow them to own me. I’m in control of them and brush them off as if they don’t exist.
With this knowledge, I’m able to help Cindy though her ordeal with love, understanding and support. That’s why I kept asking her to come stay with me and get a much-needed break from her chaotic life. I was so happy to finally hear her tell me she was coming.
We spent a wonderfully relaxing week here together. When she would receive a phone call and get upset, I’d remind her to stay calm and taught her the difference of sympathy and empathy. I too have been dubbed with chronic anxiety by the doctors, but found that with the right frame of mind and releasing it to faith, I’m extremely laid back…most of the time. LOL And even then, I pick myself up, wipe myself off, slap my wrists gently and go on with what needs to be dealt with. Now don’t get me wrong! I’m a sucker for excitement and a daredevil to boot. So that makes me an excited, laid back, daredevil? I don’t know, but what I do know is I enjoy life as it comes and when a challenge or opportunity comes my way, I go for it. But, for Cindy, she needed to learn calmness and laughter as her best medicine. I loved watching her enjoy herself and so relaxed. I explained that although released from the hospital, the body and mind needed to recover and that she wasn’t in control of the demises of others, but she could be in command of her own emotions and how she viewed a situation. She’s back home now and I must give her a phone call tonight, to see how she’s doing.
Well, this has little bearing to why I first started this post. But then again, I have a cognitive thinking problem and if I confuse you, think how confused I make myself! LOL
AWWWW YES! I remember now! There was a spider crawling near the ceiling of my bedroom. I didn’t want to kill it. Only, get rid of it. I gently swooped it up with the broom and without thinking; I opened the patio doors and shook it outside. Then it occurred to me, I wasn’t saving his life! I live in Ontario, Canada. We have snow! Matter of fact, it’s still snowing. Spiders and cold do not mix. I pictured this poor distraught spider slowing dying a horrible death, rather than a quick smack that he wouldn’t have know what hit him. I needed to act fast as I rushed outside to the patio with my slippers on. Because my eyesight is becoming quite worse, I couldn’t see him…or her. So just to make sure I got him to put him to death quickly, I stomped around every bit of my patio until there was no snow untrammelled. I hope I killed him, as he would be dead by now anyway.
What’s the moral of this story? I think it was to explain how calm I am in most circumstances, yet freak at the thought of killing a spider. This will teach me not to post on fibrofog days.
Have a great day! ö

Dear letters

Dear Master:

The cat is despicable. She doesn't do any tricks and never comes when you call and I've been there and know she can hear you. We need to face the facts:

It's time to get rid of the cat.

Before the cat's arrival, meals were very festive times. I would sit and stare attentively at your lips, trembling slightly and drooling. You would play the game of pretending to be cross and demand that I leave the area, but whenever you cooked dinner your children would slip me food under the table.

Now, though, the cat is allowed to jump on the table - actually physically walk on the table! You don't yell at the cat, you just pick her up and put her back on the floor, and I know you don't see it, but she always gives me a haughty look as she walks past me.

And speaking of meals, I have always been satisfied to eat the gritty pellets of meat-by-products you bring home in the giant bags, right? Have I ever once, ever, failed to finish a meal? But now I find out that the cat is served lobster and salmon and crab - and she never consumes all of it! This means there are little containers of delectable snacks lying around and how can I be blamed for making sure they get eaten? Why do you get so mad? As long as the pet food is going to the pets, isn't that what's important?

Speaking of sanitation, do you realize that the cat goes to the bathroom in the house? Not in the drinking basins like you do, but in the sandbox in the basement. What are we going to say if some woman brings her baby over to play in the sandbox and the cat has been using it as a toilet? I used to police the thing for you, but you put it out of my reach for some reason.

I'm not the only one who believes the cat is an evil person. Here's a note from the hamster:

Subject: Cat

Please tell cat to stop staring at me while I work.


Department of Rodent Wheels

I also tried to get a note from the fish, but apparently it believes that everything happening outside its bowl is some kind of reality - TV show.

I don't understand why the cat is allowed up on the bed and I'm not. I am far cuddlier than any stupid cat. I think her purring sounds unhealthy and may be a sign of tuberculosis.

And why doesn't she ever get a bath? She smells like saliva from licking her paws - you'd never catch me licking such ridiculous places. I often smell wonderful from rolling in road kill, yet you give me baths all the time.

And speaking of sleeping, sometimes I'll be taking a nap and she'll come right up and lie down beside me. Usually I'm too tired to do anything about it, but then later the other dogs smell her on me and crack a lot of jokes at my expense.

So, not to exaggerate, but the cat has brought the family to complete ruin. I'm sorry I have to be the one to bring this to your attention, but now that I have, I think we can all agree that we should go back to the way it was, when I was the #1 pet.

Sincerely, The Dog


To My Dear Friend the Dog:

I am so sorry about you being sent to the dog pound for the broken lamp which you did not break; the fish you did not spill; and the carpet that you did not wet; or the wall that you did not dirty with red paint...

Things here at the house are calmer now, and just to show you that I have no hard feelings toward you, I am sending you a picture, so you will always remember me.

Best regards, The Cat

The Cat Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

Pause for Reflection

This is a pause for reflection moment that I thought I'd share.

Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the danger of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of "crackpot" than the stigma of conformity.
Thomas J. Watson
18? - 1956

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Motherhood comes later to some than others...

Baby Lucy Posted by Hello
I have a girlfriend, that as much as she loves Shasta, always has told me that "If I had a dog, it would be a DOG, not a dog thinking it was a person." Well, she finally has a puppy and she has called it Lucy. She's adorable, as you can see from her pic...but now you tell me...will this pup think itself as a pup, or a baby human? From what I can tell, not only from this latest pic, but also all the previous pics, Lucy will definately have human characteristics.
When motherhood strikes and the maternal intinct kicks in, all logic is lost and that DOG becomes a baby. In all fairness to Linda though, she will be an excellent mother and I'm glad to be Auntie Conners to my new neice.
What a difference a baby makes in ones life, no matter what species it is. *giggle*

Friday, March 18, 2005

Death for an Innocent Puppy

Madonna Posted by Hello
Last Wednesday, March 9, Madonna, a Pit bull cross, was euthanized. The dog's death came in spite of offers to adopt the dog, including one from the Toronto Humane Society.
Society president Tim Trow said he called a supervisor with animal control last Tuesday and offered to come down and pick up Madonna at no charge to the city.
"I was told the dog would be put down," said Mr. Trow. "I said we would drive down and bring her to our facility, where we have professional trainers that could work with the dog. I was told by the manager (Jim Gillis) that he'd think about it, but the answer was no. I told him he wasn't being much of an advocate for animals, and all he wanted to know was who called us about Madonna."
Last week, the city's animal control operations came under the microscope after it started to euthanize Pit bulls in advance of the Ontario government's Bill 132 - An Act to amend the Dog Owners' Liability Act. Although the law, which will place new restrictions on Pit bulls in the province, has reached third reading, it has yet to receive Royal assent.
Council ordered animal control to halt the killing on anymore Pit bulls until the law officially comes into effect.
Unfortunately, it seems, the action was taken too late to save Madonna's life.
"This was not a vicious dog," said Ms. Maerz, who rescued another Pit bull from the city last week and placed it with a new home in Seattle. "This dog was cleared for adoption and passed all the poking and prodding tests done to determine an animal's demeanour.
"I saw her the night before she died, up at the Dartnall Road facility, and she was wagging her tail and looking up at the two people who made the decision to euthanize her."
Aside from the government's new dog legislation, Madonna's trouble was compounded by the fact she was adopted out and returned. The family who took her Feb. 24 returned the animal after an incident in a leash-free park.
Ms. Maerz said the young family already had a dog, two young children and lived in an apartment. Madonna was let loose in a leash-free park without any obedience training, and pinned another animal while playing.
This prompted the adoptee's to return the animal and it was deemed aggressive by the city.
Tom Redmond, director of building and licensing, said the city has a responsibility to protect the public from aggressive animals.
"There are liability issues and we could be on the hook," he said. "This dog was deemed toy and food aggressive, and those are not desirable qualities. We have a statutory obligation to public safety."
However, attempts to access the assessment done on Madonna were unsuccessful, and questions remain whether the dog was ever re-assessed.
Prior to press time, senior city staffer Leanne Coveyduck had offered to show the assessment documents related to Madonna to Brabant Newspapers. However, those documents were not provided.
Mr. Redmond questioned the Toronto Humane Society's interest in this animal.
"Why is the THS interested in this particular breed?" he asked. "It seems wounds have yet to heal over the Pit bull ban. We are not a charitable organization. There are only so many spaces, and we have to determine whether an animal is a good candidate to take up space in a cage."
Ward 11 councillor David Mitchell said he was furious with the way the situation was handled, and vowed to get to the bottom of it.
"There seems to be a real lack of sensitivity, and I'd like to know what staff person okayed this," he said. "I think there should be some disciplinary action. This was a wrong decision."
Mr. Mitchell said what angered him even more was the fact the Toronto Humane Society offered to take the dog.
"Where was the common sense here? This was an easy way out," he said. "We pay people a lot of money to make smart decisions."

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Toronto Star Article

This was written in the Toronto Star on March the 5th. I thought it so funny that I want to share it on my blog. If the poor pits can't socialise with the outside world...I guess they have no choice, but to become computer geek's. Afterall, there is a whole wide world web out there. Let me know if Shasta has taken up the computer. The least I can do is try to help her improve her typing. LOL (Dare I send this on to Michael Bryant? I'll think about it.) *giggle*

Mar. 5, 2005, 01:00 AM
Linwood Barclay

The Ontario government has vowed to get tough with pit bulls who use the Internet to lure victims into their yards so that they may bite them.
"With all the new laws coming down to ban any new pit bulls and muzzle those currently in existance," says the province's attorney-general, "the breed is becoming increasingly crafty in its methods. It is adapting. We never expected something like this to happen."
Under the law the province passed Tuesday, a pit bull taken out in public must be leashed and muzzled, which makes it pretty difficult for one to take a bite out of somebody. The pit bull's only hope now is to get potential victims onto its property, where it can roam about muzzle-free.
"That's where the Internet comes in," says the attorney-general, who is seeking to give the existing law more teeth.
Perhaps you're one of the thousands who already received an email that looks something like the following:

"HI! HUMaN PPPersoN. WoULDD U likke tO KOme + patt a VVery KUtE DogiE?
i AM a vEEry CuTTE doGi!! yES YES i M!! WhY donnT u coMEE to my yARdd anD u KAN cee 4 UrsELF?!! Ka HAA hA!!!! HA!"

Just last week, an Etobicoke woman received such an email and, because she had always loved dogs, she found the invitation irresistible. But just as she was about to enter the yard in question, she heard snarling beyond the gate and changed her mind.
"I'll never do that again," she told authorities. "I don't know what I was thinking."
What the attorney-general wants to do now is amend the law, adding a provision making it illegal for pit bulls to have access to computers. The amendment would also include such devices as Blackberries.
"We're still debating whether they could use the computer to play games, do household finances, that sort of thing, just as long as it was not connected to the Internet," said one provincial official.
"But the bottom line would be, they wouldn't be able to send out emails."
Pit bull lovers are outraged by the ban, complaining that it is blatantly unfair. "You ban the activity, not the breed," they say.
They argue that any type of dog that misuses a computer should be forbidden from going online. As an example, they point to the recent case of a Shih Tzu that sent out millions of emails advising recipients that they had won a European "Milk-Bone Lottery." Supposedly, all anyone had to do to receive thousands of free doggie biscuits was provide his or her bank account information, so that a very small delivery fee could be deducted.
"But you don't see them banning all Shih Tzus, do you?" pit bull lovers say.
Until the province has successfully stopped pit bulls from accessing computers, what can you do to protect yourself? The answer, as is so often the case in matters such as these, is to be aware. Here are some tips:

If a dog is by its very nature unbearably adorable or even merely cute, chances are it doesn't need to use the Internet to find people to pat it. The dog will probably be getting as much attention as it can handle already.

Email from pit bulls, as is evident from the example above, are filled with typographical errors. This is not just because they are notoriously poor spellers. It's also due to the fact that their paws, unlike fingers, are not very good at operating keyboards. "Some try to use their nose," said the attorney-general, "but they still make as big a mess of it."

Don't open any attachmented files sent by pit bulls or any other breed. They may have fleas.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Northern Ontario Fishing is the BEST!

Brother & Sister Team Posted by Hello
Fishing is one of the greatest feelings, especially once you've got that baby on the hook. The adrenalin flows throughout you as you fight the fish to the boat. Especially a good old Northern. The more it fights, the better it feels. You think to yourself, 'remain calm' as your heart is pumping a mile a minute. You know it's big from the pulling at the end of your line. "Steady", you tell yourself. "Don't reel too fast! Coach it in!...that's it...easy now!" The fish takes off with a run, but you keep the line taunt." The fish is coming closer and closer to the boat and you wait in anticipation to see the size of that baby.
My brother Bill, is prepared with the net, reminding me, "Keep your rod up. You're doing great!" We finally see it! "Get ready Bill!" "I'm way ahead of you...Keep your rod up!" HE'S GOT IT! WHAT A BEAUTY!!! My hands are shaking as I get it unhooked. The thing weighs a ton as I pic it up for the pictures. No makeup on, but do I care? NO WAY! With happy laughter I release the fish and thank it for the thrill it gave me. I'm on cloud nine and at that point don't care if I caught another fish...but that only lasts a few seconds.
Then Bill yells out, "I've got one!" The excitement starts again. Whether your caughting or watching, the excitement grips you right in the stomach.
We did good that day and caught and released a lot of fish, but my excitement came when I caught the pickeral. Walleyes to our neighbours to the South. First one was only small, so I kissed it before I released it and told it to find his Daddy! LOL Where there is one, there are more of them. You're in the boat talking to each other, when suddenly I yell, "FISH ON!" It feels big, but not powerful and it's way out there. As excited as I get, I'm very calm while landing the fish. My whole concentration is on the end of my line. WE SEE IT! IT'S MY PICKERAL and what a beaut. This one is tonights supper!
We caught a few more, but it's getting dark so it's time to head back to our campsite on the island. Mmmmmm...supper was SUPERB! We talk until it's time for bed by the campfire. It gets dark fast in the woods and morning comes early. Specially, if you want to wake up when the fish are hungry.

Just writing this blog has my heart pumping and the memories make me smile. Now I can' wait for the snow to be gone. Get out my old rod and reel, and clean it all up and get it prepared for this year. Another season is about to begin!

Pirate Bill LOL Posted by Hello
Fishing isn't all about serious catching though. There are a lot of fun things that you see and explore as you're now in God's Country! These two pics of my brother are hallarious. His filet knife is razor sharp...and although here he was just kidding around, you could actually shave with it...or take a few layers from your face. WATCH IT BILL! I love you too much for that! LOL

If You Need a Giggle...Julian will ALWAYS Provide...

Always Smiling and Laughing Posted by Hello
This is my youngest grandson, Julian! He has an addictive smile and laugh and very outgoing, yet he is the easiest child I know to take care of. He has quite the imagination and doesn't need constant attention. He is just as happy to play on his own contentedly as he is to socialize.
He's going to be quite creative as already he has drawn a mural on his bedroom wall with crayons. (Not to worry...a quick spray of WD40 wipes it off in a jiffy.) He has always loved music and sings and dances to it. Some very inventive moves, I must say, but he holds a beat. LOL
He loves his sleep overs at Gramma's house and loves all of gramma's pets. Mommy and Daddy bought Jonathan a baby Betta for his birthday and Julian is so giving that he gave the fish his whole apple, with the exception of a couple of little bites he took before hand. Little did he know Mommy had taken it out of the fish bowl, but he told me Bluey made it all gone. LOL
You will rarely see him sad or angry...unless Shasta licks him too much. She ADORES him! But other than that it's only for the shortest time when he gets an 'ouwie', but once kissed he feels much better and says, 'Thank you'. He very effectionate and loves to help me around the house, (I give him small jobs), and he isn't a child that gets into everything...not at Gramma's house anyway.
I feel so fortunate that I have two wonderful grandkids and they fill me with so much love.I could go on forever...but then that would be bragging now wouldn't it. ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2005


This is a plea to Ontario Pitbull owners that don't fully understand bill 132. You do NOT have to give up your dog, unless you happen to live in the couple of cities that has enforced a complete pit bull ban, such as Windsor and Kitchener have.
For one, the bill is still not law until it receives Royal Assent, but because of the 'grandfathering clause', a current owner is allowed to KEEP their pet. You must get them fixed as soon as possible and although you still are not required to muzzle them in public yet, it would be a good idea to get a muzzle to slowly teach them to accept them. Too many people are not understanding this and dropping them off at shelters. The shelters are now full and they are not able to find enough homes to keep up with them and needless pets are already getting put down. The Bill has passed, put not expected to become Law until April 1st. Hope ironic is that, that it falls on April Fool's day? But, please don't hold off until that date. You never know if it could be sooner.
I have scoured the net trying to find out if there are any 'pitbull rescue groups or organizations' in the London, Ontario and area region. If anyone knows of any, please send me a private message through my guestbook with your email address (nobody will be able to see it except me) and I will contact you. Any that were on the net in Ontario are gone, so I'm assuming they have exceeded their limit and help is desperately needed. Also, any other cities and area's in Ontario that you are aware of. The pitties need our help immediately!
I have spoken to people and there is great confusion amongst them. Please go to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and click on Media Release for March 2, 2005 to get all the details. If you know of owners, or friends of owners without computer access, please pass this information on to them.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Sponge Jonathan...Birthday Boy...

Sponge Jonathan Posted by Hello
This is my eldest grandson, Jonathan who just turned 6 this March 1st. You can probably tell by this pic, that Sponge Bob is one of his favorite characters. He was thoroughly thrilled when he saw this. Made me feel very special knowing I could make him so excited and happy over a very simple thing. One day I will fix it up, as you can see, it's just quickly put together and needs some doctoring up...But Jonathan didn't even notice all the flaws.
His hero is Spider Man. I thought it was just a phase he was going through, but it's lasted for several years now, so finally my daughter, Danielle is fixing his bedroom into a Spider Man haven. For his birthday, his Me'-Me' got him all the Spiderman bedding and a couple of throw mats. I'd like to sew him some curtains that look like the webs he shoots out of his gloves and see if I can find a Spider Man light shade for the ceiling. The rest we can do with paint and his Spiderman paraphenalia..
He loves sports and is an active little boy that is putting all that energy in the right direction. That's why I bought him a brand new 5 speed BMX for his birthday. First, I pretended that I had totally forgotten about his birthday and once he received and opened all his gifts from everyone, I asked him why he didn't remind me? With that I told him I'd pick him up a little something tomorrow. He was happy with that, but now I couldn't stand it any longer. I told him that I did happen to get a card and perhaps Mommy could help read it for him. Of course, she was already told about my plan. I had provided a clue inside the card for him to go out in the back and find something black and yellow. Little did we realize all the things that were black and yellow outside within the patio.
The first thing he spotted was his Daddy's snow shovel. Then he found a Giant Tiger plastic page. We were all dying of anticipation and he wasn't even looking in the right area. We thought maybe we should help him out and told him to search the other side. Well, he spotted it...And his eyes went so big as he yelled out, "The bike?" You could see him shaking with excitement and he wouldn't let anyone help him bring it in the house for him. It was that much more difficult, because of all the snow. Meanwhile, I'm taking pictures galour of him. LOL
Later, when we were alone eating a hotdog in the kitchen together, he told me this was the best birthday EVER! He also told me, "Gramma, I knew you didn't forget my birthday!" and he had the biggest grin on his face. I might have (did) go over my budget to get him that bike and will be really watching my pennies for the rest of the month, but seeing that look on his face made it all worth while.
The funny part about the bike was once I bought it. It didn't make sense to try to carry it and it was snowing and pushing it would have been too slow, so I gave it a test ride home and set the gears for him to make them the best way for him to ride until he can handle the changing of the gears. I received a few grins and chuckles as I rode by, but I didn't mind...This was for the love of my grandchild...And he's worth it!
I have one more Grandson, Julian, Jonathan's younger brother that is 2 1/2, but I'll save that story for another blog.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Not your Average day shopping...

My poor kitties were scraping the very bottom of their litter boxes and as much as I knew I needed to go shopping for some, I dreaded the thought. I get the big 18 kg size box of clay clumping litter and can barely pick it up, even to put it in the cart. I'm so grateful when someone comes to my rescue and puts it in for me. Remember, I'm only 83 pounds, so that is extremely heavy for me.
This past week, I haven't been feeling too well, but there was no more stalling. It was either buy some or teach the cats to use the toilet. Both being difficult, but the first reasoning made more sense.
I called Shasta and told her I had a BIG job for her to help with. As I was grabbing her hoodie and winter boots, she immediately knew she was getting ready for an outing. When I put her halter on her on her first, so she knew work was involved, which she loves. Then while I was getting my winter gear on, she was rolling and doing somersaults with excitement. Once I had my backpack on and a one mitt, I grabbed her spare leash, tied it to the sled and attached it to her halter. There was plenty of ice and snow, so this was the best route to go.
I wondered if she would get frowned upon because of the ban, or wondered if she'd get her usual attention that she normally gets. She's such a ham and an attention getter where ever we go. I wondered if today would be different.
Well, once we hit the sidewalk, my doubts all disappeared. She had people laughing, smiling and coming up to her. I don't think one person passed without giving some sort of cute or nice remark. Even people in cars were smiling and pointing.
Once at the mall, I tied her outside by the sled and told her to "Sit!" She immediately got into the sled and sat. I snickered inside and could see other's doing the same thing. Now one thing with Shasta is, once she has an audience, she will go out of her way to keep their attention. I told her, "NO NOISE! You sit and behave and Mama will be right out." With that I gave her the stay command with my hand and left. I kept looking back to make sure she listened and so far she was just sitting and waiting.
I don't know when she starts? Probably as soon as I'm out of sight and hearing range I guess. But I quickly went into the grocery store, someone helped me with the litter again *whew*, and grabbed a few other items I needed and wheeled the cart outside to...a big laughing, smiling crowd of people. Everyone knew she belonged to me once she saw me. One man told me she was singing songs. I asked if it kind of sounded like 'mom'? And he said, come to think about it, it did sound a little like mom or maa maa. LOL Another man came out of the grocery store with a package of wieners and asked if she was allowed one. I told him she's love him forever. He ended up giving her about 3 all in pieces, one by one. Her manners were wonderful and she took each one delicately. Then she gave the man a sloppy kiss and I told him, "I told you so!"
People were still all around giggling and I heard one woman exclaim, "Oh! For heaven sake. She's an angel with boots." A young boy about 11 came up to me and asked if it was alright to pat her and I told him, "Sure. She's friendly and loves to be patted." As he was patting her, he inquired, "Isn't she suppose to be muzzled?" I told him the bill had passed, but it was yet to be law and until such time, she doesn't need to be." He said that's a stupid law. She's too friendly to need a muzzle. We talked a bit longer and I explained it was how they were raised and good breeding. It was nice talking to this curious boy that asked a lot of questions. Hopefully I educated him in the matter and he then he could educate some of his peers.
It was time to leave. Shasta had gotten her attention and I still had one more small stop to make to buy a stamp and mail a letter. I went and tied her to a bike rack and told her to guard the litter. Like, as if someone would want to steal clumping litter. LOL Because there were no people around this time, she was sitting just as I had left her and she didn't put on her act. Did I not tell you she was a ham?!
Once we got off the pavement and onto the snowy sidewalk, the sled just slid behind us like nothing. People were still giggling in their cars and pointing and Shasta and I enjoyed our shopping trip. She made a chore that I dread so much into a happy adventure. Once we got home and I dragged the box inside, I went and got her 3 doggy snacks, which we refer to as 'cookies'. With hugs and pats from me telling her how awesome she was and the sloppy kisses she gave me, let me know we both had a wonderful time. For her, it was the excursion and attention, and for me it was seeing that people accepted Shasta for her nature, not her breed...Plus...The cats finally had their litter.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Stop whining...take ACTION!

I've been doing my share of showing you my anger and whining, but now it's time to straighten up and take action. After all, what good is all that negativity going to do?!
I've been searching the net and writing some emails to find out answers. What's that statement; it's not over until the fat lady sings...or something like that. LOL
Today I received a reply back and I'm encouraged and excited. I even took Shasta out for a nice romp out in the cold. Brrrrr...But it felt good for both her and me and we enjoyed ourselves. She tends to take on my moods and when I feel down, she's close beside me and doesn't leave my side. Course she has learnt that from when I'm sick and having a hard flare time too. So today, I decided to treat her by getting out and playing in this little field nearby.
I've always said that when things look grim, there is always a light of good, just sometimes you have to look harder for it than others. Today I got that glimpse of light.
It came from the Dog Legislation Council of Canada. You'll notice I put up two brand new links on my page,
Dog Legislation counsel of Canada and Banned Aid. Both excellent sites and I hope you click on them, and be prepared for a LOT of addictive reading.
We might have lost round one, but the fights not over and I'm kicking myself (not too hard though) for allowing myself to lose faith in a time of despair. Not any more though, ROUND TWO is about to begin. Hopefully you join the bandwagon if you haven't already done so.
Tah tah...Shasta needs some lovin'.

Friday, March 04, 2005

People against people...

Shasta's Protection Posted by Hello
Why does this surprise me? Already in Ottawa people are calling in to the Humane Society letting them know which neighbours have pit bulls. Obviously, it will happen in my city too...So I thought I'd be prepared. The above note is taped to both my front and back doors. If they call...They call, but at least I can say I posted it first!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Michael Bryant Game

Michael Bryant Posted by Hello
Here we go boys and girls of all ages! First you copy this picture of yours truly, then you print it out, cut and tape it to your dart board. Grab those darts and hit the bulls eye. It might not get you any points, but it sure could relieve a lot of anxiety. LOL

From this...

From this... Posted by Hello

To this... Posted by Hello

I guess my friends are trying to console me by saying, "At least you get to keep Shasta." And yes, that does make me fortunate in that sense, but I can't help thinking about all the thousands that are going to be either put down or sent to labs for experiments.
Am I an emotional wreck? You better believe it. I've cried ever since I heard the outcome. I imagine the fear and the panic these dogs are going through. Most of them as innocent as any other loving pet, like scared children, not knowing what is happening to them.
If they looked sad sitting in the pound, waiting and waiting for their masters to come for them, or someone to take them home to love them, aren't they in for a worse surprise. What crime did they commit? Because of what the name of their breed was, is enough to lead them to this destiny? Because of their breed, they are deemed 'loaded weapons about ready to erupt'?
At least put these poor creature out of their misery humanely. Don't experiment and put them through all sorts of horrid tests. Aren't humans the care takers of all animals? We have been chosen to protect them, not subject them and torchure.
Yes, my Shasta is infact lucky, if by lucky you mean she didn't have to go through what these other dogs are going through. But, now even she has restrictions. After years of teaching her socialization of people, children and animals domestic and wild, how will she feel when she goes for a walk expecting to get her pats and attention from passer-byers, but with a muzzle on, people will avoid her at all costs. Will she wonder why people are looking at her with fear or contempt? Will she think the muzzle is some sort of punishment, when she hasn't done anything wrong? Will it effect her wonderful outgoing personality?
I was preparing her for a dog therapy program to help the seniors and sick children in hospitals. With her nature, she is a natural at bring smiles and laughter their way, but no more. There's a clause that says if Bill 132 is passed, all so called breeds in the program are no longer able to participate. That also broke my dream, as I know what it's like to be housebound with health problems and phobia's. Shasta has helped me so much by getting me out into the open world again and I wanted to share with others what she has taught me. Dreams dashed by a bill. It just doesn't seem fair.
While many people are overjoyed by the new bill, many more are mourning what that vote has caused. In my heart of hearts, I believed michael Bryant was going for the bill no matter what, but what I didn't believe was that the vote of the MPP's would be so great. I guess, I was hoping that they would hear from reliable experts to base their vote on, rather than the close mindeness and ignorance of the likes of Michael Bryant.
I've been frantically searching the net to see if there is anyway of trying to ammend the bill. Or, put in a new bill. I know this fight isn't over, because I will try every avenue to try to right this wrong.

By the way, this is my youngest Grandson with Shasta. Am I afraid to have her around him? Certainly NOT! She would protect him with her life.

Sooooo Happy to be SIMPLE...

Incase anyone is wondering why I don't include comments on my blogs... It's quite simple. I've been to some blogs that have comments, and some of them turn into a long drawn out threads, that it would tire me out to keep up with.
My life is not totally dedicated to my blog. My views are my own. You may not agree, but that's NOT my problem. I've got too many other things in my life than dedicating it to explaining why I make a peticular blog.
I've said in my profile, that life is too precious to have to explain oneself, and I like to take each day as it comes. would be like being married again! Explaining and have to justify every statement I make. My Blog is just a fun blog that I can rant, babble or be playful.
So, if that makes me simple minded to some of be it. I'm enjoying myself...and to me, that's what my blogs are about. ME!

Oh what the heck...nobody ever does anyway. *giggle* Go ahead if you must.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Nothing Goes to Waste...

Food Source Posted by Hello
I took this photo and anyone that has seen it says, "GROSS!" I didn't take it because of how it looked, or what was on it. I took it for what it represented. How every creature must eat and how, what is trash to one, is a feast to another. This left over morsel, became food, not only for these flys we see, but to ants and all kinds of insects that I observed bits and pieces carried away. I watched at an army of ants diligently struggled to walk long paths, over ruts and dirt, never faltering, but pushing closer and closer to their destiny. I was amazed by the size and weight that these tiny insects carried. How others rushed as if a silent whistle was blown.
It was a beautiful summer day. I was lazily enjoying the warmth of the sun on my body sipping a cold drink, and watched the insect world buzy at work. They never stopped to rest. I found myself thankful that my dog had abandoned her bone, as that one little bone fed multituded of hosts...and those same insects helped my garden florish.
Do I have too much time on my hands, you must wonder? Perhaps it was heat stroke? No! Just a simple observant day, is all.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


The official statement came today at 3:30 PM that the Ontario Pitbull ban has passed. How proud
Michael Bryant must be as I quote a statement from the headlines; "Attorney General Michael Bryant says "Ontario becomes the first province or state in North America to have a law that protects all it's citizens from pit bulls."
DUH! Did I ASK for protection? Did the migority of the province ask him for his protection? We've asked for so many other promised made in campaign speeches that were never upheld. Oh wait...Michael Bryant did give the disability allowance an increase of 3%...afterall, they haven't had an increase in the last 20 years. So...hmmmm...maybe that will bring it up an extra $15 or $20 a month (CAN). OH!!! Mr. Bryant! I should kiss your ass for that! Thank you sooo much! It's ALL BS! That still leaves it under the poverty level.
I'm sorry! I'm so off track because this is all so ridicules. And the part that is worse, is there was a vote with all the MPP's, meaning at least over 50% of them are IDIOTS TOO!
I'd better take a few breaths and calm myself down so I can tell you all the details, rather than just ramble on. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... (BIG breath)
Basically, everything is the same as what Bryant was requesting, regarding the grandfather claus, allowing current owners to keep their pits, but prohibits them from breeding or acquiring new pit bulls. They must be spayed or neutered and leashed and muzzled while in public.
The new legislation increases fines to a maximum of $10,000 and allows jail sentence up to 6 months for owners of 'dangerous dogs' that bite, attack or pose a threat.
Does that mean that if someone came breaking into my apartment and was about to attack me with a knife, and Shasta came to my rescue to try and protect me and she bites my attacker, she's history and I'm fined and jailed? As for the person trying to endanger me, would michael Bryant then pin a metal on his chest?
Corporations that own pits can be fined up to a maximum of $60,000 and also allows a judge to order restrictions to be paid in relationship to an offence. As far as details regarding the date of proclamation and when the legislation will take effect will probably be announced before the end of next month.
Boy! I hope the pet shops are having sales on muzzles, because there are a lot of us going to need them. Hmmmmm...I wonder if I could somehow change Shasta into looking more like a St. Bernard? It just could think?