Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Preparing for August 29th...

As you can see, I live on a bottom floor apartment of a three story walk up. To me it feels the closest to living in a home or a condo that I'm used to and half the time, forget I have apartments over me.
With this new law coming into effect August 29th, Pit bulls must be muzzled and leashed when in public, but as far as home, the law says if you have an enclosure (such as fence, etc), your dog does not need to be muzzled or leashed. Included was that you did not require a muzzle if your neighbours agree that they don't feel it necessary for their safety.
Shasta, is not a dog that likes to be outside for long periods of time unless of course, she is out with me. I do take her out for her long walks and bike rides, but if she needs a quick piddle, she lets me know and I put her on her runner. It holds up to 100 pounds and I don't let it out to it's full capacity out of respect to my neighbours.
The new neighbour I posted about when she first moved in, came over to tell me she was wrong about Shasta and appologised for her remarks to me. She said she has been watching Shasta and how she responds when there are people or even animals walking by.
Her biggest amazement is how the squirrels that I feed will sit hunched up munching on their peanuts as if Shasta wasn't even there. She see's that Shasta is totally bonded to me and watches my every move. Even if I take the garbage to the big bins at the side of the driveway, she will sit with her eyes glued to me.
She also watched how Shasta and my grandchildren, ages 2 and 6 interact together. She told me that I was right and that Shasta did not possess a mean bone in her body. We won another one on to our side!

Oh, incase you're wondering why there is no grass, it's NOT because of Shasta! I boo-booed. LOL I thought if I shoveled the snow through the winter down to about 1 inch deep, it would be easier for me to find her poops if it was too blizzardy to go out. Well when the thaw started, rather than grass, it turned into nothing but a mud pit. WHAT A MESS! Just thought I'd clear that up.
So back to this neighbour issue, I went to my next door neighbour directly to the right of me and asked her. She definately didn't see why Shasta should have to be muzzled, but I told her I was required by law to ask her. That's two now that agree on not muzzling her when outside.
I only have one more neighbour left to ask and he is directly to the left of me. He personally loves Shasta and thinks when she greets him, it's because he's 'special'. I don't want to burst his bubble by telling him she loves everyone the same, so I let him believe how he likes. LOL I don't 'think' their will be a problem with him, but I'm not going to assume neither. I'll wait until I get a definate response from him before I totally breath easier.
Remember, if ever someone tried to cause me trouble, these are the same people I would send them to, to tell them how they perceived Shasta. If all else fails, then I would have to try to save up to invest in a run that would run along my side of the property. Only they are extremely expensive to my budget, but on an up-note, she wouldn't even need her lead on and it could be her own personal playground with toys, etc.
Another part of the new law that I liked was that the pitties that are in the humane Society will still be allowed to be adopted out providing the new owners are ready to fullfil the requirements. That should save a lot of pitties from the fate of death.
While Michael Bryant may have started this whole thing, it looks like DOLA got involved and between some of the Dog organizations, such as The CKC, AKC, and some others got to add some ammendments to the law. The government was also dead set against Show Dogs, but that has been changed also, but with restrictions.

I'm hoping with time and with the ammendments we are fighting for, to get rid of the BSL in the law and just have a Dangerous Dog Act with the requirements we are stipulating.
I did notice in the Q&A, when asked what the owners of the dogs should do if harrassed or endangered in public, it didn't really give an answer, other than call the police. Sometimes as you are being beaten to a pulp, that isn't an option. So there are still a lot of unclear issues. You can check it out yourself at the bottom of my Ontario Pit bull Ban page and read the whole law as it stands.


All of my neighbours have all agreed they do not feel it necessary to muzzle (they find it rediculas actually) Shasta when out on her lead outside. I am now safe to the requirements as I did what was required of me.

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