Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Day to Relax and Enjoy (Part 2)

My grandkids, Jonathan & Julian have fun with Shasta.
They love the cats too.

Mmmm...sweet kisses!

UAGGG! It's kinda crowded!

The 3 bid you all a good nite!
Ruby would have liked to come out and play...
but fish don't do well out of water. ;)


Flex said...

This scenerio would have NEVER happened at my house... lol

Conners said...

Why Flex? When I didn't have my camera yet, there were so many great pictures I missed that I would have loved to take. Maybe I did on my film camera if I ever get the pictures developed. One day when I can afford it, I'll get them developed and see. But often they all sleep together side by side of each other. Oftener still, it's me in with them, but that I don't have pictures of. *giggle*