Friday, August 12, 2005

Let's Work Together rathar than Fight about it!

When I wrote my post requesting Pit Pic's, I received one reply that obviously didn't understand my request. It was from a breeder from Montreal, Quebec. They were letting me know that they had Staffies if I was interested and sent me pictures of the Sire and Dame of the lot with information. Naturally I wrote them back explaining I was not requesting a dog, as I was already in a ban zone and that it was pictures of family pets I was asking for.
I was rather shocked and taken back by the mail. Here we have so many pitties in need of good homes and with the problem of the BSL...yet, in m same country and only two provinces down (a 24 hour car drive away), they are continueing to breed.
Don't get me wrong! I have nothing but good to say about reputable breeders and that is not my point at all. My point is that in the midst of what is going on, would the breeders (as I know with some it is their livlihood), but would they not be more cautious as to who they are attempting to see their pups to? Would they not already have potential buyers ready prior to the breeding? Or just because of all that is going on, would they not slow down or stop their breeding for the purposes that the pit population is already at threat? To give the unfortunate pits a chance to find a good home, rather than bringing purposefully, more pitties into this world?
I could tell by the email by the way it was written, that english was not their first language...but I'm sure the french newspapers are writing articles on the bans in other provinces too.
We are also talking about a breeder who should make it his business to be aware of these situations, if the pups are in his best interest...or is it just that...a business. If that is the case, that breeder is not being responsible in my opinion. He may have excellent stock, but with his lack or ignorance of knowledge of his surrounding provinces and in the states, I personally don't think his priorities are sincere.
Another point I would like to make is forums. A friend sent me to a forum that had a debate going on whether to ban put bulls or not.
I read through the whole thing, and believe me, it took hours. What I noticed by reading was there were the for or against. Everyone giving their opinions of why or why not. As it continued, the same points on both sides continued to repeat themselves. I think the purpose for a forum would be better spent at trying to find resolutions to a problem, rather than repeating oneself.
If instead of fighting against each other, which only leads to anger and disputes, try putting your brains together to find answers that could help solve problems.
It made me think about my own blog and homepage. My fighting for a right of pitties and against the BSL. Yes, I am still against the BSL, but rather than giving you my viewpoints as you already know where I stand, finding a resolve that would illiminate the problem and make everyone feel safer. Banging our heads together is no better than putting two pit bulls together to make them fight. It's WRONG! So what are some intelligent suggestions how we can make a difference and hopefully a resolve?


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Conners said...

Thank you for book marking my blog. I hope you come back often. For a very imformative page if you are interested in the BSL or Pit bulls, please go to or to view the whole site, There is plenty more information there.

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Crazy Dan said...

Well, you seem into Dogs so I hope this idea isnt too rash but lets give this guys dog an STD and since he likes screwing Dogs he will get it that way. Then your problem would be solved he wouldn't want to fuck with dogs anymore.

Conners said...

For anyone who doesn't understand Crazy Dan's reference here. He's speaking of Michael Bryant. I commented on one of his posts about the top 10 people he would put on a herpes list.
Well, you know my feelings of Michael I posted him asking to put him #1 on his list and if possible give him a double whammy.
I know...not nice. But it just came to mind, so I wrote it.
I would NEVER ask for a dog to be whammied by anything other than love. LOL I BAD!

Conners said...

And to Credit Line Home, I did go to your website. If I ever need credit I will be sure to look you up. Best I pay with cash right now, then when it's gone, I know I'm done spending for the month. Conners Logic! LOL

Adam said...

Wow conners the spammers seem to like you alot.

"We are also talking about a breeder who should make it his business to be aware of these situations, if the pups are in his best interest...or is it just that...a business"

Most breeders I talk to are only in it for one thing and it isn't the love of the dog.

BTW thanks for the comment earlier

Conners said...

Maybe not in the States, but I have come across breeders here in Canada that TRULY love breeding as a whole. To buy one of their pups, kittens, etc, it's a whole adoption process and it's not first come, first serve. They want to make it a point that their animals are going to the right home.
When I bought Roxbro, with all the stipulations I had to abide to and if I decided I didn't want him any longer (which would have been silly) I had to approach the breeder first to give her the option of her having first chioce to buying the kitten back.
I also kept up with her by sending short letters and pictures of Roxie as he was growing up and she always replied and let me know how his sisters and brothers were doing. I'm only going by a few I know of, but they all cared.
btw...I keep checking to see if any of my friends have signed on. I don't see them there. Looks like I'm going to have to bang a few heads. ROL

Flex said...

lol.. yeah u got spammy'ed

here is a forum for discussing solutions about the breed if u like... i put a poll on it too.. if u dont wanna use it.. kool beans, just tryin to help. i'll give you 'admin' privs on it if it works for ya...

Come up w/ a domain name and we'll point to it...


Conners said...

I sent you an email regarding this, k flex?

And Flex and Adam be NICE! MAYBE the credit card man really does like pitties. ;) We have to appeciate every person that come to our blogs as you just never know. Should I be a Diplomat? ...or is it just that Conners TRIES to see the good in everything? LOL

Conners said...

Spammers are helping the cause for the dogs. I was hoping that by allowing everybody to comment, that would give more people their say.
Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case, so the only way to comment anyone is to be a registered user. no more Anonymous posts allowed. I'm sorry that it had to come to this, but the spammers have ruined it for the legitiment commenters. I'm sorry for having to make this change.