Monday, August 29, 2005

Day ONE of Ontario Pit bull Ban

I woke up numb today and walked around in a void feeling uncertainties and afraid to allow Shasta out. Then I went to a dear, sweet friend, Andee's site and what did I see? She posted about our ban and prayed a prayer for Ontario dog owners and asking for our amendments to be won. A prayer so touching and powerful that tears for the first time today flowed down my face as if to wash away my sorrow and fill me with hope.
I don't know how the other cities are going, but shortly after, we here in London, Ontario did receive some good news on our news channel today. Who says God doesn't answer prayers!
Lorna Chamberlain, the London Director of the Humane Society said that she stands firm against the Specific Breed Ban and does not see it as the solution on dog bite preventions. She also said that contrary to public belief, the pit bulls they have at the shelter are NOT being put done, but rather hoping that people will come and adopt them.
They showed adoreable, playful pups that where playing with the hands of a woman. The woman there was applying to adopt one of them. I hope she succeeds and I also hope that by what the London bylaw purposed by Fred Tranquilli doesn't stop the people from adopting them.
In regards to the whole Ontario Ban, Clayton Ruby held his press conference and says he thinks we have a good chance of making amendments to the new law because of the vagueness and too broad.
On the other hand, Michael Bryant does not think his law is too vague and has no worries about anything changing it.
I believe it is the Mayor in Sarnia that disagrees with Bryant and doesn't believe that banning a breed is the way to go to stop vicious dog bites. It seems more people are speaking up. Perhaps they also had to wait until the law came into effect before they could voice their opinions.
Reading the different cities newspapers regarding the ban, Ontario cities are not in sync and this could be a good thing. From mayors, councillers, and city goverment officials voicing their opinions, not only the pet owners or the general public.
How could a law that divided work? I don't think it can. When Michael Bryant said that 90% of the people of Ontario were for the ban, it's plain to see, that it was only 90% of the voices he decided to hear from and not the whole province, which we already knew.
A day of mourning for me has become a day of hope. It was only the votes of the Liberal MPP's that were on the list for the ban. No names of other parties were for it, but then again, the Liberals have the majority of seats.
I did hear that at one point the Conservatives were also considering the ban, but changed their views. I guess that doesn't matter now, as what does matter is us getting the amendments to this law to rectify it into a working law for all Ontarians.
Please pray for us that we get this law amended. Perhaps our challenge could help others in leading the way of ridding the BSL and use better solutions that work.
On a personal note, I took Shasta out for her walk to the park with her muzzle. I saw people look though car windows, but no nasty remarks were made, although many people weren't out that we saw and none nearby.
Shasta (the smarty pants that she is) used her front paws to try to remove the muzzle same as she takes off her sunglasses once we come into the apartment. It was secure enough that she couldn't and I quickly got her mind on something else to make her forget about the muzzle.
Having the training of a mother of two and now the grandkids, I use the same technigues on Shasta as basically she will remain a 3 year old her whole life, so little tricks of the trade really help out. *giggle* A simple wiggling of a stick on the ground was enough to forget about her muzzle.
We weren't out long and it didn't seem like she really felt like being out long neither, but once inside and everything removed, she waited for me to throw her cookie treats into the air for her to catch them. That, plus a lot of praise and hugs and then came the sloppy kisses from her with the big, wet tongue of hers. I didn't tell her 'People Kisses' this time as I was just glad she was happy and although I don't encourage the sloppy kisses, they felt good to me today.
She stood over me in a pinned down position and licked and licked while I rolled on the floor laughing. I could have stopped her had I really wanted to, but watching her joy and her love for me was just what I needed. Perhaps she knew that as she has licked away many tears recently. Even that, she does so delicately when I cry, but this was not delicate, this was a full face tongue bath! LOL
I just read a disturbing article in the Thunder Bay Source. I imagine our minds are so confused from all this that the mood swings will change from one minute to another. Estatic that my dog is alive and saddened by the ignorance of others.
Day One brought on numbness and sadness, to hope, laughter and tears. It's like seize the moment for the next moment is totally different. It's a hard feeling for me to try to explain or understand myself.
UPDATE: My mom just phoned me and told me none of the SPCA's were going to put down any of the pit bulls. They are going for adoption. Is this good news or is this good news?!
Pit bull Ban in Calgary, Alberta unlikely


Amstaffie said...

Thumbs up for Calgary.

Maybe their beliefs will catch on in Ontario.

Conners said...

With Clayton Ruby fighting for our amendments, we are very hopeful.
As to the London proposed by-law, I sent an email to Fred Tranquilli, but still no reply, but I did show them at the pet forum that I belong to and they want me to read the letter as a speaker at the open meeting a City Hall Sept. 12th.
Nervous as I was, I requested to be allowed to speak and I hear there are still openings for speakers, so my chances are good.
Only, of course I can not take Shasta into City Hall and without her I am a bundle of nerves.
I never realized that without her by my side, how frightened and paniced I become, but I keep telling myself...this is for the dogs!...this is for Shasta! I can do this for THEM...for HER!
They don't want me to change a word. Just read the letter as it is.
I will email you the letter. They also want me to send this letter to the London Free Press, our newspaper, but other people could get hurt by this story, mainly my kids I'm worried about. I have to give that one more thought. But for the newspaper, I have another story I could tell them that would shock and sure to interest them.
Shasta could be with me for that one.
WOW! How did this all happen? First the news,now City Hall and perhaps the newspaper. I think thanks to your prayer, I got my fight back and then some.
Maybe Shasta and I should think about the talk show circuits. What do you think? LOL

Amstaffie said...

Wa-hoo!!!! I'm so excited for you girl.

Maybe if you send the email into your newspaper, just put "Sincerely Conners", & not your whole name and change a word or two. Maybe that would help w/the rest of the family. But the newspaper sure would show more people.

Talk shows... perfect!! :)

Who says God doesn't answer prayers? He has opened the door for you and you're taking it. Remember, as you said... it's "for THEM... for HER!"

Conners said...

Actually, I was thinking of changing the part of who it happened in caused, and that would eliminate anyone being hurt, yet still stateing all the facts and it's best to use full name because they want to check up on the resources prior to publishing to make sure it's fact.
Matter of fact, I thought about them coming to my apartment (remrmber the floors and landlord issues?), that could be a whole new story in itself and FINALLY I would get the repairs made I've been waiting years for. While I'm at it...why not talk about the doctor issue in London. 3 stories in one! LOL

Guitartists said...

I am glad to hear all of it!!! Good that someone in a position to do so, has taken a stand, and excellent that those dogs at the shelter are being given a second chance!!!! :)

By the way... be sure to drop by the new forum!

Conners said...

To be sure! And yes that's great news that they are taking that stand.
Lady...I AM a member and it's an awesome forum!!! You did a GREAT job with it. I'm impressed! *hugs*

jeniffer said...

i want to try and help. They need to remove the ban on pitbulls. This is ridiculous.