Saturday, July 30, 2005

Introducing...Andee's World According To ME!

One of my favorite sayings when referring to Shasta is, "Of all the positively pittie things that Shasta does...fighting isn't one of them. This makes her positively typical of the Pit bull breeds...with one exception...she is mine and she is my one of a kind." *giggle*
But this wasn't the reson why I'm posting. I now remember what it was I was trying to post about last night.
A very dear friend of mine has just started her very first blog. With some people, you never know what to expect to see or hear in theirs, but Andee, I can bet my life I know what you will be hearing about...and best of all...I really hope you stop by and pay her a visit as I'm sure you will find her blog interesting, informative, amusing and very genuine once she gets started.
I have her link on my page, but I'll post it here so you can go straight over and see for yourself. Remember, she only just got it up, so keep checking in. Introducing, Andee's World According To Me.

...just rambling *sigh*

I posted last night, but somehow lost it (the post...not me) and didn't feel like trying to remember what I was posting about, because I'm very spontaneous and unrehearsed, that it just doesn't work the 2nd time around. That being said, I can't honestly even remember what was rumbling through my head at that time. Most probably Shasta or Pitties. LOL
Don't know what it's like in your stick of the woods, but it's definitely humid here. Not as dangerously so as the past few weeks, but you could still cut the smog with a knife.
What I did do today was go take the bus (yes! You heard me right) LOL and go to Business Depot and bought myself that batteries and battery charger for my new digital. It came with a nice genuine leather case too. How cool is that! ;)
So now I will be able to load Shasta's page up on
Shasta's Pics page, once I get the new batteries recharged. I've been feeling so bad with the either too muggy weather to go out or else it goes the extreme and they call for severe thunderstorm or tornado warning that Shasta and I haven't had much of an outside summer... like I was hoping for prior to the muzzling. So yesterday I went out and bought my baby girl 19 of the nicest necklaces and a pair of earrings. Did I say earrings? LOL YES I DID! She loves them. I only bought one pair as I wasn't sure if she would like them or not, but now I see I better buy her some more.
OH! Don't worry! I didn't go and get her ear pierced. These are magnetic earrings and I only want her to wear one for one ear only. After all, she really IS a dog. shhhhhhh.....
It's funny how some animals hate being fussed over, others are so so and then there are the kind like Shasta that will do anything in her power to bring out a giggle out of me. We REALLY were meant to be together... that's for sure! There is not one little bit about her that I would want to have changed. She has no faults. She has no flaws. She's PERFECT! I mean, perfect for me.

My son laughs at both her and I, because obviously no guy would want any dog of his dressed to the hilt looking like a beauty queen. His wife or girl friend, maybe...but his dog? Hmmm...
She got so much jewelry now that I've basically given her my beautiful jewelry case.'s still on my (our?) dresser, but has much more of her things in there than mine.
The reason I didn't bike to the store today was because of the humidity and the distance. Normally, the distance wouldn't matter, but I can't afford to stop breathing now that I don't have a doctor any more. OH! That reminds me, I just got a letter (snail mail) from Dalton McGuinty, the Premier of Ontario a couple of days ago. I had written him a letter regarding the lack of doctors in my city...and I'm talking about 'NONE', 'ZERO' available that is taking in new patients.

For some people, that isn't a really big issue, but for some of us with the chronic and serious conditions, it's a very scary situation to be in. Just a few weeks ago, I went to the Health Care Clinic and they said they couldn't help me. Then last week I went to a walk-in clinic and they could only help me in some area's. I phoned Telehealth Ontario and told them how hard I was seeking to find help but hitting brick walls and could they suggest anything for me.
Other than me requesting my full medical records from my previous doctor (and they found me his address in Calgary, Alberta) and proceeding searching one at a time different walk-in clinics in hopes of their being a family physician working there that 'might' take me in as a walk in patient...which is better than none what so ever...but, it's tiring and frustrating.
That's when I decided to email Dalton McQuinty. I was surprised that he wrote me back. Michael Bryant ignores anything I send to him and he's our Provincial Health Minister...but why would he help me when he wants to ban my dog. grrrrr... That's a growl from me to him...not Shasta. He needs no excuses to take our dogs away, so I thought I should explain that part as he would think Shasta wrote that. Hmmm...he IS the Health Minister maybe that's the direction I should be seeking. I'm very doubtful if I could write him a civil letter though. I know I would have to throw in a few punches, so maybe best left alone.
So back to McGuintys letter...well he was extremely cordial and gave me statistics of what they have been doing and plan on doing and the financial amounts going to where, initives to gain more doctors for Ontario, etc., but he did give me a colleague of his, name and address. He's the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. Plus he gave me other information to phone toll free health ministry and the ministry's web site, which is where I think I found to write him from in the first place. The point being, at least he made an effort to write and give me information and possibilities of help. Some times I feel very alone and very small and insignificant when it comes to my health. It's a very scary situation, so the letter did help to boast my hopes a smiggen.
Today after I went shopping I went straight to my daughters place...only this time I cabbed it. Between the humidity and the phobia, I didn't think it to safe to try to bus it back home. I was already puffing from my puffers too many times and I think a lot of it was anxiety. It was great with the grand kids though. We went swimming in their back yard pool and it was enough to cool us all off.
My son-in-law came home from work with one of his buddies that I knew, so he walked back with me as far as my place as he continued on. The best part is always coming in the door. The greeting I get from Shasta makes me feel like I'm the Queen of Sheba. LOL How animals have such a capacity to love and show it is sooo awesome, and naturally, it goes both ways.
I have NOOO idea what to title this post as I was just rambling. *sigh*

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pit bull Ban Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Madison and other Wisconsin communities should steer clear of pit bull bans. A more effective way to protect the public is to aggressively enforce dangerous dog ordinances and to educate dog owners about their risks and responsibilities.
Now, let me tell you, not all Madison citizens agree, but isn't that the way it is everywhere?
In the Wisconsin State Journal is an
opinion story on the forum. Naturally, those for and against the ban. If interested, sign up to the forum once you read the article and have your say. It could get pretty interesting.
They have plenty of other topics you may be interested in too, so come and browse around.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Denver's Charlie Brown WORSE than Ontario's Michael Bryant

When you think things couldn't get worse, then you look over the fence and see your neighbour has it rougher than you do...are you relieved? No! You're sadden and feel so much for your neighbour and feel their heart break within everything inside of you. You feel their fear and their anxiety, but most of all you feel their attempts of desperation of doing anything humanly possible to save the one's they love.
This is why I fight and never give up hope. This is why we, the one's that care, the one's that know how irrational this all is, fight and continue to fight. Not only for us but for you too and the one's after.
We HAVE to win! We have to make something good come out of all this crisis, because this is exactly what it is...a CRISIS!
To the owners of dogs in Denver, my heart breaks for you. I feel sick with grief for what you are going through. I honestly don't know what I would do if it were the same here. I believe I would become a law breaker, a fugitive and go underground or as you will read from the news article, give up your precious babe so it can live a happy life without you. Please read this heart breaking
story happening in Denver.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Any Pit bull Haters Around? I'd Like to Challenge YOU!

I know I receive a lot of email, comments and guestbook replies that are positive...but I'd like some of you that believe Pit bulls are vicious and dangerous animals to visit my site at Conners Wonderland. Read through some of my pages and then let me know if you have a change of heart...and BE HONEST!
Not saying I'm going to change your mind, but hopefully something to think about. Also, not necessarily Pit bulls, but other breeds you may deem as dangerous.
I'm up for the challenge...are you?

Friday, July 15, 2005

Forget Pit bulls...Here's KILLERS in Wrong Hands

So they (the government) thinks banning Pit bulls is the way to clean up the streets and making them safe for the citizens. Well, do I have news for them.
There are dogs not listed on the ban list, here in Ontario anyway. And in the wrong hands, it could be a disaster. Why would the 'bad guys' need a Pit bull when they can go to these other dogs. Makes Pit bulls look tame in comparison, if you already look down to Pit bulls.
Yup! The druggies and the crooks are going to be laughing at the government, while us responsible owners are paying their penalties with our dogs.
Am I angry? You better believe it! ANY dog is dangerous in the wrong hands, even the small ones. And, believe it or not, some very small dogs have even caused deaths, so quit blaming the Pit bulls all the time! I'm angry because the government has got a mind set that won't be changed no matter what. I'm angry because the 'bad guys' and irresponsible owners are ruining it for us. I'm angry because so many innocent dogs had to die needlessly. Murdered, they committed no crime.
I've just finished a new page on my website. It should be up by today. To bad I didn't read this new article until today. Who knows, I might add to it anyway...but not right now...I'm too angy!
To see what I'm talking about read this. I see more trouble brewing!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

They STILL Don't Get It!!!

Here's a great example why the logic of municipalities and cities just aren't getting it. In Pawtucket, if they find a vicious dog, they confiscate and euthanize the dog and the owner gets fined or thrown in jail for up to 30 days. They are trying to stop drug dealers from using Pit bulls as dog of choice.
Well, drug dealer make an awful lot of money, and I'm sure they can easily pay a fine or do a 30 day stint in jail. When they get out, they go get another Pit bull. It's a vicious circle and not a cure. More like a slap on the hand for the drug dealer who is laughing at their crazy laws.
If they went to the 'root' of the problem, by confiscating the dog, rehabilitating it if possible, but create a greater penalty for the drug dealer, so it's highly unlikely he can use the same means again.
Don't allow him to own another animal, fine him $10,000. along with 6 months to a year or three in jail. Does that not make more sense than a slap on the wrists?
The drug dealer is the danger to society and using the dog to take advantage. This is no different than taking a gun away from a shooter, giving him a fine or a month in jail, but after that, he can gain access to another gun. Give your heads a shake!!! Go to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM guys!!!
Read the
full story.

Positive Image GOOD...but HARD DATA Crutial!

I talked with the Director of the London Humane Society and sent the video to check it out. I also asked her for her opinion if I was approaching this in the right way.
While she enjoyed the video, she suggested what I could add to my site is some hard data, since media support of the pit bull issue has done little to help the pit bulls, but plenty to cause damage by increasing fear in the public and with the upcoming ban. Naturally, irresponsible breeders and owners are problematic for any breed; it's just that the breed currently maligned happens to be the pit bull.
I totally agree and have decided to not only have the video named, The TRUTH About Pit Bulls, but an doing another page under that title giving that specific hard data.
There has to be a way to get to the people who don't understand and believe what the media and myths of these wonderful breeds really are about. It doesn't seem fair that we have to fight so hard for our dogs that are totally innocent of any wrong doing. Yet, they have been convicted of being vicious killers because of the few irresponsible people that have given people the wrong impression and done an injustice not only to their dogs, but ours as well. Now we all pay the price for it.
Hopefully the video will be up before the page is, but I believe Lorna is right on with this. The more of us with pages, the more information out there on the web for people to see.
Well, I've got a lot of work ahead of me. A lot of research to be done too.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

'The TRUTH about Pit Bulls' video is ready...but I NEED HELP!

I've done the video is a Window Media format with the extention of .WMV, so now to upload it. I have an old website that I can upload to in ftp...if only I could remember my passwords. What I need to know is, I saved it under high speed and am wondering whether I need to also make a copy of it for people that are still on dial up, or will they still be able to view it properly, but only in a smaller screen. HELP PLEASE!!! I want this to be PERFECT and be able to be properly viewed by all. Anyone out there that can let me know? I await your answers with baited breath. LOL
HAPPY 4th to all my American buddies!!! HAVE A GREAT ONE!

Monday, July 04, 2005

On an Up Note to Pit bulls

This article was written by someone that breeds Pitties and agree's they make loving and loyal companions...IF breed properly with the right socialization.
I do however disagree with one statement she claims, and that is having 2 pit bulls together in a small apartment. I live in a one bedroom apartment and I babysat my son's dog for 3 months, along with Shasta, the (3) cats at the time. I found that Pet bulls don't require a lot of space providing you allow them a large amount of excersise. That they can do that together, even in a small apartment. But you have to be the type of owner that understands this and allows it.
Shasta and Spanky would rough house together and it was so comical to watch. Shasta then, not even a year old was full of energy and poor Spanky at 7 years old had a hard time keeping up to her energy. I had to keep sending him out to, 'Get Shasta, Spank!' in order for him to play longer. They both enjoyed it, as so did I and finally they were both laying on the floor panting, but happy.
Understanding what the dogs require is 'key' and if you aren't ready for that...don't get one! It's as easy as that.
Having Shasta alone is nothing like having two, but what I am saying, is that 2 can be double the fun, but prepare yourself if you live in small quarters.
For me personally, I'll babysit Spanky anytime my son needs me to when he goes out of town, but my preference is to only have Shasta on a full time bases.
It was nice to read something positive after that first news clip I read. To read this one, click

Pit bull atrocity in Oakland, California

We're reading it over and over again and this press article really made me angry! All those mixed-breed Pit bulls being put down by the thousands...and why? Because as the article states, back yard breeding for illegal gains. Not only that, but the irresponsible people are allowing them to roam loose without socialization and attacks are outrageous.
It says nothing of finding these low lives and charging and incarcerating them. Seems they are keeping themselves well hidden...or are authorities too over bogged with the dogs that they don't have time to search for the criminals and give them what they deserve? In any case, they breed these dogs, use them for fighting, then set them loose. WHO KNOWS WHY??? This is CRIMINAL and the dogs are the victims in all aspects because of these scum!!!
It's THEM that are to blame for the attacks, because if they hadn't caused this problem, there wouldn't be vicious wild dogs attacking.
This is so brutal and so heartless and the victims and the dogs are paying heavily from these slime balls.
No more said, read the

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Shasta and I went walking around the city in search of some good firework displays. On our journey we met up with some really nice people and of course, tons of kids.
The noise of fireworks doesn't bother Shasta and I believe a cannon could be shot off and she's still enjoy herself as long as there are people around. She's soooo sociable, which naturally draws people to her like a magnet.
We could have gone up to my friends trailer with them, but I'm still not feeling the greatest and best to stay close to home, although I LOVE going to her trailer and we ALWAYS have a great time. Shasta loves the freedom she gets when we go up on a week day, rather a weekend as last time she barely had a leash on the whole time. That's very rare and I wish I could allow her that freedom more often. She very good and doesn't go too far and a call of her name and she's back like a whip.
The birds tease her up there. They start making a lot of noise to get her attention and once she bounces towards them and comes close, up and around they fly, but never far and after a chase, they land and call her again. I don't know who is enjoying it more...the birds or her? Personally, I think it's equal. I enjoy watching her have fun and meanwhile my girlfriend and I are either fishing or just wading in the water.
This one time, my brain...well, I must have left it at home...but all the same, she casted out and her bobber got thrown off and way out in the water. I'm fully clothed, but thinking it was her last bobber for some reason. Yeah...I said Duh already! Well, I roll up my pants, but the water just keeps getting that's just what it does the further out you get...and finally they are drenched, so I just let them go and keep going. She's on shore laughing her fool head off at me and just as I'm nearing the bobber, naturally the motion from my body in the water is gliding it outwards more.
The rocks at the bottom are slimey, so it's kind of a walking, dog paddle and the only dry part of me is my head. I turn around and to my amazement she's fishing with another bobber on and I'm thinking, what the heck am I out here for? With that, I just gave up trying to keep any part of me dry and dove in and headed back to shore but under water.
Now all my clothes were totally hanging on me and dragging to the ground, so I pulled off my jeans as my top was long enough to look like a dress by now anyway. I told her I was so glad we were the only ones in the campground.
Later, as in weeks later, she informs me we weren't alone. A woman was watching from inside her trailer and splitting a gut over the scene and had to comment to my girlfriend how funny it was. Makes me wonder how many other people witnessed the sight, but never let on. Still, I had fun and if they had fun watching, then my innocent acts of craziness bringing some joy and isn't that how we really need to lead our lives? Not meaning, everyone walk out in water fully dressed, but acts of random silliness that harms no one and may even bring joy unknowingly.
I personally don't care how people view me. I don't live my life to make an impression on people, but I usually do. Make an impression I mean. Most people take me for who I am. I get a lot of comments saying, 'I wish I could do something like that', or 'I wish I had the nerve to do such and such.' I just strug my shoulders and ask them why they can't? Maybe I'm lucky that I can express myself in so many different ways that I don't give it a second thought. If it pops in my head, I do it.
Between Shasta and I, we're a real team together. The St. John Ambulance Dog Therapy Program really missed out when because of Bill 132, would not let us into the program. Both Shasta and I have the types of personalities that the seniors and the sick kids need and I KNOW we could have cheered up so many, but I'm not going to say never as who knows what the future will bring.
I noticed my um hum...friend, Michael Bryant hasn't replied or emailed me back. That's really too bad, as I'm sure he would have ended up understanding so much more about the people he is suppose to be responsible for.
And I'm wondering how Karla Homoka is enjoying her 'freedom'? Silly woman can't understand why the news media is following her around everywhere. She's notorious and thinks she deserves her right to privacy. She certainly didn't think about her victims rights prior to her and Bernardo murdering them, now did she? They video tapes, the torchuring of the young girls prior to their deaths...and now she's yelling for privacy.
I for once, hope the media do keep up to her for the sake of the safety of the children and I'm not usually crazy about the media's tactics...but for this, I hope they have a field trip with her. Let the media be her Paparazzi just like the Rich and Famous have. She's earned it.
The Pit bull video presentatation is finished. I mean, I have it all put together, but the program I used might not be able to be viewed by all, so I then put it all together using another program. After doing that, then I saw I couldn't include the music in it over the net. I'm working using another program and hopefully THIS will work. This is the only thing holding me up putting it on my site. If anyone happns to have any good suggestions, I'd really be interested in hearing from you rather than me going by trial and error as I'm hitting more errors in my trials. LOL You can email me at or leave a comment. I'd really appreciate it.
Well, the long weekend isn't over, but I hadn't posted for awhile and thought I should let you know I'm still here...or there. It's late now and it's cooler. Just right for me to take Shasta for a nice walk.