Friday, December 23, 2005

Pit bull Check-List 'almost' Complete...

That Christmas tune keeps running through my head; 'Making a list and checking it twice. Gonna find out who's naughtie or nice. Santa Clause is coming... TO Town!'
Well my list has been completed except for delivering it to Animal Care in person, but with family coming to London over Christmas, my brother can drive me there and Shasta will be officially SAFE! *whew* I feel like I can finally breath again!
Vicky, the woman that I met when I spoke at City Hall, spoke to a woman at the Spay Neuter Clinic and explained my situation. She said she would pay, but didn't think it right and would complain about it afterwards, but for now, she only wanted to make sure I had the copy.
The woman she spoke to told her that there were quite a few people trying to scam them and that was the reason for the $25.00 fee, but she told Vicky that it was alright and she gave it to her for free. She told her to wish me a Merry Christmas. I'm going to phone that woman at the clinic and thank her personally. Another blessing!
Not only did Vicky bring me the certificate, but she brought two large bags full of those trial packages of the expensive brand dog foods. She told me to combine it in with Shasta's food and that would save me some extra money for the holidays. She also brought me a nice blanket, thinking either I could make Shasta a jacket or a bed. Well, as it turned out, it's just perfect for my 22 year old BrandyCat that sleeps in my hutch now. With it all folded, it fits perfect and he is sooo comfortable on it. Now he is part of my Christmas decorations in the hutch. LOL
Yesterday I spent all day at Emergency. The only good thing about that wasted trip, was the doctor there gave me a name of a doctor that is coming to London. He didn't have a phone number, but said I could get it from the Academy of Medicine. Waiting hours when you're in pain, cold and tired isn't the easiest and when one nurse saw me shivering, she brought me a heated blanket out of the microwave. It felt heavenly, but I was still cold.
As far as meds, that's like trying to pull teeth just to get what you need, but he did give me a prescription of three I was right out of for awhile now, and with those it warns you not to just quit taking them, but I still wasn't going to be fine without the others I needed too. I think my body was going into shock or withdrawal, because tears came out of nowhere and I was getting little electrical current feelings in my head. I couldn't sleep and matter of fact have been up for 3 days now. The medication my body needs to slow down to sleep, means me starting right in the morning upon arising to take meds that by taking them through the day, plus others in the evening, them my sleeper, I'll finally sleep at night. I have an over active brain that just won't quit. It's not necessarily anything like stress, just idea's or things I'm planning. I can go right into detail, but without the sleep, don't have the energy nor money for all the things going through my mind. I've been like this even before I ever got hurt and sick.
So today I chanced it by going to the walk-in clinic to see if I could get any of the rest. They are finally getting to know my situation and today I was so surprised when she gave me all the others that the hospital wouldn't and for two months, rather than just one.
Naturally, those places are always busy, so I asked how long she figured before I got to see the doctor. She said probably over an hour, so while I was in the mall, I went and bought a few Christmas presents rather than just sitting there waiting. Plus I had taken MORE pictures of Shasta and went to the photo lab to print them off. You're never quite sure exactly what they want and I wasn't taking any chances.
A profile of her does NOT show any markings, yet that was one that they required. The other was a head shot. To see her marking, she has to sit to the front and it's just a smll white triangle on her chest. I copied off about 5 or 6 and they can pick what they want from them.
The woman at the photo lab said quite a few woman were coming in doing the same. Where's the men??? I thought everyone thought the Pittie breeds were for macho where ARE they? LOL
I got more accomplished today than I have all week because I was in an area where everything was close. I'm exausted and tried to nap, but my medication hasn't been delivered yet, so it might be another night awake again.
Believe me, I have NO energy and wish my body would take a few hours because I still have to do all the Christmas shopping except for the few I got today. Talk about the last moment is right!
So, in such a short time left, lots to get done, but no stamina to do it, but a lot of important things out of the way. It's mind boggling, but not like it was. At least Shasta's check-list is complete! *big sigh* It's all coming together even if it is in a rush, rush manner with a body limitatation on empty...but I'll do it. I ALWAYS do!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

Believe it or not, they only allowed me in my locker room today. It's going to be a rush, getting everything set-up, but I made a start finally today.
These are some of the the area's I finally got completeed today and with most of the candles and lights on, I wanted to see how it looked at night.
So, with very little time left, here is the beginning of how it looks.

I wish I could show you this display as one of the ones I put on for my Grandsons. Santa moves his body and this picture doesn't give you the full effect.
I do one more for them with a moving bear and a bunch of stuffed Christmas animals. I completed it, but missing the extenstion cord to plug it in. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get a few of the misplaced items I guess I didn't pack up properly last year.

Now I'm finally getting into the Christmas spirit, but it's so hard as it's going to be a rush. My body is killing me from the little I've done and I still have to find time to get to the hospital hopefully to get my meds. I'm out of most everything which could account for my tears, my anxiety and the tiredness and pain.
They finally gave me my rent receipt, a mixed up they blamed on the computer system. I had automatic payment come out of my bank on the first of each month and couldn't understand why they weren't giving me my yearly receipt, until on the 14th, I received a late payment notice.
Naturally, even showing them my bank statement showing it was paid on the first, wasn't good enough for them, but finally now I received my rent receipt. now I can go do my taxes for th year and get my income tax to finally start my Christmas shopping.
It's not going to be easy with all the pain I'm in and out of most of my medication, but 'somehow' I WILL do it, even if I'm down for the count for several months after Christmas.
I was sooo upset and bawling my eyes out that I phoned my Mom and brother last night around 2:30 AM. My brother Bill made a FIRM phone call this morning and what I haven't been able to get done all month, he managed it with a simple phone call. Go figure!
But with so little time left, it's still a start, which is a lot better than none at all.
Don't worry, by the time I'm done I should have about 50 candles burning. I haven't burned the place down yet. *giggle*

Monday, December 19, 2005

A Christmas Love Letter to Shasta.

Dear Shasta,
Awww were the days when you was just a pup. The joy that you, as a puppy could bring, not worrying about breed at the time. Not thinking way back then, that you would be 'restricted' and on the banned list.
You were and are simply a bundle of joy that came into our lives. Bigger now that you're 3 and smarter too, but the nature you had back then is the same except that you've matured.
This is your very first Christmas ornament and as I hang it on the tree each year, I hang it with pride and joy looking back, not knowing then how you would become my life saver, my Service Dog and my dearest companion.
Merry Christmas sweet Shasta! The Lord brought you into my life when I thought I wasn't ready for a dog. Now I understand and He has given me the greatest blessing. I can't believe that even the law can take away a precious gift that was given to me as a gift from God.
My wish to you is that we can over-turn and make changes to the law, so you can once again run and play with your other doggy friends. That you can walk the streets once more without that aweful muzzle on. That the name Pit bull be cleared up and people can see you and your breeds by yours and their nature. That they see the loyality and love you bring into our lives. To show that you and your breeds are not what the media has protrayed of you, but quite the opposite.
That, my sweey girl is my wish to you. I love you, my dearest Shasta. May we have many more Christmas together.
Love Mommy

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Not what Training Lessons are for...but hey!

No! I know this wasn't what Don's theory and training was meant for, but still, I couldn't resist.
First I started off with just a tiny bone as you can see. I made her balance it until I removed it and gave it to her as her reward.

As she advanced, I decided to try a larger one and here is the pic of it.

I can't say her heart was really into it as you can see from the expression on her face, but she did do it regardless. She probably knows, "Oh NO! That camera thing pointing at me and then she's going to expose me on the net for all the other dogs to see." Does she know me well or not!
If this works for something silly like this, then I'm sure it will work for all the hard work we have before us after New Years. If not, we can always stick to bones. LOL

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Canine Good Neighbour Course and Evauator

This morning we had our first meeting with Don French who is a extremely qualified trainer and member of many Professional Dog Groups and Clubs with a very high and valued reputation.
We didn't bring the dogs with us for this meeting as the course will start after the New Year. Today was more of an introduction and Don talked to us about various things and giving us more information as how the course will be run.
This Good Neighbour Course is important for the Pit bulls especially at this time. Hopefully by the end of the course and if we and our dogs pass, not only is this good for us and our dogs, but good to make a copy and sent to Michael Bryant to show how many Pit bulls have taken, completed and hold certificates from the Canadian Kennel Club.

The purpose of the Canine Good Neighbour Program test is to ensure that one of our most favoured companions, the dog, is accepted as a valued member of the community. Canine Good Neighbours can be counted on to present good manners at home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs.
Canine Good Neighbour training is fun, rewarding, and useful, and can enable owners to achieve a better relationship with their dogs.
The classes will be theory and practical, and will be addressing any problems rather than going through things we or our dogs have no probles with.
Today, we filled out forms addressing any problems or behaviour that we may have had or have.
Oh , but you must be thinking from all my brags, but Shasta is perfect. What behaviour needs to be modified with her.
For one, I'm not sure how she will do with a leash attached to her collar. Because of my disabilities and the slightest pull that perhaps the 'normal' person would not feel, on a bad day could feel as if my arm is being pulled out. I've always used a halti or gentle leader on her.
The new law says specifically that dogs are not allowed to be attached to these anymore, but must use the collar or harness. I have been attaching Shasta to her Gentle Leader that then I clip to her collar also.
And she's a 'big time licker!'
Many of the ways I have trained her is for my needs and one of those needs is her staying close to me in practically every situation. An interstesting thing I learnt from Don today that perhaps I can look into later on, is dogs can be taught to get you the proper medication at the right times. A problem I suffer from quite often. I doubt this course will get into this, but now I have another item to put on my list of Service Dog.
Since I fractured and crushed my tail bone, I have taught her to pull me up out of bed without me having to get into the sit position, which of course would feel like I've just been knifed in the butt. Only the Alpha dog (me) is permitted to sleep on the bed, but I'm hoping because my situation is different than most, we can either find a more fitting solution or perhaps that one will be allowed.
Don noticed my face as we spoke about that and I didn't realise it was visuable.
The years of abuse and with Shasta sleeping next to me relaxes me probably better than even Shasta.
I want what's best for Shasta, most DEFINITELY! But my 'special needs' also must be met too.
Here I go worrying again. Tests and I are scarey things. I'm sure I become more familiar with the program I will become more confident, but for now, even though I know everything will be for the best, I'm scared and worried of what I don't know.
I just had a funny thought...what if Shasta passes and I don't? AAAUughhhh! QUIT WORRYING!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas wasn't meant for Pit bull owners!

Think you should report every 'pit bull' you see in Ontario? Think again! Here's what Ontario's Attorney-General said about reporting 'pit bulls' for no reason: "I have no doubt that in the vast majority of cases, the people that are going to be coming before the system are going to be people who've been reported, not just because somebody down the block saw the dog and thought that it was a 'pit bull', but because there's been some dangerous behaviour."- a direct quotation from Ontario Attorney-General, Michael Bryant
Imagine that! Michael Bryant expects his law NOT to be enforced as it is written!-
*cross post by

But London, Ontario Pit bull owners just received a surprise letter in the mail. I received mine on December the 8th. That's ummm...17 days before Christmas and we must comply before December 31st. I wonder if it's open on Saturdays?
You can view it here, I believe page 7.

The microchipping was mentioned, but we didn't hear anymore on that and thought it was taken off. We have to appear in person to register our dogs and we need documentations from vets.
I asked my vet if he could mail me a copy of Shasta's rabies vacinations and there is no problem. The licensed they are wearing is not proof enough. But when I phoned where I had Shasta spayed in 2003, they told me it would cost me $25.00 for them to send me a copy. More money grab!
We need to take two recent pictures, a head shot and a side view of our dogs. If this isn't done by the end of the month, our dogs can not be registered and therefore not licensed for 2006. We received a check list and needed to get it witnessed and my daughter was nice enough to do that for me. To not be registered in time, means no liceanse and we know what happens to unliceased dogs. Say goodbye to your very best friend and family member in the world forever!
Do we feel we are being victimized? would YOU feel?
While people are out shopping for their loved ones and getting into the holiday spirit, we are running around trying to do whatever the bylaw surprises us with next and shopping? No! We are paying unexpected fees that come from nowhere and without warning.
Tis the season not to be angry...fah lah lah lah lah...lah lah lah lah
But if I'm not then I'm be crying...fah lah lah lah lah...lah lah lah...lah
Shasta! I LOVE you sooo much!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Let's make a PIT BULL a WINNER!!!

Canadian Tire is a GIANT retail outlets with thousands of stores right across Canada and they are putting on a Christmas photo contest. Who better to win, but a Pit bull! Would that not put a positive image of the Pit bulls across Canda. The picture would be displayed in all the stores. The winner wins heaps of money, but to me this is for the positive image of the Pit bull breeds.
Here's the picture.
I don't know the person, but I sure know the breed and what a better way to help them. You can vote once a day, each day until December 16th. Tell your friends to vote too. Lets get a Pit bull on display EVERY WHERE here in Canada!!!

And you can find the site here.
And incase you forget the number to look for, it's OON2052
Let's do it to bring the Pit bulls back in a positive light again.
UPDATE: I just found out that if this picture wins $2000.00 is going towards the legal challenge of the BSL. $1000.00 is going towards the SPCA.
So now we have even MORE reason to vote.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Take it out of MICHAEL BRYANT'S pocket! He's the BRAINS!

Ottawa officials should have thought this all out BEFORE the ban. They were so gong-ho at getting it passed, that they didn't consider the cost? Give me a break! One thing they made clear, was that the municiple government would have to handle the situation the way they thought fit because the provincial government wasn't going to pay. That should have been a dead give away right then...but all they could think about was, 'Get them there dogs gone!'
In London, we just got our new notices for licences of all dogs and cats. All have increased. Perhaps not as much as the Pit bull owners, but who will they blame? The municpality? NOPE! The Pit bull owners and their dogs? YOU GET THE PRIZE!
That's all we need is more fuel to the hatred.

Dog law puts costly bite on municipalities
One recent case cost city $50,000 in legal, kennel fees; more to come
Anna Piekarski,
The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Friday, December 09, 2005

Ottawa officials are concerned that enforcing the province's anti-pit bull law will cost city taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.
"When they put in the legislation, we made it clear we didn't have the resources to deal with it," Susan Jones, the city's director of bylaw services, said yesterday. Enforcing the Dog Owners' Liability Act takes "an extensive amount of resources on our part. The legislation was passed and the municipalities are now dealing with it."
Indeed, she pointed out that a single case recently cost the city more than $50,000 after the court ordered that three pit bull-type dogs be destroyed for attacking people in two incidents last winter. The city had to shelter the dogs and pay legal fees over a seven-month period. Now, the city faces more costs in having to go to court following dog owner Jeff Hickey's refusal Wednesday to turn his pit bull-type dog, Dozzer, over to bylaw officers to be destroyed.
The dog bit a woman in late November and the city ordered that the animal be put down. Mr. Hickey was supposed to surrender his dog Wednesday, but refused. He is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 15 to fight the city's order. Under provincial legislation, certain breeds of pit bull-type dogs are no longer permitted in the province. As well, dogs that substantially resemble pit bulls, or have the same physical characteristics, can be subject to the legislation.
This latter provision may prompt dog owners to go to court if they feel their animals have been improperly included under the legislation. And that's where the potential cost to municipal taxpayers comes in.
"I'm hoping we don't end up in court (often), but we are at least going to have a few incidents for sure," said Ms. Jones.
Provincial officials couldn't comment on whether the province would offer short-term funding for municipalities to offset the costs of enforcing the legislation.
However, Brendan Crawley, a spokesman for the Ontario attorney general's office, said the province views cost issue as a short-term problem, because in the "long term, inevitably, there will be a decrease in the pit bull population."
In the meantime, he suggested that the city could cover any increase in costs by boosting fines and fees for licences.
Ms. Jones questioned the efficacy of that advice. She pointed out that in last winter's attacks, the dog owner was fined $2,100 on nine bylaw charges, which hardly covers the city's costs. In any case, "we aren't likely to see those fines and you don't recover your costs in a situation like that," said Mrs. Jones, noting that the dog owner is currently in jail.
As well, there's no surety that judges will impose the maximum $10,000 fine allowed under the legislation.
"Hopefully, the courts are going to start imposing those types of penalties," said Ms. Jones. "Pet owners that have dogs that bite need to pay attention that this is very serious."
Ms. Jones said higher fees could be implemented for dogs that have bitten previously.
Owners of these animals could face a $75 licence fee instead of the current $10 to $20 fee.
But even an increase in fees will not cover the costs of enforcing the law, she said, noting that about 270 dog bites are reported each year.
"Essentially, it comes out of the taxpayers' pocket at the end of the day."
© The Ottawa Citizen 2005

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Owner prefers jail to dog's death

I wrote several posts ago about Dozzer and how he was suppose to be put down, but his owner has been fighting this and refuses to give his pet up to be put down. The woman got bit when trying to come in between the two dogs. Here's an update.

Owner prefers jail to dog's death Thu, December 8, 200
Plans to defy city order to put down pit bull after Ottawa woman bitten

"I'm not God -- I can't decide if he lives or dies," Jeff Hickey says of his dog, Dozzer, who was ordered put down for biting. (Geoff Robins, SUN)

The owner of a pit bull the city wants killed says he's willing to go to jail for his beloved pet.
"That could be my grieving time. I'll tell the judge that. He might as well lock me up for six months if you're going to kill my dog because then, at least I can grieve," Jeff Hickey said yesterday as he counted down the final hours in a two-day ultimatum given by city officials to have Dozzer put to sleep.
Earlier this week, Hickey became the first Ottawa resident charged under Ontario's new pit bill ban. Under the tough new provincial legislation, any pit bull that has bitten someone must be euthanized.
Hickey's refusal to have his dog put to sleep means the saga of Dozzer will continue in a courtroom next week.
Hickey will appear in provincial court on Dec. 15, where he could face $10,000 in fines and six months in jail under the Dog Owners' Liability Act.

"I'm not in a position to take my own dog's life. That's up to the courts, not me," said Hickey, who says he spent time in both Ontario and Quebec jails as a teen when he was "young and stupid."
"I'm not God -- I can't decide if he lives or dies," said Hickey, who is already facing more than $1,500 in fines after being charged under four municipal bylaws.
The charges were laid after Dozzer slipped through the front door of a Kimito Private home in the Hunt Club and Conroy Rd. area on Nov. 21. The dog bit Cheryl Hume, who was walking her Siberian husky, Chico.
The 43-year-old woman needed more than 20 stitches to close cuts to her thumb, and her left hand was broken.
Susan Jones, director of bylaw services, said the city gave Hickey the chance to turn the dog over to be euthanized, a move that likely would have let the court treat Hickey with more leniency.
"We've commenced legal action through the Dog Owners' Liability Act, so I guess we'll see him in court on Dec. 15," said Jones.
Dozzer spent the last two days with Hickey's mother in Arnprior, where the pooch ran around in open fields.
Hickey said his six-year-old pet seems to sense his days are numbered.
"He's really sad, so he has to be around people that he knows," said Hickey.
Dozzer spent 11 days in quarantine at the Ottawa Humane Society, where Hickey said the dog lost 10 lbs., became dehydrated and developed kennel cough.
"When I got him back, he was just skin and bones. He's not the same dog he was 11 days ago. He's so depressed, he just doesn't get off the floor," said Hickey.
Yesterday, Hickey tried to get Dozzer checked out at an area veterinary clinic but was turned away after the vet said he feared for his staff.
"It's the big pit bull thing. Everywhere I go, I get blocked," said Hickey.

Monday, December 05, 2005

OH! The PAIN of it ALL!

*sigh* It would be so nice to go through a Christmas without breaking something, so you're not in all the pain of preparing for it. That last fall I took on the ice was worse than I suspected. Every day the pain was worse that finally today I went to the hospital...and it takes a lot to get me to go to one.
Sure enough, I fractured my tail bone and badly bruised and inflammed all around the whole area. The doctor told me I should take up drinking as the only other thing he could do for me is prescribe me pain medication and told me to buy one of those donut things to sit on.
He told me if I were lucky the it would heal within 8 weeks, but doubts it, and says I'm looking more at 16 weeks.
I asked why my back and sided hurt so much when I didn't land on there and he said the inflammation and pain is radiating to all those area's.
Not only is sitting a PAIN, but so is standing and walking. He said the problem is I don't have any meat on my body to protect itself and already living with chronic pain, this just enhanses what I already have. Yet can I get Shasta serviced? NO! least I still haven't received a reply back by my one and only hope.
I needed to go out of town for one night and couldn't take Shasta. It really seemed strange not having her with me and by my side, and man did I MISS HER!
I asked my daughter if she would take her for the night. She had only moved to her new place just over a month now and someone saw my son-in-law walking her (fully muzzled and on her leash) and she received a complaint saying that if she owned a Pit bull, she would either have to move or get rid of her dog. They do not allow Pit bulls there! She said she was only babysitting her for a night for her Mom, but that's discrimination as we have a law that landlords can not evict you due to having animals unless the pet is doing a lot of damage.
I will definitely be telling the DLCC about this as Clayton Ruby wants to know what kind of ordeals Pit bull owners are getting since this law passed.
I have been considering moving, but now see that could become an issue. Michael Bryant has really dealth us some hard knocks, yet responsible owners and their dogs have done nothing to break the law. We're still getting the blunt of it regardless and treated unfairly like criminals.
I'm glad that the majority of the general public don't think this way, but it sure is making our lives a living hell by some. I'm going to look into the law and see if it is legal. Hopefully my next post won't be such a pain in the butt!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Hard Working 'Restricted' Pit Bull

I rely on Shasta for so much. One of them is shopping. No matter the weather, she is always ready to help me.
Today we had to go to the mall to buy my daughter, Danielle her birthday present for tomorrow. Going wasn't so bad and all Shasta needs now is some pants, hat and scarf and she's ready for the winter.
One thing I find with the metal muzzles, is the snow clings to them and I'm constantly wiping it off.
Going to the mall was easy as you can see. Sun was shining. The snow had stopped.

Coming home from the mall was a totally different matter. A snow squall had begun and the wind and snow where against us all the way.
Under all the slow was a big patch of ice that I happened to find and slid with feet up in the air right on my tail bone. It took me awhile to get up and I'm still in pain. That's winter for you.
By the time we came home, there were no tracks from us previously leaving and the snow plows were just arriving as the roads were covered again.
None of the sidewalks were plowed either before or after the blizzard and they say they will stop by tomorrow (but when is the weather man ever right?) That made it hard treking through snow up to my knees, but Shasta continued to pull on as if on a mission.
I wish the government could see the 'good' that the pit bull breeds do rather than what the hear of in the media. I couldn't have this independance without her and wouldn't even try. This is true loyalty from a remarkable dog.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Some Good News for London Pit Bulls

If you read one of my previous posts, we were told that no Pit bulls or Pit bull types were allowed in the Leash Free Parks, even if muzzled and leashed. Well the London Dog Owners Association LDOA fought it and WON!
Yes, they still have to be muzzled and leashed as required by the provincal law, but it still gives them that chance to socialize with other dogs. My girlfriend is coming for us Monday and to the park we are going.
Shasta will be so excited as she gets so vocal as she sees we are nearing the park. Since I don't allow her to bark unless someone comes to the doors, she talks in her doggie language and it is so comical. She really shows her excitement, so she will LOVE Monday.
It's also shopping day for her. I saw the greatest pair of running shoes that she needs for the summer months when riding together. Only they are a winter item, which doesn't make sence. So I'm getting her the running shoes, plus I want to by her some knee high winter boots.
The boots I bought her last year worked great, but somehow I am missing one boot. If she were a three legged dog, it wouldn't matter, but she can't go around with one bare foot.
As many of the Pit bull breeds that I have seen, I have never seen one with fur as short and smooth as Shasta's. She doesn't even shed, so naturally winters are severe on her and I dress her up for the cold the same as I do myself. She quite the fashion plate and LOVES it!
Since I got her the new cage like muzzle, I have not had one single negative comment from anyone. If anything, she gets even MORE positive attention than before if you can believe that to be possible.
Because of the muzzle, people come up to her and say what a shame a sweet girl like her has to wear that horrible thing.
She doesn't mind this muzzle. She can eat small treats I put through it, drink water, pant and laugh and naturally vocalize when I need to tie her out while I run into the store.
The funny part is she sits so pretty and obiedent as I go into the store, but stats when I'm out of sight. I can even hear her crying for me, but as she spots me coming out, there she sits as if she never moved or made a sound. People kill themselves laughing and when I ask her if she was good and she tries to reassure me, they laugh and tell me she puts on a real act. I wink and tell them I know as I could hear her in the store. Silly girl!
Still no word from the trainer that I was hoping to have her trained and certified for my Service Dog, but I haven't given up as I also haven't received a reply she wouldn't do it. I'm trying to stay positive, but do hope I hear from her soon one way or another. This waiting is not one of my best features as I've been fighting for this since last Sept. I believe.
Well, Shasta's in her nitey and already on her side of the bed waiting for me (actually it's still my side, but she does give me room so we can cuddle).
I just had to share as soome good news is better than NO good news.
Good nite!