Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Muzzle! Muzzle! Everywhere...

Well, with only 26 more days left, I've been scouring to find a muzzle for Shasta, but it's not an easy job. Some of the muzzles they have out are for very aggressive dogs and she would look like something like the attack of Frankenstein to wear one of those. Then there are the type that you only use temperarily, as they don't leave much room for panting. Others, they can't even drink water. *sigh* This is NOT an easy task at all.
I need something that she can breath easily, pant and drink water, as we go bike riding a lot. I'm NOT about to buy her one of those great big wire muzzles neither...besides, sure they might be great for breathing and giving them air way, but how are they suppose to drink?
Seems like I'm finding fault with what ever I come across. I'm sure it's because my heart isn't in it and I'm only wasting my money because of some dumb law. And no, I won't break the law and take any unnesessary chances with my Shasta. Like it or not, we will obidge the 'stupid', 'rediculas', 'dumb ass' law only out of desperation.
Perhaps though, there are some of you out there that did not have the 'privledge' of the Grandfathering Clause, so I should count my blessings and consider myself lucky in comparison.
These muzzles I have been looking at are rediculas though. Here's what I'm looking for : 1. comfort 2. easy to breath, pant and drink water 3. nothing that makes her look intiminating. Nylon, forget it...too hot! Plastic, I would assume the and uncomfortable. Then there are the types that they say only to use temperarily and with caution. Sorry! But that's a BIG NO! If she can't breath, I'm not wasting my money.
I've also been scoring the net too, to see if there are other options available that I'm not coming across. They are WORSE! I'm NOT trying to muzzle King Cong! I need to muzzle the most beautiful, sweetest, heart of gold sweetheart princess that wouldn't harm a hair on anybodies body. I was going to say flea...but changed my mind. I do that with the Advantage and haven't spied not a one this year on Shasta, nor the cats and my outside is swarming with them. I brought one in on my pant leg one day. *sheesh*
I squeezed and dug my nails into the little sucker until I heard a snap. I felt mean and nasty for doing it, but they tried to invade me one year and I'm not about to start another battle with those pesky nits!!! That's when I was wasting all my money on 100% gauranteed products from the pet store that was suppose to be sooo fantastic. Yeah, I called their 1-800 hotline...many, many times. 100% my butt! They sent me what they called a complimentry product that gave Shasta a bad skin rash on top of it all.
A warning to anyone out there...go to the vet and get your products. Those 100% products are a crock. You will end up paying through the nose for all the things you have to buy along with them. The shampoo, the monthly tubes, the furnature spray, the mouce and/or spray, and the list never stops. With the Advantage, I give it the 1st of every month and forget it. It's done and it works!
Gotta go. Playtime for me and Shata.


Guitartists said...

I bought Bridget a leather one...makes her look like Hannibal :P But, most people joke about it :P I put a pink bow on top of it and keep a bandana on her too :)

She can pant in it and even drink if she wants.... though she usually pouts when it's on and does nothing :( We only use it for walks, and I usually stop by friend's houses where I can remove it and let her relax a bit.

You sure can't blame a dog for not liking a muzzle :P They are ugly contraptions.

flex said...

i would make the best of it...

Get a pink one and put nick nacks all over it :p

maybe a whole bubble thingy that goes around her head like a space suit mask but made of hard plastic grids of course

flex said...

hey check out this site:

seems you have friends :-) And her Pit's name is....yep u guessed it -- BOO! Not like boo, your scared... but like boo: that's my boo! as in a term of endearment

Conners said...

First I'll answer Ang. What kind do you have that allows Bridget to pant and drink. Anyway possible you can scan it and send me a picture? This is a total riddle of confusion ad I know I should be prepared for it...but *sigh*, the date crept up on us until now I'm panicing.
Now Flex...for one, Shasta is fawn, so pink would clash, but a soft mint green or soft tangerine would look beautiful on her. LOL I'm glad you can see how important it is to beautify such an aweful contraption.
She's also a young lady, not a space man. The last think I want is my beautiful Shasta being called Bubble Head...although it's probably better than some of the other remarks that will be soon approaching.
Both of you gus have given me quite the giggle today.

Conners said...

Oh flex...I went to that website... and yes I have it bookmarked. EXCELLENT! To see a pittie named Boo on a site must have grabbed at some heart strings of yours.
Have you ever thought of recueing a pitty that really needs the help right now? It wouldn't be Boo, but a rescued dog knows what you have done for them and you would have a totally different bond. Think about it. The pitties NEED us!

Boo & Izzy said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my site - - and thanks to Flex for sharing my link. I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with this ban in Ontario. BSL scares me to death because I've come to love my own dog Boo so much and I've learned a lot about the breed having him.

Shasta looks gorgeous and I hope that she does okay under the new ban. If you need to get her out of Ontario, she can certainly come visit me and Boo in Utah. On the muzzle issue, I've heard good things about the Husher muzzle. It's supposed to be more comfortable and pliant. Might be worth looking into.

Guitartists said...

I have this muzzle

But Bridget is small..only about 40 lbs. So, it is a bit large on her. It keeps her muzzle "contained" but she doesn't seem to have any trouble panting in it. Not a whole lot of extra room mind you, but I have seen her drink with it on, and even chew a few doggie treats. The only bad thing is that the leather gets kinda icky when it's wet :P

Conners said...

I've seen that one you have Ang. Only in a picture though. I thought that leather strap at the front of the mouth completely covered the mouth? Does it have an opening then? OH I HATE MUZZLES!!!

And to Izzy, I've only gotten around to reading your one post, but I can see our views are totally the same when it comes to our babes. I've bookmarked your site as I will be returning!

Thank you Flex for leading me there.

You mention the Husher? Is there a site that you know of off hand that has a pic and stats about it?
I'm fortunate that Shasta is under the Grandfathering Clause, so as long as nobody decides to cause any trouble for us, we will be alright. *fingers crossed* Thanks for your offer though. That is sooo sweet!

flex said...

i guess i will have to post some of my experiences on my blog about my dogs to get you guyettes over there.... i swore there was double yellow lines on this street... maybe i took a detour :-)

Guitartists said...

Yeah, the front is covered... but she can stick the front of it into the water and the water comes in thru the sides. But, if you need something for long periods.. I would consider that basket one on their front page. It is not as large a basket as some others that I have seen and might work better.

You know, with all of this going on, you might contact the company and ask if they can design one that will work for what people in Ontario are going to need.

Conners said...

flex...incase you haven't noticed, I've followed the yellow lines to your site several times...and YES i've commented and IF you will notice, you are in my Important Links as I hope many people will go to your EXCELLENT PAGE! You give so much to think about and the BSL isn't the only craziness happening in the world, I know.
You do a great job of informing the world about so many important and some horrible issues in the world as well as enlightenment.
I'm not being narrow minded and thinking this is the only issue, but it's an issue that is hitting us directly right between the eyes in our own homes at this time. Basiclly, I devoting all I have on a cause I find very important. Not that there aren't others. If we can win this, then it will go onto another worthy cause that needs fighting for. My brain has a problem focusing on one problem, let alone many. LOL
Ang, I saw the one with a basket at the end. YUCK! I know...I know... it's not a fashion statement I'm looking for, so quit trying.
I'm going to buy her one regardless as the times is really nearing, but them I can gather up enough money to make her the kind that I was hoping I might find. The one I posted about way back somewhere. It will do it's job, be original and at the same time, not look threatening. Too bad I have to buy all the tools to make it. Maybe others might be interested and then I could make my money back making untreatening muzzles for the dogs such as Shasta.

Flex said...

i forgot to turn the moderation off on my comments... so, like 15 comments were sitting in moderation - if you chose not to login... after i approve once then they all get posted immediately from now on...

my apologies... :-) Thank you on the link, i'm will resiprocate the kind gesture... muchas gracias Lady 'O' Pitbull!

Flex said...

Maybe others might be interested and then I could make my money back making untreatening muzzles for the dogs such as Shasta.

That's the entrepenuerial spirit!?