Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Off The Chain, DVD

Experience the Horrific Underground World of Pit Bull Fighting When the First Tell-All Exposè Is Unleashed on DVD: "OFF THE CHAIN"
For the First Time Ever, Viewers Get Access to Exclusive Interviews With Professional "Dog Men" Who Reveal Their Secrets of the Trade; Available August 30, 2005 From Ardustry Home Entertainment

WOODLAND HILLS, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 08/15/2005 -- Few animals have received as much fame and notoriety as the American Pit Bull Terrier. A popular breed, the Pit Bull earned early fame as the beloved "Pete the Pup" in the "Little Rascals." But gradually, Pit Bulls have been getting a bad reputation. Because of the popularity of illegal dogfighting and the actions of irresponsible owners and those who seek aggressive dogs, pit bulls have been stereotyped as a dangerous, vicious breed. In fact, the Pit Bull Terrier is now banned in over 200 American counties -- and it is estimated that three million Pit Bulls are euthanized each year. The Canadian province of Ontario has banned the breed completely, and Australia is now pushing legislation to ban the breed from the entire continent. What has happened in recent times to change this dog's iconic image from "best friend" into "public enemy?"
On August 30, 2005, Ardustry Home Entertainment will debut the eye opening and heart-wrenching documentary: "OFF THE CHAIN" debuting on DVD for $19.98 SRP. "OFF THE CHAIN" will give you a close look at the underworld of Pit Bull Fighting, the horrific sport that has transformed the Pit Bull's new status in pop culture into an urban symbol for violence, aggression and gang-life. Travel to the back alleys and dark corners of the inner city and as far as the backwoods and other rural communities to unleash the truth behind Pit Bull Fighting. Beginning with a history of the American Pit Bull Terrier, "OFF THE CHAIN" explores the evolution of the breed and gives viewers a disturbing look into the minds of the dog owners and trainers who participate in the gruesome world of Pit Bull Fighting.
"This film goes inside the belly of the beast, and the beast isn't the pit bull terrier, it's man. This is the ultimate betrayal of man's best friend. The director exposes the fastest growing crime in America -- dog fighting. "OFF THE CHAIN" is a horrifying glimpse into the world where the special relationship between man and dog has been perverted. It will grab you and shake you, and hopefully it will stir you into action. " -- Eric L. Sakach,
Director, The Humane Society of the United States
The first documentary of its kind; director Bobby J. Brown spent three years infiltrating the underground subculture of dogfighting. Gaining the trust of well established "dog men" who allowed him to film behind their veil of secrecy, these trainers reveal the secrets of this illicit game and explain their love for their dogs, that is, if they win.
Featuring representatives from both sides of the law including social activist Tom Hayden, The Humane Society of the United States experts Eric Sakach and Stephanie Shain, animal control and police officers, Pit Bull Rescue Central, and dogfighters and trainers, Gip and Tucson, "OFF THE CHAIN" gives viewers a first-hand look at the impact of this frightening subculture.
The Humane Society of the United States will also be supporting the DVD release of "OFF THE CHAIN" by sending information about the DVD to their members as well as featuring "OFF THE CHAIN" on their website.
"OFF THE CHAIN" shows you what goes on behind closed doors in the Pit Bull Fighting arena including footage of dog training, police raids, and hidden camera footage of bloody dog fights. The DVD plays against the backdrop of the original song, "Off the Chain," written exclusively for the documentary by internationally acclaimed rap artist Prodigal Sunn, as well as the music video for the song. The DVD also highlights other positive portrayals of the breed including interviews with proud owners of Pit Bull Terriers, an original "Our Gang" episode featuring "Pete" and an original "Betty Boop" cartoon featuring "Pudgy." "OFF THE CHAIN" was produced by Troy Garity, Richard Velazquez and David Roma.
Mariakay Chakos

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Conners said...

I'm so glad and thank you for your encouragement. It feels good that people are listening (reading) and leaving a comment is our only way of knowing so. I thank you for that coolest guy on the planet. :)

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Nice sites guys (or gals)...ummm... the wedding pictures are beautiful...only I think I've had enough of marriage, so don't plan on another in a lifetime...and Shasta is spayed, so I don't see a future marriage there neither. Keep up the great work.
Now...any comments on any of the posts here? Opinions, etc? That would be appreciated. *hint*
To the Christan newsletter person, what does God think about His creation, the pitties think of the BSL and all the dogs being exterminated? If you are really reading this blog, them you must have some insite as to scripture that relates.
Just a thought. I'd really be sad to think you leave me such nice comments for the sake of spaming. But you wouldn't do that would you?

Amstaffie said...

I never really thought of it like that... "the ultimate betrayel"... but that is really it.

To betray a man's best friend, utterly shameful.

Conners said...

Yes, and who does he call the belly of the beast? Not the Pit bull...but man! He's betraying man's best friend and people, media and governments are falling for it. It's sickening!