Monday, August 01, 2005

I Spy Trouble...

Today, being the first of the month, I am getting new neighbours 2 apartments down. A woman with her 3 or 4 year old son.
In only 5 minutes I could tell that trouble could brew very easily. She's a screamer when it comes to her son, and remarked to me NOT to have kids after you're 40! She asked about Shasta, if it was safe for them to cross my part of the patio while she was moving her things. I told her Shasta was extremely friendly and loved everyone, especially kids. The only thing I worry about is she could accidently push her son over with her weight as she doesn't realize she is no longer tiny anymore.
She has a Bull Terrier and she already warned me that he could get very vicious. He surprises her all the time. He's 10. I asked if he was altered and she told me he didn't need to be, but she told me my dog was a weapon. I told her Shasta didn't have one mean bone in her body and she told me Jake or Jack (her dog) couldn't be trusted and neither could mine. Yet, she doesn't have to get him fixed, he doesn't need a muzzle and she has aready told me he has a mean streak in him that can't be trusted, even after 10 years. I wondered why she allowed her young son around him if he was so unpredictable, but really didn't feel like having this conversation with this woman. He was fine with Shasta, but the woman insisted that it was because Shasta is a female. Shasta is a spayed female, so I'm not sure if that would make such a difference to a male dog.
This is just the kind of thing I really need, especially after my post this morning. *sigh*
I know who I will be trying to avoid as much as possible! This is enough to bring my chronic anxiety up to a level of full tilt. What happened to my wonderful, laid back, take the day as it came and enjoy the simple pleasures life? It seemed like only yesterday and now I feel like all I do is fight for all my rights. If you only knew all I was fighting for besides the BSL. Maybe I will give you that glimps in another post. It would absolutely SHOCK you!


Amstaffie said...

What a crock. This woman has blinders on. She wants to say her dog is friendly bcuz Shasta is a female... of all the dogs we have (5) they are ALL female and everyone of them get along. They know that I'm the topdog, although they can get a little hard headed, but hey, so can I!!

Be wary and careful... especially since she's already admitted that he is mean. It doesn't matter what kind of dog it is, there are big dogs with the sweetest temperment and there are teensy-weensy dogs that are the worst ankle biters! A bite is a bite, a vicious dog is a vicious dog... no matter the breed.

Conners said...

Exactly, but my point (and worry) is that with this new law in effect as of the 29th of Aug, all it takes is a woman like this to say ANYTHING negative about Shasta and bye bye Shasta. Without us having any rights of people with so called Pit bulls, they are right. We are wrong. That settles it type thing. It's crazy!!!
Shasta and I are staying inside as much as possible, but that isn't fair to neither Shasta or I.
This morning...well afternoon, when I woke up and Shasta needed out, she saw the dog and gave it a friendly bark with tail wagging. I brought her right in the house and told her NO BARK and because Shasta senses things from me, I told her that place could be trouble for us, so NO BARK...not even friendly bark. I let her out again and this time she looked but didn't bark. Whew! I'm glad I have an intelligent baby!