Saturday, July 30, 2005

Introducing...Andee's World According To ME!

One of my favorite sayings when referring to Shasta is, "Of all the positively pittie things that Shasta does...fighting isn't one of them. This makes her positively typical of the Pit bull breeds...with one exception...she is mine and she is my one of a kind." *giggle*
But this wasn't the reson why I'm posting. I now remember what it was I was trying to post about last night.
A very dear friend of mine has just started her very first blog. With some people, you never know what to expect to see or hear in theirs, but Andee, I can bet my life I know what you will be hearing about...and best of all...I really hope you stop by and pay her a visit as I'm sure you will find her blog interesting, informative, amusing and very genuine once she gets started.
I have her link on my page, but I'll post it here so you can go straight over and see for yourself. Remember, she only just got it up, so keep checking in. Introducing, Andee's World According To Me.


Amstaffie said...

Hi Conners! And of course to you too Shasta!

Thank you for posting this!!!! But I have to admit, other than our mutual agreement on BSL, you're the one that has influenced me greatly with this stuff. My sites don't even compare to all the research & information you have (you've really worked hard on this), but hey... we're all working as a team here!

Thanx again! & *Hugs*

PS: Shasta, tell mommy to scratch behind your ear for me! *giggle*

Conners said...

Hey Lady, I only knew the situation as critical sooner than you because Michael Bryant decided he needed more publicity to hide Ontario's REAL problems and wants to make a name for himself being the youngest MPP in Parlament. Doing something that would be a first in all of North America was more important to him to get his name known and his mug on tv, which he suceeded at doing.
You don't hear him bragging that he made a pack with the devil when him and is colleques decided to cut Karla Holmoka a deal. Then blattenly says, "She served her time." Yet, innocent pit bulls that never committed a crime are condemned because of his stupidity and ignorance.
Anyone that views his video's can see he hasn't a clue what he's talking about. It's quite apparent of that.
But once you and I talked, you researched and started to fight along side of us. That's what matters. Not who knew about it first. And now you are doing what I am, and you will teach people that aren't aware and they will take up the fight. We're building an army Andee to try to stop this horrid disaster from spreading any further than it already has and hopefully to rectify it by other more practical means.
You just keep up the great work you have been doing as I've seen you change once your eyes were opened.
Shasta says Storm needs an extra cuddle...not that she doesn't get enough, but this one is from her. *giggle*