Sunday, August 28, 2005

What was Fun...Becomes Mourning..

Last night I received a phone call from my Mom and brother. It's a week of camping as a get together at a near by Provincial Park.
Normally, I was be overjoyed getting together and Shasta always has so much fun meeting other campers and their pets as we walk along the dirt roads or the shore line or anywhere in the park. But, this year, I feel down-hearted. This year it will be a week of muzzling for her and no long lead to give her full reign of our campsite. She'll be allowed approximately 1.5 metres. Her freedom snatched from her for no reason other than law.
I will walk her as much as possible so she doesn't feel that lack of freedom completely, but I still don't know how the muzzle will effect her spirit. All her socializing gone just like that. For once, for her sake, I wish we weren't going, but of course I love this get together with my Mom and bro. It's become an annual thing, but I only wish it had of come before everything went into effect.
I'm going to take some white candles and hold my own vigil for all the dogs and pups that will and have lost their lives simply because of what breed they were born to. I also wonder what the research facilities will use them for, but I'm probably better off not knowing as my mind already shows me dreadful pictures.
I'm trying to take the advice of the woman I spoke to in regards to the proposed city bylaw. She had seen Shasta and I on the news and knew Shasta was a sweetheart and heard my concerns as I spoke during the interview. She reminded me is was only a proposal and they can still be faught. Yeah! Like how we faught so hard to kill bill 132? But, I have to remind myself the fight isn't's just beginning. I'm only so sad for all the dogs that are lost along the way that didn't stand a chance before we could start to fight.
I'm angry at the owners that abandoned their dogs or left them on the steps of the Humane Society. You're COWARDS! You didn't even have the decency to find your dogs another home! You don't deserve a pet to love you unconditionally! You certainly didn't love them back! You didn't even take them in yourself because you didn't want to pay the fee of perhaps them having a chance at adoption. No! You simply deserted them. You're nothing more than slime in my eyes and I hope never to meet up with you and find out what you did...because I would report you for desertion and let you get fined. Make you pay after all and not allowed another animal for two years. I WILL report you COWARDS without a second thought...just as you didn't give your dogs a chance.
As I'm camping my thoughts and prayers will be with the dogs. Every time I look at Shasta will remind me of her kind being murdered. Her sad eyes above the muzzle not understanding why she is being punished.
Let NOT one nasty remark be said during our stay there or I will lose it on them. If they think my dog is nasty, I will let them know what nasty is! Nasty is the bigots that don't know diddly squat, but voice their ignorance out loud.
The A** H*LES are the ones that don't say it to your face. They boast loudly their hatred remarks to others. Is that not harassment and slander?
I wonder where my good nature went? My peaceful demeanor? I guess it's mourning all those poor dogs that are perishing and I have a right to be angry. My rights are being pulled from under my feet. Yes, I believe I have a good right to be mad and mourn this travesty!


phred said...

Ya know.. maybe we should restrict the cats too, and the birds, and the frogs, and the butterflies, and the fish, and the snails, and the monkeys, and the black bear, and the rabbits, and.... you get the idea.

Conners said...

No! I think we should put restrictions on MAN! Man created this problem and man should be held acctable.
Today on the news, they asked this young woman if she was afraid her breed could be next. Her answer utterly floored me. Quite nieve I would think. She replied, "Oh I don't think they would do that! If they ban one brred of dog, I don't think they would ban another."
And where does she think the criminals will turn to if not another breed?
But back to your answer phred, cats, butterfies, etc have not seriouly hurt humans nor animals. Man has not trained them to do so...YET!
Luckily, we are not allowed to keep exotic, wild or stock animals in the city, or that could be the criminals next victim.