Thursday, August 25, 2005

Important Message to All Dog Lovers!

The Ontario Ban goes full swing this Monday. You will see many muzzled dogs that have been socialized their whole lives now looking like Hannible Lector.
I urge you to ask the owner previously if it's allowed to fuss with there dogs. You never know, a few may be wearing a muzzle for reason. But, one you get the and fuss with it to show them they are still loved regardless of the muzzle.
Our poor socialized dogs that enjoy their outings for that reason could develope phobia's unless we dog lovers can help each other out for our dogs sake. I know how Shasta would feel and Pitties really NEED that socialization, probably more than most dogs.
So PLEASE! Go out of your way to spend a few minutes with these dogs. It will help them and you will feel good inside for doing such a considerate act of kindness.

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