Monday, August 29, 2005


I wrote our London Mayor, Anne Marie DeCicco in regards to the new purposed bylaw.
All correspondence to this should go directly to Councillor Tranquilli.

Fred W. Tranquilli
453 Regal DriveLondon, Ontario N5Y 1K1
City Hall: (519) 661-2500 Ext. 4885City Hall Fax: (519) 661-5933E-Mail:
Residence: (519) 455-1774

We have another City Hall meeting in mid September, but why not express your concerns to him now.
While fighting to kill Bill 132, one of the organization members made a statement that perhaps we fought too much with facts rather than emotion. I tried hard to keep from sending in emotional emails eplaining how much Shasta meant to me and how she has helped me though so many of my phobias and how she brought life back into me. I tried to stick to facts.
When the dog attack victims spoke, they didn't relay facts. They relayed their heart felt feelings. They expressed their fears. Facts have been repeated over and over again. They've heard all our arguments on hard facts. Perhaps we should draw at the heart strings the way we really feel about our dogs, as individuals, not in general. Show him how this new bylaw will effect us and the devistation it is causing us.
I still want to speak at the meeting, and if anybody in London needs that information, please email me and I will give you the contact name.
I may be wrong, but I plan on appealing with my heart and how this purposed bylaw will effect me personally.
If you feel I am wrong, please let me know and why.
Today, the official day of our ban has started. Today is not like any other. Today countless numbers of dogs across Ontario will be mass murdered out of shear innocence. They never bit or did a vicious act of vilolence.
There is a candle light vigil in Toronto today, held at 8pm. I can't be there in person, but I can be there in spirit. I plan to lite my own candle and mourn this travisty. Not just the Ontario dogs, but the Denver dogs and all the others that are being slaughters for no other reason but for their name of breed or what they look like.
Wherever you live, no matter what country, won't you join in spirit at 8pm your time all across the globe in memberance of how fear and ignorance have dealt a death sentence to so many loving, loyal pets.
On last nights news, it showed pit bulls and other large dogs having their final day of running free unmuzzled and playing. The reporter spoke to several people, but this one young womans reply made me gasp in disbelief.
He asked her if she was frightened that her dog may be next on the list of being banned? Her reply was so nieve. Se said, ' Now that they have banned one breed, I don't think they wuld ban another.' She obviously does not understand the mind of a criminal that will go on to another large muscular dog, which was what she had.
Did we ever think a couple of years ago, they would go after 'our' dogs? But now that it has and is happening, what's to stop them from banning more? Other countries have. Our eyes have been opened. Our hearts broken.
But for today, hug the dogs you have and love and remember those that were loved by someone else and the loss they have suffered and are suffering.
Today, I mourn the loss of Shasta's and others like her, their freedom snatched away from them. Today I mourn the countless others of the fear they will feel... and they will feel fear. Today I mourn the people who's job it is to do the dirty task of putting these dogs down as I know there are many that feel like us. Today, light your candles and pray that history will not continue to repeat itself and we find the way to save the fates of future dogs.
Let your hearts, spirit and prayers be with the dogs today, no matter what your beliefs are.


Amstaffie said...

You & Shasta (and all the responsible pit bull owners in Ontario) are in my heart.

Conners said...

Thank you Andee. *hugs*