Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ontario Pit bull Owners being placed on Public Record

Dalton Mcguinty has already put in the works of having all Pit bull owners in public records showing their names and addresses (phone numbers, I'm not sure about). It's suppose to be to protect the public, but isn't he putting us, the dog owners at risk?
I live alone with my fur-fam. That's all I need is a crazed Pit bull hater coming to my door. I thought it was pretty vicious that that reporter put the addresses of all the Pit bull owners in the newspaper in Denver, but now Ontario owners fall victim to the same.
It angers me! It frightens me!
What crimes have we committed against society to be dealt with so harshly? Once, not so long ago, we were like other dog owners and citizens not having fingers pointed at us nor treated like criminals. We lived normal lives and played with our dogs in normal and loving ways.
How quickly thanks to Michael Bryant and the Liberals that our lives have changed so drasticly that it mind boggling. I was telling a good friend today as we were driving to our CGN course with our dogs how much I now understood discriminatiation and how the manorities felt as we are now being treated like criminals, with finger pointing. No longer do they say, 'There is a woman with her dog.' Instead it's, 'Look at THAT lady with that PIT BULL!'
I must admit, tI've found he general public to be sympathetic, but the government is trying to push us over the edge. Do they think if they push hard enough we will get rid of our dogs? Then they don't understand the bond of an animal lover with their best friend!
We've abided by all their rules. We've spent the extra money to do what's necessary to be within the law... yet they continue to push and gather up more surprises on us.
They don't give out addresses of convicted murderers that have been released. One being Karla Hamoka who murdered school aged girls. No! She is free to live where she pleases in cognitoe as she has served her time, even though she broke her probation order.
Yet we, who have never committed a crime, nor our dogs, are getting put on a list as if we were common protect the public.
What happened to the right of privacy? What can I say...BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Pit Bull Owners Addresses Published

In COMMERCE CITY, Colo. the addresses of registered Pit bull owners was published in their local newspaper. The owners are angry and rightfully so, but the woman that published the addresses says she was doing it for pubic safety.
If that happened in my city, I would be raising a stink too. To view the article, Newspaper Publishes Addresses Of Pit Bull Owners. There are some video coverage as well.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Vague Act in Ontario Pit bull Law confusing...

It's recently come to my attention that muzzling your Pit bull in your vehicle is complying with the Law. Since I've never heard of this before, nor many others, I decided to call London's Animal Care today to see what they had to say about it. I was sure it was some rediculas rumour going around, but I was told it was a specific violation of the act as the act specifys the conditions of private property as your back yard with the appropriate fencing, etc. It does not state that your vehicle in the act.
Right afterwards, I phoned the London Police department and asked the same question. Their response was quite opposite as they assured me there was no law about that. She even went another step further to have it checked out and came back with the same answer.
But I have heard via a forum where someone was pulled over, although not sure where in Ontario this happened and the police gave this man a warning. This goes to show you how vague this new law really is. It could differ from city to city. If this is the case, should you have to phone all the police departments within your route to see which departments allow or don't allow your dog to be muzzled while in the safe confines of your vehicle?
Matter of fact, I recall hearing that the temporary muzzles put out where for such reason. You muzzle your dog to get them from your home into your vehicle and remove the muzzle as prolonged use is unhealthy to the breathing of the dog. Twenty minutes is tops for the use of the tempory muzzles.
It seems that if it isn't specified in the law, then it is a violation according to AC.
Law abiding citizens of Pit bulls are learning something new as we go along. I would think they should give us a handbook, because it seems to change at their convience. How will we ever understand the law if it isn't in black and white and written down? How many other Ontarian's have never heard of this neither and driving around believing they are justly following the law? Further more, what other surprises will be find out in the future?

Monday, January 23, 2006 memory of all the slaughtered bullies since the Ban

Pitbulljungle has made a great video towards the memory of all the Pit bulls killed since the Ontario Pit bull Ban.
If you aren't able to get on to her site due to traffic, you can view it on my site on The Truth about Pit Bulls page.
I hope to come to watch it.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Faulty DATA???

I was reading an artcle and below it was these statistics;

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 4.7 million dog-bite victims a year in the United States. About 800,000 of those need medical attention and about 12 die.
· The top five breeds of dogs involved in human dog bite-related fatalities in the United States between 1979 and 1998 were pit bull-types, Rottweilers, German shepherds, husky-types and malamutes.
· In 2003, dog bites accounted for about one quarter of all homeowner's insurance liability claims, costing roughly $321.6 million, down slightly from about $345.5 the previous year. The average dog bite claim cost insurers $16,600.
· To limit their exposure to such losses, some insurance companies require dog owners to sign liability waivers for dog bites. Others charge more for owners of biting breeds such as pit bulls and Rottweilers and some are not offering insurance to dog owners at all.
Compiled by News Researcher Barbara Buttleman.

From what I read, it seems many of these dogs are running in packs, so where are the owners? Have these dogs been abandoned and running wild? They definitely do not sound like your typical, family loved pet companion... if in fact these dogs are what they say they are.
I read so often, when they are referring to Pit bulls, they indirectly say, 'appeared to be Pit bull'. Well, what is it? Is it a Pit bull or not? So with these statistics, are they assuming these dogs are Pit bulls as they 'appear to be'? How can statistics be correct when they aren't positive about what breed the dogs really are? Also, what do they mean by types, as in pit bull-types? Husky-types? Are they mixed breeds and if so, why do they not say the other breed types?
This brings me to two dogs I had, Bunny and her pup, Booboo. Bunny looked just like a collie and when I had her licensed, they put her down as a collie-X. Now as far as her one and only pup, they registered her as a shepherd-X. Why wasn't Booboo registered as a collie/shepherd-X? To me, it seems as if this is very faulty data they are basing their statisics on and therefore, invalid.
Wild dogs must eat as is their basic instict to survive. When abadoned, starving and running in packs, would you not assume their survival instincts would gain control as they hunt for food (other animals)? Therefore, we are no longer speaking of our loving campanions that responsible owners care for, yet this blame gets put on our breeds of dogs.
Just some food for thought.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

In Loving Memory

I got Brandy when he was just 6 weeks old when the kids were just young. I almost lost him at about 3, as he had a massive heart attack and suffered with a heart murmur. The vet said he wouldn't make it through the night, but BrandyCat proved him wrong. He was to be on heart medication his whole life, but even then, the vet said he wouldn't make it to middle age.
Brandy, strong willed proved the vet wrong again. After about 10 years, I decided to try only giving him his heart medication every other day as it stressed him out so much. The days he wasn't on it, I noticed an improvement and stressed out the days I did give it to him. I slowly weaned him off thinking if need be I could always put him back on. That was the last time I ever gave him the medication. and he lived a full and happy long life.
The past couple of years you could see him becoming more frail and with Brandy, he took pride as never having any mats and kept himself so clean, but now he just wasn't able to and I tried the best I could to groom him. He lost his hearing last year and would go through bouts of not knowing where he was or what he was doing and cry because he was lost. I never stayed away for any length as I wanted him to know I was always there to rescue him. When he felt my hands on him, he would calm down and purr up a storm as I'd bring him to my lap.
Brandy and I have always had a mental connection. It may sound funny to some of you, but others will understand what I mean, and that is a very 'special' and close bond. Only 3 days ago, I put my forehead to his with tears in my eyes and told him I wanted to do the right thing and if it was time for him to pass, I would do right by him. I sure got my answer very abruptly, that I couldn't help but giggle inside. He pulled his head away from me with his ears back and went straight to his food dish and started gobbling down his food. It was as if he was saying, 'Does THIS look like I'm ready to go!' He sure put me in my place, but then, Brandy always was Top Cat!
One thing Brandy always hated...and I mean HATED...was going to the vets. He definitely was a cat with attitude and he let you know it. He was always loving with me, but when it came to others...meaning people and animals, he made sure he showed them who was BOSS, next to me. Although, that may not be exactly true as when he decided he wanted to eat, he would give me little nips either on the back of my legs or closer to my butt. Believe when I say I got him his food really fast. LOL
Yesterday morning, I knew it was his last day with me. I could tell from his walking and breathing that it was nearly time. I knew inside, that he would refuse the food I offered him, but still I tried. He paced trying to find a dark spot with privacy. Unlike Roxbro who only wanted on my lap, Brandy still wanted to be Boss Cat right to the end. My daughter found a wicker basket and we placed a blanket inside and I put the basket under the coffee table so I could keep my hand on him to show him I was there with him. He took his last two breaths and then he was gone. Wednesday, January 18th, 2006 at 6:47pm was the last I saw my Brandy alive and now another star in the heavens is lit and my angel has gone his way to Rainbow Bridge no longer in any pain and suffering.
I will always hold the 22 years of memories that Brandy has given me and he will never be lost to me as he is in my heart and one day we will be together once more. Already I miss him more than words can say and tears are endless. My grief will heal with time, but for now, there is a large void in my heart to wake up and not see my precious Brandy here. I miss you my Purrouw! *kisses*

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shasta's Winter Wonderland Backyard. NOT!

This is our back yard and you would think Shasta would have LOTS of room to run and play. That was before Bill 132 came in. Previous to that, every night around 9PM we would go out with her throwing toys and sticks and have a good ol' time. She got so much exercise and she never left the parameters of the grounds, not even if people or animals were walking.

I was always amazed how close she got to grabbing her outside toys telling me it was time to go play. She was within 10 to 15 minutes, as if she had a built in timer. Never did she not listen to me and run away. it was OUR time and we both enjoyed it.
I had a game I played with her if I was sore and in pain. She may have know, but kept it a secret, but what I would do is pretend to race her to the end of the property. Naturally, I only took 3 pretend running steps and watched her race to the end. Once almost there, I'd quick turn around as if I was running in the other direction and call her, and she would zip right past me. We'd play that game or 1/2 an hour or so and me barely taking steps. LOL
Then there was the throwing. One thing I noticed, was in the dark her eyes were not so keen, but her nose was another story. Oh the fun we had and the needed exercise she got.
But, when Bill 132 was proposed and the media was showing vicious Pit bull attacks on TV, and me living in a 3 story walk-up, although on the ground floor...well, with new neighbours moving in and not knowing Shasta as the old ones did, or nightly play times stopped.
Instead now, I was taking her for walks on her leash, but it wasn't the same. Summer is fine because she can run while I bike, but comes the beautiful winter, which she loves, it's walking and pulling the sled. Most dogs gain weight in the winter, but Shasta loses a little as she loses her muscle tone. We build it back up in the fall once I can bring my bike out once again.
Because my backyard is really a common back area for all the residence (although very few ever use it except Shasta and I)...and also because it isn't surrounded by a 6 to 6 1/2 foot fence, she must be leashed and muzzled at all times to play in our yard. Sad, but true.
Now, this wonderful playland is beautiful to look at, with sweet memories of when Shasta could play like any other dog and the great fun it was. Bitter sweet memories...before she became 'Special' as I call her, but restricted by law.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tacky...but efficient!

Canadian's are voting again and you can tell who the Ontario Pit bull owners AREN'T voting for. BOO! HISS! The Liberals!
My front door may look tacky, but they are getting the message and I'm not getting their knocks. No Pit bull killers deserve to get MY vote. grrrr...

Perhaps they should muzzle the Pit bull owners. My sweet friend, Brutus seems happier about that...what do YOU think?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

AWESOME CGN Training Course

Never would I have believed that I would be able to walk Shasta without her Halti or Gentle Leader with the nerve damage in my arms and hands, along as my other conditions...but I can now, with only one small instruction. Don French is a FANTASTIC trainer!
Years ago, and I'm talking many years back, I took my GS for Obedience. It was NOTHING like this at all. We used the choke chains with firm commands and pulls to the choke chain. Don told us he wanted us to use our flat collars. No training collars what so ever. I thought perhaps I should explain my disabilities to him, or perhaps I didn't belong in this class, so I emailed him. He assured me we would be fine and should attend the classes.
I had used the Halti or Gentle Leader on her since she was younger as a simple pull at times, felt like she was pulling my arm out by the socket. Sometimes I was so tempted to let go of the leash, but knew that I couldn't.
That's when I tried different types of harnesses. One was the No-Pull harness which was better, although still at times difficult. Once I found the Halti, I was so happy.
In the Ontario Legislation Act of Bill 132, it says a Pit bull must be attached to the collar of the dog. So as not to break the Law, I attached the leash first to the Gentle Leader and then to the collar. It was a lot of head gear to put on, a long with the muzzle. Poor Shasta!
As I read what Don expected of us, I became even more anxious and afraid. Not only did he want the dogs to be attached to a flat collar, but we were to walk our dogs with a loose leash. I had always taught Shasta, that when I gave her full reign, that meant 'Do your thing and I will follow!' Basically, it meant FUN TIME! So HOW was I going to ever walk Shasta on a normal collar with a loose leash?
I couldn't believe that in just one class, I would learn so much. You see...Don isn't training the dogs. He's training us. In that first class, he taught us how to get the dogs full attention focused on us, even with abstractions. He had us walking with a normal collar and a loose leash with the dogs walking by us. I was stunned, amazed and so excited how simple it was once we were taught a few basic rules. Within 5 minutes, if that, Shasta was walking nicely by my side and has continued to do so.
Naturally, I continued practicing with her throughout the week, but yesterday I knew I really had a challenge with my two small grand kids coming to spend the night. The first 15 minutes was always a nightmare, as she was always so excited to see them, she forgot all manners. How would she react when she saw them yesterday? I got her and I prepared, with a treat bag filled with pea size treats on my belt at my hip and hooked up her leash. Once the buzzer rang, I unlocked the door and knew my daughter would just walk in if it was unlocked.
Julian (the youngest) always runs to my door and loves to knock. That was my que to get Shasta to focus on me and not who was at the door. As they rushed in yelling 'GRAMMA! GRAMMA! I told them I would talk to them shortly, but first needed to work with Shasta.
I had her attention and as I could see he start to look away, again I gained that control of her focus. It took a few short times, but soon I was walking her by my side around the room. When I knew I had that complete focus, I then took her to first one grand child, told her sit, and then told Jonathan that now she was sitting nice, he could pat her for being so good. Then to the next grand child and finally my daughter. It was easier than I thought it would be! This was the first time EVER she never went balistic with excitement.
While I was making dinner, I decided to practice the stay as I walked away and returned again. Only I didn't just walk away and return, I had her 'sit' and 'stay' while I cooked supper and then would return and praise her. A few times through the night, the kids would be playing with her and she started to jump up as Jonathan asked her for a hug. Something I always thought was cute before, but now told Jonathan, no more hugs. Instead we told her 'off' and then she would get patted. The kids were thrilled to use the word 'off' since they knew it was a command they could use on her. Jonathan asked me if she was going to his school and I explained it was just a school for only doggies and their owners. Even so, he was quite impressed that Shasta was going to school as any 6 year old would be. Julian (3 years old) now wanted to go to school too, but I'm not sure if he wanted to go to people school or doggie school. LOL
It feels so good to take her out for walks and not having to go through putting on any of the extra head gear on her. A leash and a muzzle and we are ready to go, unless she is pulling the wagon or sled, in which I then put on her pulling harness.
Trimming her nails was always an adventure. Me, because I was nervous I might cut too far and her feeling my nervousness. Now, not only am I not nervous, but she offers me her foot. In one lesson, we have come so far together. I'm excited to learn more as I notice that we aren't only training 15 minutes during the day and 15 at night, but more so all through out the day.
Don told us it would be fun, but I didn't realise just how much fun he meant. And it's not just me having the fun, Shasta is totally enjoying this too, which makes it all the better.
I missed Saturdays lesson as it was at the same time that I had previously made arrangements to babysit, but Lindy phoned me telling me what the lesson was about. Plus I have our instruction book, so we don't get left behind. Some of it, Shasta already knows, so it's more of a reinforcement that I know I taught her that part well.
I highly recommend this program to anyone with a dog...and if you are fortunate enough, there is no one more amazing and good natured as Don!

I'M BACK! and a INTRO!!!

Wow! It seems an eternity has gone by without my computer working. I keep thinking, "But I HAVE to post's sooo important!" Then something else would happen and I'd think the same. Well finally, I will be able to catch you up on the Pit bull happenings recently. I'm EXCITED about being back!
But for now I just wanted you to know I'm back and for now, I'd like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine that only just started her Website and Blogger while I couldn't get on my sites. She only lives walking distance from me and we walk our dogs together and take our dogs to training together.
I'm glad to see some of you have already visited her site and left comments, so PLEASE, if you haven't already, go visit . I will be putting up her links for both her blog and her website as Lindy and I have gone to City Hall together to fight for the bylaws. We've both been in the Bow Wow Pow Wow's, which is how I met her in the first place and when it comes to animals rights and the BSL, she's a fighter and it's great to have her on our side.