Saturday, August 20, 2005


What minor irritations drive you crazy?
Just this morning, I was taking out my garbage to the large garbage bins at the end of my yard (more like a small field). Most often, I don’t even bother to throw on sandals as the grass feels nice under my feet, and besides that, I love the freedom of going barefoot.
Well, this morning I came across one of my utmost disgusts of minor irritations.
I was still in my pj’s and as I was walking trying to lift and half drag the two bags of garbage, when all of a sudden, ‘squish’ right between the toes. Dog poop! *DRAT*, fresh, icky dog poop at the bottom of my clean foot and smushed right up and through my toes, along with the aroma that cleared my sinus.
Already having problems trying to tote the bags, but stepping on a gross heap with hands full, what’s a woman to do? Naturally, I try the scrap and wipe technique, but the nasty stuff is still between my toes and the thought of what I’m wearing on my foot does not set well with me.
I’m closer to the garbage bins than I am to my apartment. Do I continue to the garbage bins or drop everything and heal walk back to wash the gooey stuff off?
Frustrated and now becoming very irritated at irresponsible owners that allow their dogs the freedom to do their business where ever they please without the slightest inkling of thinking to go bag it and throw it where it belongs…which is NOT on my foot and in between my toes, I continue to heel it to the garbage bins as quick as possible, then like hop-a-long Cassidy, do the same awkward strut home.
Once in the apartment, I have to tread very carefully not to allow my foot to lower and get the sh*t on the rug. Sit on the edge of the bathtub with shower massager in hand and start showering it off before wanting to touch my foot to use soap. I wait until all the brown clumps have totally gone down the drain prior to a total wash and fuming that my foot had been violated!
I think about everything that is going on. The irresponsible owner verses the responsible ones. It’s law that all dogs are leashed, unless in a leash free park, or your fenced in private property. It is also a by-law that you stoop and scoop or you could get fined if caught. Both law and by-law I abide to without a second thought and it’s not uncommon for you to go through jean pockets, purse, back packs, etc. and find baggies in all of them.
I think to myself how the responsible owner gets targeted; yet the inconsiderate ones are the ones doing all the screaming. To top off this sh*tty story, there was a big wet spot on my patio, but I didn’t pay it any notice until I let Shasta out.
As soon as I saw her sniffing at the spot and MY PATIO CHAIR, I knew my patio and chair was the victim of a male dog at large. GRRRRR…
I’ve also noticed since that new neighbour moved in, that I am scooping more than Shasta’s poop up. She used to let him roam free, until I told her that I was told by the Property Management they wanted all dogs leashed no matter how well trained. She right away assumed and commented it was because Shasta was a Pit bull. *PUFF* another brick falls out of the wall! Hey Lady! This has nothing to do with breed! It’s law!
Someone must have come to her and complained because now I see he is on a long lead when out…that is…when it’s day and people can see. I also told her one time when Jake came to see Shasta, and him not fixed, she might get a little irritated if he continues to try to smell her butt. She simply replied, ‘She’ll let him know!’ so I quickly added, plus I’m picking up his piles of pooh along with Shasta’s, to which she didn’t reply. This is the same woman that our first meeting was calling Shasta a weapon. What is she trying to prove? If Shasta gives her dog a nip, does she call Humane Society for a vicious dog attempt? I’ve never seen Shasta react or nip anyone or anything, but keep smelling her butt and who knows. I sure as heck would!Talking to her is like talking to a dim light bulb. Best thing I could do is talk to the office and let them know what’s going on. Which reminds me, I better go and wash that chair. It’s where I like to sit when Shasta and I are just getting a breath of fresh air at night.


Trée said...

Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. My wife and I own five yorkies and we love them to pieces. So glad to see someone else who loves dogs too. Nice profile pic--:-)

Conners said...

LOL I think MOST that come to this site is an animal lover! Thanks Tree 5 Yorkies! WOW! You need a lot of laps for your little guys!

Amstaffie said...

No matter how much you love dogs, a dog lover (along w/anyone else) hates to step in poop! I just don't understand people.... HELLO!?!? Get some consideration and responsibility.

Your new neighbor needs to get a reality check. #1 she needs to learn how to be a responsible owner. #2 she needs to get her dog neutered. There are plenty of dogs out there that need our help, we don't need another male dog tramping around... Which in turn, everything leads back to being a responsible owner. *geesh*

Adam said...

Well I imagine if the coffee doesn't wake you up in the morning a nice warm pile of dog doo does.

Conners said...

It's the irresponsible owners of ALL breeds (large, medium, small)that spoils it for the rest of us. We are no longer able to take our dogs to most beaches...thanks to the irresponsible owners. Some parks won't allow them even on a leash...thanks to irresponsible owners. With all the problems that is happening right now, IRRESPONSIBLE OWNERS are going to get ME THROWING POOP ON THEM! They somehow think they are exempt from the rules, when in fact, they are the CAUSE of so many rules!
I pick up my dogs why the hell can't they?!!!
It only happened once that I forgot a baggie and it wasn't a time that was normal for her to go, but I guess nature called early. One she was done, we IMMEDIATELY returned home, grabbed a baggie and went right back there and cleaned it up. Now I just never leave it up to chance. I carry baggies in everything. I guess you could call me the bag lady! LOL
And Adam...I don't drink coffee. Allergies. But you are right. The poop really did...just hope it's not habit forming. LOL

Guitartists said...

Oh, I know! It makes me mad that I cannot take my dogs to the beach because OTHER people refuse to be responsible for their dogs :( I always take bags with me when we go for walks :) It's a dirty job, but I've gotta do it...LOL

Conners said...

Well, like a mother changing diapers, after awhile it becomes second nature. I feel good that I'm responsible and angry with those that aren't!