Monday, May 30, 2005

Clearing a Myth...

There is a myth about Pit bulls that I would like to clear up. This myth has circulated around that even some pit lovers actually believe it too. Well, I want to abolish it completely as is not fair to the breeds already shattered reputation and needs to be rectified.
It has been said that pits, if raised and socialized properly, will not feel the aggression towards another dog, but you should always take precautions. That's nothing but bolony! Pit bulls are no more aggressive to man nor animals than most dogs. If this were true, then why do the scum of the earth, the slime that fight the dogs for their own selfish gains have to breed aggressive dogs together? An aggressive, fighting stud brings his owner a fee of $2000.00 or more for his services.
Let's look at it this way. If it takes a certain requirement to train a dog's aggression, and though not 100 % certain that the pups will learn aggression and therefore they are the ones used as bait...what does that tell you?
It tells you that they are not 'born' with aggression, they are 'taught' aggression and if they can not be taught, they are of no value to the heartless scum that use these dogs to fill his filthy pockets with the blood of the Pit bulls on their hands.
These maggots, along with the pitiful, paranoid drug dealers and thieves are such cowards. They have to train dogs aggression because they are too simple minded to work lawful jobs and have no compassion for anything but fast bucks.
What is more sick, is they have young children at these bloody meets as runners to collect the bets. They are already exposing children with promises of throwing a few dollars their way to rake in the blood money. This is shear child abuse. The innocence of a child does not witness violence of any sort, but to these low lives, they don't even give a damn about the kids. Greed is their Master! The dogs, the children are their victims.
Now take a pit puppy and raise it as you would any other part of your fur family and why do people thing they are born with the instinct of aggression. That is where the myth lies. A pit puppy is not born with anymore aggression than that of any other dog.
You hear the argument of the collie is a herding dog and has the herding instict, and other breeds with their particular instincts...and while this is so, what gene in a pit establishes the aggression gene? NONE! Because it's false. I'm sick and tired of hearing that at a certain age, pitties can suddenly turn.
I've been to so many pages on pitties and even amongst the lovers of pit bulls, some put out this caution. Don't confuse the name with the dog. Don't confuse the build with the dog. Look beyond that and you will see loyalty, genuine love and a comical breed that will do anything in it's power to keep you in stitches laughing. People! Don't stop at the breed, look beyond it and you just might be amazed at what you will find.
For some good reading on the subject...and some powerful horror stories, go to

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Another Part of my Wonderful Family...

Family Posted by Hello
This is a recent family photo of my daughter, Danielle. Son-in law, Jay and my wonderous, amazing grandkids, Jonathn and Julian.
The greatest part of being a gramma, is it brings back the wonderful memories of being a mommy, yet because you're a gramma, you get to break all the rules that you set up for your own kids. Now I know why all grandkids love their gramma's...and I'm no exception.
I've been so well blessed in my life to watch both my kids grow into young adults. You will meet my son Michael another time...and yes, I only have the two, but as you can see, my family is growing.
Dispite challenges, Danielle wanted so badly to help sick seniors and with two children and a hubby, you wouldn't think she would find time. Many don't. But she is a strong minded person like her mother (me LOL) and determination is what sets her apart from the , I wish I could but... from the doers. She went back to school and took a PSW (Personal Support Worker) to take care of the elderly and sick. She employeed now at a very well known seniors home and absolutely loves it. She loves working with the dementia and alztimers patience the most. She says that giving them their dignatity and comfort is most rewarding. She constantly talks about her 'friends' to me and beams when she tells me different things that has happened at work.
None of this wouldn't have been possible if Jay were not as supportive of her as she needed to achieve her dream. I'm so proud of him for being there for her and the kids to see her through this. She couldn't have done it all by herself and Jay made sacrifices to make sure she could accomplish her dream.
That's what is important in a couple life, it's team work. I helped out when I could to give him a break when I could, but with my health being as it is, I wish I could have done more. Jay's mom also tried to help as much as possible too. But everybodies hard work paid off.
Danielle gave up any resemblance to a social life and focused her whole attention on goal, family and there wasn't much time for anything else.
She's a wonderful loving mother with compashion for others. Her dream now, a reality.
It makes me proud to see my baby of my family go after what she wanted and dedicated her live to achieve it, while not shucking any of the responsibilities she also had at home.
She very strong minded (although at times she didn't feel like she was). Still that didn't stop her from going after what she wanted and didn't take the easy way out.
She gave up all social activities unless it was family related, such as coming here when her Gramma and Uncle Bill came into town for a visit. That's my mom and brother I'm talking about now.
This is a good lesson to young people who feel they can't accomplish their goals because of having families...but then again, you need the support of your partner and family behind you all the way. Many aren't as fortunate.
I guess the most important thing is to try to have faith in yourself. You won't get anywhere's if you continually make up excuses. That' the easy way out. The old story of, 'I would have if I could have.'
She is raising them very simular to the way I raised her and my son. I stressed believing in themselve, have compashion for others and this may seem a thing of the past, but I insisted in good manners.
Jonathan and Julian are being brought up the same way and Danielle received notes from Jonathan's teacher telling her what extrodinary manners he has. Mothers love notes and phone calls are know they are doing well at raising their kids when they hear things like that.
Both my grandchildren are as different as night and day. I'm sure Jonathan will be a lawyer, as he's very bright and always has something to say. Julian will go into the arts or follow into the footsteps of momy or gramma to try to save rid the planet of of pain to the best he knows how. His compassion already shines even at his young age. He loves animals with a passion...remind you of anybody? LOL
He loves people, but he doesn't need to be entertained 24/7 with others as he's just as satified to allow his imagination to grow ad play on his own for hours on end. He's a relaxed, yet curios little fellow. Completely charming and gets attention from others from his genuine smile and cute personality.
Daddy is the shyiest person of all the family, but he is a very hard worker and will give it his all. When he does a job, he does it to perfection or he isn't satisfied.
How could I not feel totally blessed and proud?! I love each one of them dearly. My blog would not be complete if I didn't share with the world, not only my pet family and my passions, but also include those in my life that are a very special part of me.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Defending the Innocent...

Something inside me told me to make sure Shasta was wearing a flower today. She doesn't wear it too often, but today I really felt she should. Maybe I'm getting paranoid the closer the date comes to having to muzzle her. She's such a sweetheart.
She's never hurt anyone or anything in her life. She's even likes the squirrels, rabbits and other wild animals we've come across. The most she's done is chase birds as a game when they tease her.
Her worst fault is she licks too much, if you can call loving a fault. She loves children and knows they are more fragile than adults. She still wants to sit on my lap, not realizing her 55 pound weight is a tad bit heavy for a lap dog. She's like a child always wanting to please.
I got out the leash and halti and got her ready to take to the store with me today, but I really wanted her to wear the flower by her ear. Funny, but today, she kept shaking it off. Perhaps she wants to make people laugh by her own nature and not by something I've added to her. So after 2 attempts I decided to let her have her way. No big deal!
We were having a nice walk together and just as we got to the store for me to tie her leash to a pole, an elderly couple were walking by. The man was out and out RUDE! He made a snarky comment that, 'if a dog has to be muzzled, it shouldn't be out on the streets!'
I felt the hair at the back of my neck just bristle up. He was talking about MY BABY! MY FRIEND! MY COMPANION! MY LIFE! I remained calm, when in fact, inside I felt like clobbering the guy and saying HOW DARE YOU! But, I wasn't about to come down to his level and I've never clobbered anyone in my life neither.
I did answer him back though and this is what I said. "She is NOT wearing a muzzle. It's a halti. A head leading device and unfortunately for YOU, you will never meet a sweeter dog than THIS ONE!" I think he was about to reply, but his wife nudged him to be quiet.
This is the first of many, I suspect, of insults we will receive. Obviously, the insult was to me regarding Shasta or he wouldn't have said it out loud. It's so unfair that ill informed people can openly insult you, all because you have a love for your dog. I have the right to defend that, that I love, as she would have probably licked the man had he come closer. I'm glad she doesn't know that she was being judged.
People can say what they want. It's their right. But being rude is ignorance and I will defend Shasta the same as I would my grandchildren or anyone else that can't defend themselves.
It just makes me so frustrated because I know there will come more rude remarks especially when the muzzling goes into effect. I hope it doesn't change my personality into an angry person, as that just isn't me. I think rude people should have to have their mouths taped when in public. Why should I have to listen to their BS!
I'm going to make up some matching t-shirts for Shasta and I when we go walking. They'll have little sayings on them and the only ones that will be insulted by them will only be the rude people. I guess this is my way of saying, don't knock what you don't know...and they certainly don't know me and Shasta.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Read BETWEEN the Lines...

Another pit bull attack...but read between the lines here.
A dog has puppies and a mother has left her daughter ALONE in the house. It doesn't say that the girl was doing anything but 'playing' with the puppies, but obviously, she did something that made the mother dog angry.
The dog is now in quarantine while the owner of the dog is charged.
What I'd like to know is where does the responsibility of the girl's mother lie here?
Also check out that this is a second press release. The first one stated that the girl was walking along the street when she got attacked. Why was this story changed? Is the second account just as inaccurate as the first one? Somebody is covering up something as this story just doesn't made sense.
You be the judge and read

Saturday, May 21, 2005

New Petition for Ontarian's agaist the BSL

A new petition is circulating to the Legislation Assembly of Ontario. Here's how it reads:
The new amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act are not effective solutions to the problem of dog attacks; and
The problem of dog attacks is best dealt with through a comprehensive program of educatiion, training and legislation encouraging responsible ownership of all breeds;
We the undersigned petition the Legislatative Assembly of Ontario to amend the Dog Owner' Liability Act by removing the breed specific sections and adding Courtney 's Law, in honour of Courtney Trempe. This law would protect citizens from all dog attacked, regardless of the breed, by targeting a dog's previous inappropriate behaviour and the owner's inability to properly train, contain, and socialize their dog.
We respectfully request that the Assembly create a dangerous dog registry to accurately record dog bites across the province and to properly track offending dogs.
We also request that the Assembly financially support a province-wide dog bite prevention program aimed at dog owners, children, parents, service workers, and the general public.
If you would like to participate collecting petition signatures, which you could do in many different ways, press
here and copy the petition. There are quite a few ways about getting signatures, depending on the time you have at hand to collect them.
Make copies and hand them to family and friends interested and have them also gather signatures. Take copies to different vets, pet stores, and anywhere else that pet owner population goes to. Please ask permission first. Then there is the leg work of stopping the public and discussing the what this petition represents (a good time to educate some people) and also door to door. Be creative and come up with your own sources and idea's.
GOOD LUCK!!! The Pitty's NEED us!
You may be wondering why we are calling this amendment, Courtney's Law. During The Legislative Hearing, Donna Trempe had this to say.
The Chair: I'd like now to call Donna Trempe. Thank you very much for coming this afternoon. Welcome to the committee. You have 10 minutes for your presentation. You can choose to use all of it or part of it. If you don't use the whole 10 minutes, then the remaining time will be divided among the parties for questions. Please begin by stating your name for Hansard.
Ms. Donna Trempe: Donna Trempe. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the Legislative Assembly, for inviting me to make a contribution to the debate on Bill 132 and the issue of dangerous dogs. My husband, my son and I are among the people most intimately involved in this issue and most grateful that the Attorney General is actively looking at the whole issue of dangerous dogs in Ontario. My family and I think it is not before time, as we have been waiting six years now for decisive action to be taken.
I applaud certain sections of the bill: doubling fines to dangerous dog owners up to a maximum of $10,000, jail sentences, the requirement for dog owners to pay restitution to victims, and giving police and municipal bylaw officers the authority to search for dangerous dogs. What I don't agree with is banning specific breeds.
On April 29, 1998, I dropped my beautiful eight-year-old daughter, Courtney, off at a friend's house after picking her up from school. That was the last time I saw my daughter alive. She and her friend went next door, where the owner let out her dog, a non-neutered, 150-pound bull mastiff. The dog immediately ran to Courtney and lunged at her throat. My 68-pound daughter did not stand a chance against this beast. Courtney had never been to this house before and certainly was not familiar with the dog. She was given no opportunity to familiarize herself with the animal while it was under the owner's control.
Courtney died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital of massive blood loss and asphyxiation. In April 1999, there was a coroner's inquest into Courtney's death. The inquest ruled that Courtney's death was an accident. No. Courtney's death was a homicide. Homicide is when a person, directly or indirectly, by any means, causes the death of a human being.
You see, this bull mastiff had attacked before. We have 16 former neighbours willing to testify that the dog was known to be aggressive before the attack on my daughter. The fact that the dog had shown aggressive behaviour is a reasonable basis upon which to believe that criminal negligence charges were warranted, or at least should have been considered. Todd Reybroek, a Toronto lawyer and the owner of this dog, in allowing his dog to be out in his yard, committed a homicide.
Police in York region, we were told, were too busy to investigate. We fought for years in the Ontario justice system and spent $64,000 of our own money in legal fees. The owner, a lawyer, you will remember, was not charged, not fined so much as one cent.
Our experience with the police investigation and the coroner's inquest process proves that these organizations are not carrying out their public responsibilities effectively and that the government places a very low priority on keeping our children safe. I hope, with work, that Bill 132 will ensure that we never have to hear again those terrible words, "A child was killed by a dog."
The coroner's inquest into Courtney's death made 36 recommendations. The last time I checked, nine had been implemented, 10 had alternative measures adopted, seven were rejected, six did not apply to the agencies they were directed at and one did not get a response of any kind.
In my opinion, Bill 132 has its good points and its bad points. A bull mastiff, not a pit bull, killed my daughter. Rottweilers killed a three-year-old boy in Vancouver. Presa canarios killed a woman in San Francisco. Even small dogs such as west highland white terriers and cocker spaniels have been recorded as killer dogs.
Am I against dogs? Not in any way. I love dogs and own a German shepherd. What I am against is irresponsible dog owners. I agree with the Humane Society of Canada that banning only pit bulls will not solve the dog-biting problem. German shepherds, cocker spaniels, Rottweilers and golden retrievers are actually the most common biters. Personally, I would like to see a ban on bull mastiffs. I wish they were extinct.
What we need are stiffer penalties and heavier fines for the owners of dogs that attack. Heavier fines and jail sentences for drunk drivers, along with increased public condemnation, have reduced the number of drunk-driving fatalities. When irresponsible dog owners learn that they will be sent to jail or fined $10,000 if their dog attacks, more people will muzzle their dogs or decide to own a breed less likely to be dangerous.
Currently, the owner of a dog that rips his kid's face apart might face a muzzle order or fine. If a human being did that, he'd get 10 years in jail. We need owners of these dogs to know that they are going to have to pay. Why not adopt a law that will be implemented, a law that has a set fine or a jail term for the owner of a dog that bites or kills a person?
I have a letter from the Honourable Irwin Cotler, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, stating that the Criminal Code of Canada already includes a law whereby charges can be laid against the owners of dogs that attack for criminal negligence causing bodily harm, a serious offence that carriers a penalty of 10 years in prison, and for fatal attacks, where the dog kills a person, criminal negligence causing death, with a potential penalty of life in prison. Why are we not charging the owners? Why are these charges not being laid? Mr. Cotler has been able to cite only two cases in which jail sentences were given, in spite of the fact that an estimated half a million dog bites occur in Canada every year.
Please, let's not look at banning specific breeds of dogs. Let's look at banning the irresponsible, dangerous owners who either train their dogs to attack or don't train them in good behaviour. Put them in jail. Fine them as you would a drunk driver. Make our society aware that if their dog attacks, there will be serious consequences, not months and years of lawyers battling in the legal system. That's what happened to us and that's just not right.
Why don't we adopt a law, Courtney's Law, that has a set fine or jail term for the owner of a dog that bites or kills a person? You can't know the endless heartbreak and frustration of being a mother, having your daughter killed by a dog that was known to be dangerous and not one arrest was made and not one fine, not one cent. Make them pay.
The owner of the bull mastiff that killed Courtney should be in jail. If this kind of penalty had been enforced a decade ago, maybe my daughter would be in high school right now. Maybe Courtney would still be alive. Thank you.
For the full hearing, please press

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Why me???

Cool, calm collected me, is frazzled to the bone. I'm sick with worry and it seems to be getting worse.
Normally, I'm able to remain calm and maybe it's because I'm still coming out of the Chronic Fatigue, but injured or lost animals are seeking me out. Tonight I have a house guest. It's a pigeon with a broken wing and it found itself to my back patio door. It didn't even seem to mind that the cats and Shasta were on the inside.
At first glance, I thought perhaps it got soaked from all the rain we've had the last couple of days. There were even tornado warnings last night; but other than a brief time of high winds before the rain came down in buckets, with the sky lighting up with the flashes of lightning and the crashing sounds of thunder, the tornado's missed us. *whew* Today it continued heavy rain, but nothing like last night.
I thought the pigeon got soaked and couldn't fly...but then it turned a bit and I could see it was dragging it's wing, poor thing.
Between cats that are still roaming at large, especially one I'm trying to catch as he seems to be a stray and all beaten up. Then there are hawks that would make a tasty dinner out of this helpless bird, that I couldn't just ignore the situation.
I tried to talk to him softly to see if he would come to me on his own. He didn't seem frightened and listened as I talked with his head cocked a bit as he listened. I was right beside him and he didn't move. First I went slowley to see if he would allow me to stroke him, but as I got within 1/2 an inch from him, he started to walk away. I followed close behind until I could get him to turn around and get him back to my patio.
There I had a towel which I knew I could gently throw on him. When I uncovered his head, he didn't try to fight me, it seemed quite content. I was patting his head and under his beak and he seemed to enjoy it.
Shasta was watching me from inside and then began to jump up on the patio doors. Figures I've got the bird cuddled in one arm, when suddenly she slid the door opened and off she ran. She always used to listen to me outside and never run off the property, but because I can't take her out without the leash anymore, she decided to break all rules.
With bird in one arm, off I go after Shasta. She wouldn't listen to one single command and was out to have a good run. As if I really needed this at this time! I was losing my patience. Off I go after her with the bird not caring one bit that I was yelling at Shasta. I finally caught up to her and that's when she decided to play dead. A trick she does when she doesn't feel like coming in yet at times.
Well, I wasn't ready to play her games and her disobeying me made me really determined she wasn't getting her way. I pulled on her collar that she had no choice but roll over and get on her feet...dead or not. Now she knew for a fact she was going to have a long stay in the corner once in the house.
She wasn't walking to willingly, but I continued to reel her closer and closer to the patio door, when I noticed Petu had gotten loose and my beautiful white cat was laying down on the wet muddy ground enjoying the outside world that he was not allowed out in.
First I got Shasta in and sent her straight to the corner without even wiping her feet first. Closed the patio doors and then picked up Petu with my one free hand, got him to the door, but with both arms full of injured bird and heavy cat, I needed one more arm to open the door.
Not having that option, I put Petu down and held him firmly between my legs until I could slide the door open. Shasta wasn't moving out of the corner and I grabbed Petu and pushed him throught the door and came inside right behind him and locked the door. Talk about a challenge.
Now I needed to figure out where I could put the bird safely while I figured out who I should call and what I should do for him. The cat carrier would be perfect and he would feel safe and secure in there. I made the towel into a nest for him and he seemed quite content. Being Saturday and it just starting to get dark, I knew I wasn't going to be able to get any help for him tonight. So,I went to a friend and got some bird seed from her to get me by for a few days, plus I gave him some fresh water.
I had already thrown him out some bread when I first tried to get him to come to me, but he didn't appear hungry. That's a plus and since it was now dark outside, I knew to gradually turn out the lights and let him get some sleep. I've checked in on him and he has his head under his one good wing, so that's a good sign.
If only I knew how to do the figure 8 wrap for his wing, but unfortunatly I don't, but his wing doesn't seem to be causing him any pain. Not a good sign as it's quite possible it might not mend if it's to that point.
My friend knew a man that was a Wildlife Rehabilitator, but he has moved away and she didn't know where. She called the Animal Care Centre for me to see if they knew, but they suggested I call tomorrow morning and perhaps someone there will know where he can be located. She didn't think he moved too far away; but rather in one of our small surrounding towns. Hopefully I can locate him, as Animal Care most likely wouldn't bother to try to save him and I'm not about to save this bird just to have him put down.
Sometimes I think my compassion for animals is a curse. It's just like that dog I posted about...and I've seen him again. he looks so much taller, but that's probably because he has lost a lot of weight. I was so close to getting him again, but I had my youngest grandson staying with me for a few days, that when I went to get him, Julian opened the door and let Shasta out. He's only two and doesn't know any better so I couldn't get upset with him, but now I had to go after Shasta who went in the opposite direction as the dog I've been trying desperately to catch. Isn't that just my luck!
Between the lost dog, the ratty, beaten up tomcat and now the bird, it's stress city. And to make matters even worse, as I was coming back with the bird seed, I spotted a cat going after a baby squirrel. I chased the cat away and shoo'ed the squirrel to a tree and told it to go find it's mama and go to bed! Right out loud I told it, 'I can't save ALL of you!'in sheer frustration. If anyone heard me, I'm sure they would think I'm losing it. LOL And you know what? Maybe I am!
I'm exhausted, so I'm going to bed. Tomorrow will be a new day and hopefully it's better than today. Go figure Friday the 13th was a WONDERFUL day. Saturday was my bad day.
Good nite all!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Positively Poochie Hero's

Prized Pooch Posted by Hello
The front page headlines in the May 3rd edition of Metro Toronto writes "PRIZED POOCH Hershey, a pit bull who was abused by a breeder and is now a St .John Ambulance therapy dog, gets a hug from Jennifer Waite yesterday after receiving an award from the Toronto Humane Society at a ceremony launching Be Kind to Animal Week.
In Toronto's 24 hours magazine the story goes into more detail with the head lines, "Awards celebrate bond between people and pets"
The article reads, 'When the Kyser family adopted a dog from the Toronto Humane Society, they couldn't have known they'd bring him back one day to receive a metal.
Many Torontonians still fondly remember Dante, the canine famed for adverting a would-be shooting spree last June by befriending a desperate man in an east Toronto park.
Dante was amongst several honoured yesterday, along with a few noteable people, at the launch of Be Kind to Animals Week. This event celebrates the roles that people and animals play in each others lives.
Dante's owner, Kristina Kyser said the sweet-natured dog "always seems to know when people are upset."
She never spoke to the man who turned himself and an arsenal of weapons into police after playing with her dog. But as Dante demonstrated, sometimes a dog really is man's best friend.
Other honorees include Shirley McVittie and Ivor Oram, who rescued a drowning cat from the Don River last month. Thanks to them, Moses is recovering and will soon make his new home with the pair. Local policemen and firefighters were applauded for saving cats, dogs and even a disabled Canada goose.
Hershey, a pit bull who was rescued from an abusive breeder, and Gifford, a miniature horse, received metals for their work as therapy animals.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Banning Pit bulls is like a rapid disease out of control…

It was only a matter of time in which this banning of specific breeds would get out of control. Ontario wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last. Other countries have done the breed ban and found it didn’t work, yet rather than seeing through that problem, cities and states are still insistent on adopting the ban of against specific breed banning.
It seems so much easier to make a dangerous dog act, that would include any breed of dog that has a history of aggression and a irresponsible owner, then punish the owner and the deed. The stricter penalties enforced to these parties. Make it harder on the ones that are making all the responsible owners pay and their lovable pets forced to look like some sort of crime-committed monsters.
These so-called ‘fighting dogs’ was made a sport by man. The sport now illegal and the dogs true nature has come back through the years. These dogs if treated with the same love and kindness as any other breed, are the most lovable and loyal companions you could ever have the privilege to have. They are smart, easy to train and have a lust for pleasing their owners. They don’t one day just suddenly turn against you. That is just plain myth! Perhaps the neurotic, inner-bred dogs may suddenly turn, but that is the same with any breed that is bred under the worst of conditions…and it again turns around right back to the irresponsible owner. It’s like a vicious circle repeating itself over and over again. Why can’t they see that…or is it they don’t want to.
In Sydney, Australia, New South Wales Premier Bob Carr said, “We want to see these dangerous creatures bred out of existence.” The New South Wales ban matches last year's ban on pit bulls by the Canadian province of Ontario.
They also include pit bull terriers, American pit bulls, Japanese tosas, Argentinean fighting dogs and Brazilian fighting dogs.
Read more on this situation
Closer to home in the Detroit news, the City Council in Livonia, already began revamping
Livonia's dog ordinance.
We have a problem all right, but it isn’t the dogs, it’s the makers of the bills, laws, by-laws that is causing massive animal abuse amongst these breeds. Animal abuse is a crime, yet somehow they have made animal abuse justifiable. Because you hold a high position does not justify animal abuse. Perhaps these are the people who should be heavily fined and put into jails. After all, a crime is still a crime, no matter what you state your case as. Putting down innocent dogs is mass slaughter. Sending them to laboratories to be experimented to endure pain and suffering on is undue cruelty. How do you justify that? Are lawmakers exempt from the crimes they commit and how can we make them accountable? Something must be done before it’s gone really beyond repair, although enough damage has been done. To force an animal into extinction is against all human efforts to sustain life and look after the creatures of this earth, as we were chosen to do in the beginning. Don’t take my word on it…take Gods. Genesis 1:20-31

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Me, the Government, My Computer and my Brain!

I don’t know how many people understand Chronic Fatigue, and I’m just getting used to it (well, you never get USED to it), but understand how it effects me now with the hyperthyroid fighting against it. Before I was just a sleeping, exhausted lump that couldn’t put any thought process together until one day I’d start coming out of it, and it was weeks or months later. To me, it seemed a matter of a few days…maybe a week.
Now, with the hyperthyroid, I’m still exhausted, but I’m not in limbo sleeping day and night. Still no energy to do anything and what you do, do, takes forever rather than a few minutes as it normally would. More than likely, you never complete what you’re doing because you get too worn out by trying.
Well, I’ve been starting to come out of it and could feel my stamina and my mind becoming clearer. Still, from all that time in limbo and confusion, you’re still un-oriented because of the time you’ve lost unknowingly. You’re not sure where you left off with matters you were dealing with…or even if you got them resolved.
That’s where the government comes in. I’ve been fighting the good fight against Bill 132 as you must know by now by all my previous posts, and I’ve emailed everyone in parliament including our Prime minister, the Premiere of Ontario and any MPP’s, local or otherwise and even our city Mayor to fight against the pit bull ban. I’ve received some email responses back and was ignored by others.
Yesterday evening, I received what looked like an email from the government. It was blanked out and in capital letters, was written BLOCKED!
I was livid. How DARE they block me! I’m a Canadian citizen and I’m entitled to my freedom of speech. Now normally, I would NEVER have done this, but I just had to find out whom in Parliament had decided to block me. I looked in the attachment and there was a zip file. Hmmm…I wondered to myself, but curiosity and anger dispelled any warning signals going off in my mind. I unzipped it! Nothing!
Immediately, I deleted it, went back to the email and deleted that also. Too late, the damage was already done. I got error messages saying my Norton Anti-virus had corrupted or damaged files. I was receiving authorization messages to access the net I had never received before. My Zone Alarm telling me to always allow such programs, so I did. Others, I didn’t that Zone Alarm said only if I knew or trusted them. I’d never heard or seen them before, so I denied them.
Now I wasn’t able to scan to see if perhaps I picked up a virus, so I went to the Symantec Web Site and did a full system scan there. To my horror, the viruses were piling up. Well, okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but still 5 was 5 more than I had and I had only done a complete system scan several days ago. I was infected with the W32.Sober.O@mm worm. The government didn’t BLOCK me as I thought. Norton had quarantined it for me to delete, but that’s the way my brain malfunctions and rather than thinking rationally, I did exactly what I shouldn’t have.
Luckily, after staying up until 6 AM this morning, my system is clean once again. My Norton is installed and working properly and I’m just tired from staying up so late and the frustrating night.
Today, I’m taking it easy and going to give my brain a rest and I don’t care WHO I think I have email by, I’m NOT GOING TO OPEN IT! Norton did its job, but my brain did not, luckily a not too severe lesson learnt. They say ‘curiosity killed the cat’, well; my curiosity could have killed my computer.