Monday, October 31, 2005

New Proposed bylaw for London toned down

In the London Free Press today:

Pit bull bylaw toned down Mon, October 31, 2005
The proposed version would no longer require owners to buy insurance or post warnings.
JOE BELANGER, Free Press City Hall Reporter

A new version of London's proposed pit bull bylaw would cut licence fees in half and would no longer require owners to buy insurance or post warning signs.
But it's still causing problems for dog lovers.
"It's definitely better, affordable for some people at least," said Beth Sayler, past president of the London Dog Owners Association.
"The fines are still high and I'd like to know how they're going to enforce the bylaw."
The proposed bylaw -- headed to tonight's environment and transportation committee -- is in response to the Ontario government's ban on pit bulls, which came into effect Aug. 29.
City staff say a local bylaw is needed to enforce the new provincial law by ensuring all pit bulls are licensed.
Sayler said she's still concerned that there's no clear definition of a pit bull, because the name is generic and does not refer to a specific breed.
"The way they're doing it, the animal is deemed a pit bull until the owner proves otherwise, so you're basically guilty until proven innocent," said Sayler.
"I'd rather the city and province just go after any aggressive dog, no matter what the breed."
Tears flowed Sept. 12 at an emotionally charged public meeting about the proposed bylaw. But several presenters also pointed out flaws, some of which were fixed in the new draft bylaw to be tabled tonight.
Some pit bull owners said the bylaw -- especially hefty licencing fees and the need for $1 million in liability insurance -- could force them to abandon their dogs.
Committee chairperson Coun. Fred Tranquilli said feedback at the public meeting led to changes in the bylaw.
"I think it's been a good process and it's come to a fair and reasonable bylaw," he said.
"The fees are still higher because they relate specifically to the disproportionate amount of resources consumed by this breed of dog and their owners."
Key changes in the bylaw:
- A licence fee of $50 instead of $130 and an application fee of $10 instead of $25.
- Removal of a requirement to post a warning sign and the purchase $1 million in liability insurance.
- Dogs in outlying areas can be brought into the city for veterinary care provided they are registered with the city.
- Exemption to a sterilization requirement if the dog is physically unfit to be anesthetized for the procedure.
Unchanged is the city's determination to seek court approval for hefty fines, mostly the $500 maximum allowed for tickets issued for bylaw violations.
The city will also adopt a policy to pursue the maximum court sentence -- a $10,000 fine and six months in jail -- under the Dog Owners' Liability Act for owners of dogs that bite a person or domestic animal in the city.
The province imposed the ban after a number of vicious attacks by pit bulls on people and pets.
People who own pit bulls, including those born before Nov. 27, are exempt, provided the dogs are sterilized, leashed and muzzled.

We will know more by the meeting at City Hall this afternoon.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ontario Ban showing the HATE in People

If we thought we got looks and accusations before the ban, it's worse now that the ban is now in effect. While the Pit bull owners and owners of other dogs are shocked at the outrage and ignorance of people, it's becoming quite bizarre.
Today we had our weekly gathering at the Bow Wow Pow Wow, which for those who have never read my blog before, is a weekly gathering of woman (this far anyway) with Pit bulls, that gather at each others yards to keep our dogs socialized in my city of London. We aren't allowed in the leash free parks with them, but this is not the fault of the London Dog Owners Association as many people think. This is the Provincial law stating that Pit bull types are not allowed in these type of parks. If you'd like to view our gatherings, you can see them in Collectively Conners along with all my other photo's. You will also notice why people tell me I am going to the dogs. LOL
During our visit today we were discussing various incidences just since the full ban began on October 29th. A man and woman in a car with their 3 dogs. The man stayed in the car with his 2 Pit bulls while the woman allowed the Jack Russel Terrier out with her. A woman yelled at her saying, 'Your suppose to have that thing muzzled!'
Another incident where someone told a person with a Boxer that his dog was suppose to be muzzled.
Meanwhile, on City TV in the news, the government is asking people to report any Pit bull incidences, such as them running free or unmuzzled. They want the public to tattle on Pit bull owners. Well, if people aren't aware what a Pit bull even is, there are going to be numerous calls coming in about dogs that aren't even Pit bulls. With this fact in mind, it will be up to the owner to prove that their dog is not a Pit bull and unless it has it's papers, how are they going to do that?
Even dogs that the vet has put as a certain breed, doesn't prove that, that in fact is what the breed of dog is. They (the government) believe people tell their vets the dogs are a specific breed so they are not on the 'list'. Considering that the dog may be 6 or 7 years old and this never came into the public eye until last summer, I can't see why people would think to lie about something that never existed at that time.
I for one listed Shasta as a APBT from the beginning. Never did I think she would be what they would call a 'dangerous breed'. Only for the sake of a few ignorant people, did the vet assistant suggest to me to tell people she was a Staffordshire Terrier. Back then, the name wasn't well know to the general public unless you knew your breeds of dogs. Now, they recognize it from the media and all you hear is Pit bull!
So although a Pit bull is not even a breed, here in Ontario anyway, if your dog is any of the breeds, it is a Pit bull. Does that make sence?
The forums are filled with people that are so fretful from the ignorance and hatred of people and their outbursts towards them and their dogs.
How is it this hatred can be so outspoken? Do they forget they are yelling at another person with feeling? Or is it that all they see is what they believe is a Pit bull, so now that owner is as bad as their dog, in their minds?
I take you back to my incident just the night before the ban took full force. Shasta was getting all this positive attention from all these people while at the store, yet when passing by a small group of people, the woman of the group said, "OH! That dog should be shot! What's wrong with the teenagers!" I'm assuming that all she saw was that Shasta had her gentle leader on and figured it for a muzzle, therefore assuming she was vicious. She certainly didn't notice me too well or she would have seen I was far from being a teenager.
As I talk to the people on the forum, I try to put this in the same perspective of when I had my broken neck. Once the surgury was done and successful and providing I didn't catch pneumonia, I was on my way to recovery in approximately 6 months. I had to take one day at a time and although I was in excrutiating pain, I'd remind myself I was one day closer to my recovery date. That each day brought me one step better, even if I didn't feel so at the time.
Well, to me the ban is like that too, with Clayton Ruby winning for our amendments as the recovery date. Although we don't know when that will be, he did start as of August 29th to fight this thing. It's my understanding that from Aug. 29th, it would take approx. 7 months to bring to court. How long that will take after that, I do not know, but what I do know, is that the fight for the amendments are going on right now and by another 6 months we should know something. That might not be the recovery, but we will know by then what we really are up against and perhaps hear from more than only the government. I guess what I'm hoping for by that time is to hear something hopeful and with that, will be a real gain to our recovery.
I may vent and cry just as I did when the pain was so untolerable that my body endorphins had to kick in, and in this same scenerio, it will be the same. Sometimes feeling like we are losing the battle, then kicking ourselves to continue the fight after a few days of tears and fears. The main thing is not to give up hope!
Because Ontario and Denver have been what I call the two model references noted in all the media when speaking of the bans, I'm hopeful, that like a cancer spreading, that if Ontario can stop the spread and instead show that our amendments work. This just could help with a turn around in other states and provinces, looking to see if this ban will work or not.
Rather than more banning, amendmends can be put in play of responsible ownership and education and going after the irresponsible and criminals as they should have in the first place of ANY dog owner. Guilty until proven innocent as it stands right now. That isn't justice, it's discrimination at it's worse.
If I've ever wondered what a manority race felt like that was being discriminated about because of race, colour or creed, I know now the hatred they've received because of the treatment we receive because of our dogs breed...and this is only the very beginning. It's going to get worse before it ever gets better.
I also hear in the forums the odd person who is refusing to go along with the governments rules as they think it is unjust. I too feel it is unjust, but I'm not going to risk Shasta's life over it. The law, just or not, is not something to play around with when you have so much to lose. That's why we are fighting for it properly and lawfully. I'm not going to martyr my loved one just to prove a point and I think it's foolish of anyone who thinks they are above the law and feel deeply sorry for their dogs that will be taken and distroyed.
There is a right way and wrong way to fight. I'm fighting to save not only my own dogs life, but the lives of others. How does having your own dog ripped away from you and distroyed while you get heavily fined, up to $10,000 and/or up to 6 months in jail prove anything other than stupidity? That's why we have an excellent lawyer, Clayton Ruby fighting for us.
We had an offer of having a lawyer for free fighting for us, but his credentials were not close to what we have with Ruby. Dog Associations have found ways to raise money for this fight and we purchase products or give donations, not so much for the product, but for what it represents. I may not have a car, but I have a bumper sticker on my door against the BSL. I sport a purple band on my wrist proudly and wear my t-shirt with my head held high. I've ordered a special dog tag for Shasta and placed an order for a 2006 calender. I've become a member of several organizations in which this money goes to either the fight against the BSL or educating the public about the dogs.
Both my website and my blog is an outlet to let others know what is going on. Hopefully reaching someone who either was unaware of what is happening in the dog world or hopefully changing a mind of someone who was brainwashed by the media or just didn't understand Pit bulls.
Out of all these months blogging, I've only received one negative comment in my guest book. I never deleted it, but instead posted about it. Hopefully that person might have seen the light by now, or maybe he/she is one that speaks hatred to us in the streets.
But we have to be strong and stand up to what we believe. We can't stop fighting and trying and hopefully the hatred doesn't wear us down, but mostly, I hope we don't fall to that level of hatred in return, but somehow I don't think we will, because what we do and what we believe in is for love. And love conquers hate hands down!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pit Bull Ban:Day 1 - Please HELP our Pit Bulls

Here is a site where you can oppose the Pit bull Ban. They will be collected and help with our fight making ammendments to the already Pit Bull Ban which came in full swing TODAY!
I ask everyone to fill out the registration FOR the Pit bulls. Tell your friends, neighbours, cousins, family, just anybody and everybody that opposes the breed ban. Help our Pitties PLEASE!
We are just beginning our battle. Today may be Day One, but we still have a chance at changing this. The battle isn't over, but we need all the support we can get.
I've registered and filled all the catagories with yes'.

A short story of Shasta's and our last walk of freedom (muzzleless) yesterday evening while at the store. Everyone made such a fuss over Shasta even knowing her breed. She felt like a star and I was grateful for the kind words of people talking to us.
On our way home, we passed a small group of people. The one woman saw Shasta and must have thought her gentle leader was a muzzle. Out loud she exclaimed, "Oh NO! THOSE THINGS SHOULD BE SHOT! What's WRONG with these teenagers!"
I'm tiny, but by far NOT a teenager. I was almost going to comment I was a mother of two grown adults and grandmother of 2...but why waste my breath on ignorance. Her mind was made up. I would have liked to tell her that Shasta was going into the St. John's Ambulance Course to help the seniors and sick kids before bill 132 had first come in. But people like that just don't listen to realism and my words would have been futile. That would have left me more frustrated, so I left the remark alone and just kept walking with my perfectly mannered Pit bull.
I even made sure I needed to re-adjust my backpack (which didn't need adjusting) just so she could see that Shasta sat the whole time it took for me to do it, and only on command did she stand and walk with me.
When I came to the edge of the road before crossing, she sits and awaits my signal to 'come'.
If nothing else, I showed her I had a well behaved and well trained 'killer beast' at my side. LOL

I also have the addy in my links on my side bar, so PLEASE get everyone to take a minute and fill it out!

Friday, October 28, 2005

DOG GONE - City Pulse24 reporting

With all these reminders and reportings, it's no wonder we keep asking ourselves if we've forgotten something and second guessing ourselves. I'm not convinced my muzzle for Shasta will pass, so I plan on buying her the 'Hannible Lector' type style to be on the safe side. They look HORRIBLE, but they say they are the safest syle for the dogs as far as breathing and drinking. Also their snouts aren't confined which with the other kind, I've learnt can cause breathing problems in the future.
Sorry Shasta, but I love you too much to lose you! Forgive me!

Pit bull owners have had the last two months to get used to strict
new dog laws, but now the warnings are over.

As of 12:01am Friday, new regulations under the Dog Owners Liability
Act came into full effect following a 60-day grace period, meaning
all pit bulls must be sterilized, and muzzled and leashed in public.

Opponents of the ban believe the rules are too vague – the
legislation includes four different pit bull breeds, but also
animals that simply look like them.

"(Owners) don't seem to grasp how deeply this law can interfere with
their lives," said dog trainer Steve Barker. "And my biggest fear is
that people who think that they can go along with their lives
normally will get caught by surprise and end up losing their dog."

Pit bull puppies born in the province before November 27th will be
able to stay, but dogs born after the specified date will be shipped
out of Ontario, sent to a research facility or euthanized.

Anyone caught breaking the law risks fines of up to $10,000, six
months in jail or having the animal taken away and possibly

And while the Toronto Humane Society has a no-euthanizing policy,
other organizations aren't so gentle. In Windsor, 300 animals have
been put down since the breed was banned there.

Go to and view the video.

What breeds are included in the new pit bull ban?
American Staffordshire terriers, pit bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, and American pit bull terriers – also any other breeds sharing 'substantially similar' characteristics

When does it take effect?
Monday, August 29, 2005. But a 60-day grace period ended as of 12:01am Friday, October 28.

What are the regulations?
The amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act (DOLA) bar people from owning, breeding, transferring, importing, or abandoning pit bulls.
Pit bulls kept legally after the ban will be known as 'grandfathered' or restricted pit bulls.
In order for a pit bull to qualify as a 'grandfathered' or restricted pit bull, it must be owned by an Ontario resident on August 29 or born in Ontario within 90 days of August 29.

By October 28, 2005, pit bull owners will have to have their dogs leashed and muzzled in public and sterilized. Additionally, owners aren't allowed to train them to fight, and can't let them stray.
The only time a muzzle isn’t required is when the dog is on the owner’s property, or on another person’s property if they consent to the muzzle’s removal.
Muzzles should be humane, but strong enough to prevent the animal from biting without interfering with its ability to breathe, pant, see, or drink.
The leash must not exceed 1.8 metres.

What are the potential penalties if laws are broken?
$10,000 fine ($60,000 for corporations) and/or
Six months imprisonment and/or
The court could order the person convicted to compensate the victim and/or
The animal could be taken away or destroyedWhat to do if you see a pit bull that’s not abiding by the restrictions:
Municipalities are responsible for animal control, so you should contact your local animal control or by-law enforcement office. In emergency situations though, contact police.
If you’re bitten by a pit bull because the restrictions aren’t being followed, you can bring a civil action against the dog's owner for damages.
The new laws stipulate that the owner of a dog is liable for damages resulting from a bite or attack regardless of whether the owner is at fault or negligent.

Courtesy Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
October 28, 2005

TARGETS: Innocent People

Today is the last day of freedom for the Pit bulls in Ontario, IF you can call that some cities have not required the muzzling until tomorrow, freedom. For the cities like Windsor and Kitchener/Waterloo that decided on a complete ban of Pit bulls, they were completely banned from their cities without the Grandfathering clause...although I'm a little comfused about Windsor, as I met a couple while camping in the summer, and they told me that as long as they met all the requirements, along with insurance, etc. they could keep their pittie.
Some cities have already enforced the muzzling and short leash while out in public, as it's a municipal ruling, so it looks like many haven't had what I call freedom for awhile now. We were given a 60 day grace period in which we had time to get our dogs fixed, liceased and ready for tomorrows full ban.
Yesterday, while walking with my youngest grand son, I met up with a guy that had a muzzled Pit bull, so naturally I asked if friendly and was it alright for us to pat his dog. He told me he had only had him fixed the day before and he was 7 years old. That's really taking a chance with your dog in my eyes leaving it until the last minute, but at least he got it done.
Last night I was walking Shasta and a drunk came up to me. Not a nice thing to meet up with on a dark night when out walking your dog, and naturally he approached us because of Shasta. I had to go into the variety store, but a little voice inside me told me not to tie her outside while I went inside. I try to listen to that small voice within me, and decided to take her in the store and explain to the clerk inside why I did. There was no problem. The conversation the drunk was telling me was that he also had a pit bull and it was sad he could never have another, but in the next breath, he said he would get one anyway. Whether it was the booze talking or not, I wondered if he was one of the people that was causing our problem. Neither Shasta nor I felt comfortable while around him.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people walking that may have had a bit too much to drink, but when you are hearing, 'F*CK the MUZZLES' and 'F*CK the f*cking government, I'll do what I want to do. No f*cking *assh*les as going to tell ME what to f*cking do!' Angry drunks to a complete stranger just doesn't sit well with me, nor Shasta especially late at night. For safety reasons, I think that Shasta and I will have to stop our late night walks as a tiny woman with a muzzled dog could be ideal targets now.
There are a lot of concerns as to how young a puppy has to be before it is muzzled. That would be a lot of muzzles as the puppy grows until full maturity, but we aren't going to get any sympathy from the government for that. You rescued pay the price! Michael Bryant hates the breed and wants them GONE FOREVER!
While we are promoting the responsible ownership of all breeds, he is promoting his hate against the breeds throughout Canada and the US. If he could rid the planet of them, in his mind, he thinks he is doing a justice to all citizens. The Grandfathering Clause was basically forced upon him, but we know he is hoping the owners will screw up in some way...or that neighbour issues will help the matter.
I'm dealing with that problem right at this very moment. My neighbour has been using my phone and unknowingly rung up very high long distance calls on my phone while telling me he was phoning for pizza, etc. Now that I've received my bill and confronted him with it, I get every excuse in the book that I will get paid last month, next week, soon. I could finally just settle the matter by taking it to small claims court and get all my money returned to me as I'm already on a limited disability income. But then what actions could he take with me? If he is the type to rip you off, is he not the type that would lie about Shasta and cause me even more grief? Do you see how the pattern is set? I fear for my dog, so I take a loss I can't afford because I can't afford to lose my dog over it neither. We are walking targets having to watch every move we make, whether justified or not. From a trusting and good neighbour, will this force me to be afraid to trust anyone any more?
The full ban may be enforced tomorrow, but the way I see it, we became victims a few months ago. Ontario isn't a nice place to live anymore...and I've lived here all my life!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dogs with human characteristics...

I guess being raised amongst people that dogs learn our characteristics, and Shasta has definitely learnt from the grand kids! Fooled you didn't I; you thought I was going to say me!
She has a cyst on her leg right between her dew-claw. I had taken her to the vet about it and because of where it's located, he's adviced me to let it burst on it's own. *OUCH*
Now, having cysts myself ever the years, I know that they are quite painful, no doubt about that. But, I've noticed that when I baby Shasta while I nurse it, my poor baby looks like she's soooo sad. I'll show you what I mean.

Isn't that pitiful?
Well, not even 3/4 of an hour later while I was busy doing something, I could hear her and Petu playing up a storm. So what happened to my sad baby with the so sore foot? I caught her in the act with my camera.

Not only that, but once she started playing with one of her favorite toys, Lambie, she was all over the place!

Amazing how child-like our comical fur-kids really are and why we love them sooo much!

GOOD NEWS made the media!

What a 'delight' to read a heart warming story like this for a change, even if it was on the BBC News, Kent, England !

Puppy saves boy, 4, from injury

A puppy saved its four-year-old owner from serious injury after the boy stepped on a manhole cover and plunged feet first into a sewer.

Jack and Mia were returning
from a walk in Barnetts Wood

The accident happened last Thursday when Jack Sorrell, from High Brooms, was holding the Staffordshire Bull Terrier on a walk with his grandfather.
Fortunately Mia the dog pulled forward on the lead and stopped Jack from falling down any further.
Kent County Council denied any blame as the drain is on private land.
But Jack's father Tony Philips said it was the second such incident.
"The lady who lives next door, her husband fell through the same drain hole two months ago and they reported it, but it still hasn't been fixed."

Jack's family say two people have now fallen into the sewer

Jack's family say two people
have now fallen into the sewer

Norman Kelly, the youngster's grandfather, demanded that something be done.
"It's down by a set of garages so it should be able to take the weight of a vehicle, never mind the weight of a four-year-old child.
Jack described the experience as "scary".
His father said it could have been a lot worse because his son suffers from a medical condition where by he can stop breathing if he hits his head.
He added: "Mia's a super dog, she's a star and she's Jack's saviour."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Effects of the BSL on me as REALITY sets in...

Do you ever get that sick feeling down in your gut, that makes you gag and you feel like you are going to vomit, but you don’t. Your insides shake and your nerves are totally on edge. Every fibre in your body hurts and your muscles ache where you didn’t even know you had them? The bad headache won’t go away no matter what you take for it and you are in all around BAD shape.
Well, the reality of the 60-day phase in period that is just about here on the 29th is doing a number on me. Am I prepared properly? Is the type of muzzle I have for Shasta acceptable to what the province is suggesting?
You THINK you are ready, but as time closes in, you begin to second guess yourself and wonder, have I forgotten something important? Will Shasta be properly protected? Have I done what the province requires of me?
We still are unsure of the cities bylaws that will be informed about Oct. 31st. Do they have something up their sleeve we aren’t prepared for?
I TRY not to worry about the what ifs, but when this could mean the matter of life and death of my beloved Shasta, how can I not worry that I might have left out something very small, but vital?
The weather is getting colder here in Ontario. For most, a simple jacket would suffice, but with my health problems and my body being a human barometer without many of the necessary medications I’m suppose to be on, I’m sinking fast. The tears are turning on much quicker and I’m not getting Shasta out on her walks every day like I should be doing. I feel like such a bad Mommy, as I know it’s important, but my body just won’t work to do it. Stress is dictating to my body.
Shasta's not complaining and knows when I’m not doing well. But that’s not the point, her very sense of freedom will be completely denied to her and I’m helpless to do anything about it. The best I can do is pray and put my faith in to the hands of the Lord and Clayton Ruby and try with all my heart he will win the amendments we are seeking and taking our lovable creatures off the ban list.
Daily as I search through the Internet and see the horror happening, not only to our wonderful breed, but other animals and breeds, I wonder when did humanity change? When did they become so callas and cold hearted? When did life become so invaluable, whether it be a person or an animal?
It’s not just Ontario that is upsetting me, but the spread of this global disease called BSL. The media are having a hay day at our dogs expense and now bringing fear into the uneducated about other breeds that they know nothing about.
A golden retriever attacked a victim and it took 50 stitches. Did the media jump on that story? NO! It was a brutal attack, yet it wasn’t the breeds of dogs that make our headlines. How could THAT be ignored? A person was viciously attacked and no mention. Why? Because it wasn't one of the breeds the media storms to, to get the story.
I shake my head and don’t understand. I suppose I never will. All I can do is fight against what I so strongly believe. Will it help? I hope so. GOD, I hope so!
Usually I feel positive and my insides tell me we will win, but as the time nears closer… and closer, that positivism slowly gets swept away.
What crime has our dogs done to deserve this bad reputation, when not that many years ago, they were dubbed as hero dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs and loyal and loving family pets. Because of a small percentage of people, the media and the irresponsible owners and crooks, they have destroyed what many people know to be honourable and loving companions.
No, they aren’t for everybody, just as many people shouldn’t have small dogs. Some people shouldn’t have ANY pets PERIOD!
When I look at Shasta, what do I see? I see a beautiful, well manners and friendly dog that I am proud to have as part of my family. I don’t see anything frightening about her. She may not win ribbons if put in a dog show, but she has won my heart and that’s better than a ribbon any day. What am I seeing the some people are not?
She could so easily over take me at 50 pounds and me only 80. Yet, she doesn’t because her whole being is doing what pleases me. Her only requirement is my love and that she definitely has. Yet I get that ‘open disgusting look’ from a few uneducated, brainwashed people that believe that all Pit bull are vicious. That they will turn on you and your loved ones in time. How absurd is that kind of thinking?
You can take a Pit bull that has been trained to fight, and after it is rescued from the hands of the cruel owners that have left them to die, many, through love and proper care turn into solid doggy citizens and many have turned into hero’s that you no longer read about.
Even the hero dogs here in Ontario that have been recognized and rewarded for their extreme bravery are treated as criminals now and also are needed to be muzzled and on short leashes. The owners and dogs are guilty of something they have never done unless we can prove them innocent…and even then, for how long?
Yes the time is nearing and we don’t know what will happen. We are being discriminated against for no reason other that we have a family member known as Pit bull.On my side bar, you will see a link called ‘BREED BANS: Legislated Hate’. Please view it and see the asinine, senseless ban for what it is.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ontario Pit Bull Owners Time Running OUT!

On the Canadian Kennel Club page tells 'The Real Impact of Ontario's Bill 132'.

News @ CKC
October 24, 2005
The Real Impact of Ontario's Bill 132
The passing of Bill 132 in Ontario in the Spring of this year was a particularly difficult day for dogs, not only in this Province but across Canada. The effective date of August 29th 2005 has come and gone. The true impact of this new law is, however, just about to begin.
There was a 60 day grace period to allow local municipalities, who will enforce the bill, to ramp up for administration needs and to allow owners of the defined dogs to comply with the regulations. Those sixty days are over October 27th.
If you are the owner of any one of the dogs defined in Bill 132, you need to pay attention now! Our website contains valuable summaries of the legislation. To review the legislation in detail, visit For clarification contact the Attorney General's office directly at (416)326-2220 or email or Other BSL information can be reviewed in the 'News @ CKC' section of our website and by clicking here.
Already we have seen and involved ourselves in activity in London Ontario and Cambridge Ontario. General notices have been sent to owners of licensed dogs which in the eyes of Municipal employees appear to fit the Bill 132 definition of targeted breeds. These mailings give dog owners notice that compliance to Bill 132 is expected. This has been cause for tremendous concern on the part of owners of Am Staffs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pitbull Terriers and dogs that have similar appearances but also with owners of breeds other than those in the definition, specifically the Bull Terrier.
In the next few weeks and months it is anticipated that more municipalities will begin to enforce Bill 132 and similar circumstances may occur. The result of local objection during public meetings in London generated a need for clarification from the Attorney General's office. That clarification was received by the London City Council and clearly indicates that it is a mistake to include the Bull Terrier, a breed that was inappropriately included as a banned breed by that local municipality. It may be that a similar defense for this breed and possibly others will be necessary in other communities across the Province.
In the next few weeks and months it is anticipated that more municipalities will pro-actively begin to enforce the bill. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that individuals and clubs are pro-active. We recommend that you continue to monitor the Agendas of your Municipal Council and that you stay aware of BSL issues in your communities. Municipal politicians generally respond best to feedback from their citizen tax payers. Be present at council meetings and be public with your views. Most importantly be knowledgeable. Be knowledgeable about Bill 132 and be knowledgeable about what you as a dog owner must do to comply.Our grace period is over. In spite of your efforts and those of the CKC, Bill 132 is now the law in the Province of Ontario.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Some GREAT news for London, Ontario Pit bull Owners

We still don't know the outcome of the proposed London, Ontario bylaws, but one thing we do know is they revised the bylaw and withdrew the third party million dollar liability. The revised proposed bylaw will be going infront of the ETC October 31.
The rest we will have to wait on until the 31st, but it's still good enough news to blog about! YAHOO! I'll keep you updated.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Dog Attacks continue...What GOOD is the BSL?

In the Toronto Star
Oct. 17, 2005. 01:00 AM
Who owns this `beast of prey'?Dog caught after vicious attack, but no owner in sight Has animal been disowned to avoid new punitive law?

There is a puncture wound in Eve Fishell's right thumb, a bandaged wound on her right shin and gashes to her right wrist and forearm, all in various stages of mend. There is a long, raised ridge along Tonka's shaved neck, where the oldest of Fishell's three Kerry Blue terriers required 50 staples to close torn, hanging flesh. Molly, the youngest, wears a cone collar to keep her from her rump, which is held together by a Frankensteinian series of stitches.
On the morning of Sept. 23, Fishell, 74, was walking her Kerries on O'Connor Dr., near Woodbine Ave., when an off-leash Rottweiler appeared, and quickly tore into her and the dogs. So vicious was the attack, it stopped traffic and prompted eleven 911 calls from witnesses.
"It was," said Fishell, a radiologist at Women's College Hospital, "a horrendous attack."
Weeks afterward, Fishell and her show dogs are slowly healing. The dog responsible for the attack — a healthy Rottweiler cornered later that morning — is in the custody of Toronto Animal Services and faces an all-but-certain death sentence.
An owner, however, has not come forward — perhaps in an effort to avoid a lawsuit (so far, Fishell's vet bills total $3,500) and stiff new punitive measures available under an amended Dog Owner's Liability Act, which carries a maximum penalty of a $10,000 fine and six months imprisonment.
"In this instance, we think we have an idea of who might be an owner but we don't have proof," said Eletta Purdy, city-wide manager of Toronto Animal Services.
"I think the owner is a coward for not coming forward," said Barry Swadron, Fishell's lawyer. "It's inconceivable that a dog like that does not have an owner and I suspect animal control will eventually identify the owner."
The investigation, said Purdy, continues.
Irresponsible ownership is an ongoing concern, but it is too early to know if the stiffer penalties, part of changes implemented earlier this year, will lead to more owners disowning their dogs, or failing to come forward, said Purdy. "Sometimes, people just don't come looking for their dogs if they don't care about them," she said.
"Even if an owner doesn't come forward, and we're able to determine who the owner is, then we can still lay charges," said Purdy.
"Even if we euthanize the dog, we can still lay charges, and the owner can still be held liable, and responsible, for their dog's actions."
`Even if we euthanize the dog, we can still lay charges'
Eletta Purdy, manager of Toronto Animal Services
Purdy would not comment in detail on the case because of privacy concerns. Not even the sex of the dog in custody, she said, could be revealed.
Fishell, however, remembers the dog well.
"This one was a small Rottweiler bitch," said Fishell, who travels Canada and the northeastern U.S. with her Kerries to attend dog competitions. "I know Rottweilers very, very well. And most of the ones I know are pussycats. They are really very sweet dogs."
Tonka, her oldest Kerry, had in fact been attacked by a Rottweiler in 2000, in an incident also documented by animal services, and in which a dog was tracked back to the same area where the Rottweiler in the latest incident was apparently picked up.
That first attack was slow and deliberate, Fishell said, and she doubts it was the same dog who attacked her last month.
"The only thing I can compare this one to, is when you see beasts of prey on television, hunting their prey, and they suddenly attack very quickly and end up rolling with the prey — that's what this was like," said Fishell, who walks her dogs between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. each morning in order to avoid people and other dogs.
"It just shot across O'Connor, grabbed Tonka by the throat, dragged her on to the road. I had leads on, so I followed, hoping that the cars will stop, which indeed they did, and I was screeching like a banshee, `Help me! Help me!' I could not do anything about it."
Molly, Tonka's 8-month-old granddaughter, was "truly grievously injured. The (Rottweiler) took her whole rear end in the mouth and dragged her about half a block," said Fishell.
Her third dog escaped serious injury. Police arrived. So did an ambulance. A paramedic used a pressure bandage to control the bleeding from Tonka's neck. Fishell, dripping blood herself, insisted on locating all of her dogs. The youngest, Molly, was found on a driveway a street away, crouching in the darkness.
The fact the Rottweiler was found in the same area as the Rottweiler in the first attack is upsetting, said Fishell, and she is worried they may have a common owner — one who could have, or get, more dogs.
"The dog has no microchip, no tattoo, no collar. And I am a bitter person. All I can think of is, it's like (they have) the gun" but not the person who pulled the trigger.

The Observer (Sarnia) 2005
A dog attack left a Grade 2 student at Devine Street school bleeding but not seriously injured Friday.
Following treatment for multiple cuts, the youngster returned to class and a warm reception from concerned classmates, according to school principal Taf Lounsbury.
The dog, a nine-month old Rottweiler and Labrador mix, scrambled under a fence separating the schoolyard from a home.
Lounsbury was in the yard during the afternoon break when the attack occurred. She was able to back the dog off by calmly talking to it. At the same time she instructed other children to quietly go inside the school.
"She showed a real presence of mind," said Lambton Kent District School Board education director Gayle Stucke.
Lounsbury said she didn't consider the potential danger of approaching the dog.
"I wanted to make sure the child was safe. Afterwards, I started thinking it was frightening," she said.
Schools are surrounded by homes with pets but Stucke said it was the first time she could recall that a pet posed a risk to students.
Scott Sills, a member of the Devine Street parents council, said the attack will be a "prime topic" at this week's council meeting.
Council members will want action from the the school board, he said.
Repairs to the fence were made Friday.
Counseling will be available to the student and others who witnessed the "frightening" attack if monitoring shows it's necessary, said Stucke.
The children were familiar with the dog, one of two that use the backyard. The property owners had covered the fence with a tarpaulin to visually separate the dogs and the children.
On the weekend the owner was served with a notice from the city that the dog is considered a dangerous animal and must be muzzled when off the property.
When contacted by the Observer the dog's owner, who declined to be identified, said she was planning to have the dog euthanized. The female dog has been kept inside since the attack.
Activity in the schoolyard is just too much for the do, which likes to jump and flop down on people and also nip them, said the owner, who expressed remorse for the injuries and trauma caused to the child.
She said the incident is proof that dog owners must ensure their animals stay on their property.
Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley said the action under the existing city bylaw shows there can be municipal control of dangerous animals.
"We can deal with it," he said.
The bylaw prohibits dogs running at large and unlicensed dogs. It also allows any dog running at large to be seized and killed in the interest of public safety.
Banning dogs by breed, like the current provincial law against pitbulls, doesn't deal with problem, Bradley said.

Dog in fatal mauling had attacked before: TownOct 20, 2005

Joan Ransberry,
A Ballantrae family is mourning the loss of Molly, a five-pound Yorkshire Terrier killed by an Alaskan malamute Monday.
It was the second time the 100-pound dog has attacked, jumping a fence in 1999 to bite a senior citizen and her dog, Whitchurch-Stouffville's senior bylaw officer, Keith Saunders said.
Cathy Wallace of High Point Crescent said the latest attack occurred when she and a friend were walking her four-leashed dogs on the southeast shoulder of Jasmine Crescent, near Hwy. 48. A woman was walking nearby with two leashed dogs, an Alaskan malamute and a chow chow.
"It happened so fast," Mrs. Wallace said. "It was chaotic. At first, both dogs tried to attack me. I kicked one (the chow chow ) under the chin so it wouldn't bite me or my miniature pincer. But the bigger one got hold of Molly. Even though the dog's owner held on to the leashes, she was dragged around on her stomach. There was no way a 130-pound woman could control that big animal."
The malamute had Molly clenched in its mouth and started shaking her, Mrs. Wallace said.
"The owner punched her dog and she finally let go of Molly."
Mrs. Wallace rushed Molly to a veterinarian on Aurora Road.
"When I got there, the vet declared her dead," she said.
Mrs. Wallace is worried about children playing in a nearby park.
"That dog has tasted blood once," Mrs. Wallace said. "It's bitten before. It will bite again."
In 1999, the same malamute jumped over a fence and bit a senior citizen and her little dog, Mr. Saunders said.
"The woman was treated for injuries," Mr. Saunders said. "Her little dog was chewed up, but it survived."
The dog's owner was fined under a town bylaw for allowing the dog to run at large, Mr. Saunders said.
The case didn't proceed further under Dog Owners' Liability Act because witnesses did not want to testify, he added.
In the latest incident, the malamute dragged its owner across the road.
"The woman shouldn't have been out with two dogs she can't control. The dogs should either be kept in a fenced yard or muzzled when off the property," Mr. Saunders said.
The case is being handed over to York Regional Police under the Dog Owners' Liability Act, a judge can order an owner to decide if his dog should be restrained or destroyed, Mr. Saunders said.
The owners of the malamute and chow chow declined comment.

Stray dog attacks family pet GALEN EAGLE Local News -
Friday, October 21, 2005 @ 08:00 KIRKLAND LAKE -–
An aggressive stray dog characterized as having pitbull-like characteristics viciously attacked a local family pet Saturday morning and might still be loose in the community. The pet, which was seriously wounded, was euthanized as a result of its injuries. At approximately 5 a.m. Saturday morning, Wilf and Jackie Reaume awoke to the sound of barking in their backyard. When they turned on the backyard light they saw another dog attacking their 16-year-old Labrador retriever Woody, which was tied to its doghouse. “We could see that a dog had Woody pinned down and had a grip on his behind,” says Jackie Reaume. “We could see and hear that Woody was in pain.” In an effort to save his dog, Wilf Reaume ran into the yard, picked up a metal shovel and struck the attacking dog numerous times on the head.
“I hit the dog on the head with a metal shovel and the dog would not let its grip go. I’ve never seen a dog act so aggressively as that,” says Reaume. “After the fifth or sixth blow as hard as I could, the pitbull took off.” Reaume says the dog had “the features of a pitbull,” was black or dark brown and had a tag. After the attack, the couple attended to their wounded pet. “(Woody) had been bitten under the tail, and we could see the bite did a lot of damage,” says Jackie Reaume. “The vet advised us to put our dog down since he would not recover from his injuries.” The pet, which was seriously wounded, was euthanized as a result of its injuries. Reaume says the police took their statement, but because nobody knew who owned the dog, nothing could be done. Kirkland Lake dog control was called, but it is unknown whether the dog is still roaming freely. Wilf Reaume says Woody was twice the size of the attacking dog yet was unable to defend itself. He’s concerned that such dogs, if left in irresponsible hands, could seriously injury a person. “I hope that people are aware of how vicious a pitbull can be, especially if they are let out unmuzzled,” says Reaume. “What chance would a child, an elderly person or a person walking their favorite pet have if they were attacked by a stray pitbull?” In August, Ontario’s controversial Bill 132 banning pitbulls came into effect. Under the new law, pitbulls have to be muzzled and leashed at all times when outdoors. Owners of any dogs that injure or threaten other dogs or humans face fines up to $10,000 and up to six months in jail. Jackie Reaume says she fears the owner of the dog that injured Woody might not even be aware of the terminal attack and adds pitbull owners have a responsibility to follow the new law. “These dogs are dangerous and any owner who lets them roam loose at any time is very irresponsible.”

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, Birthday Baby!

In the mix of events and turmoils over bylaws and laws, today became a simple pleasure day as together, Shasta and I celebrated her '3rd' birthday!
She was excited as I bought her gifts and somehow she knew they were for her. Even when I sang Happy Birthday to her, she licked my face the whole time. Most dogs would be howling with my singing voice, but not my Shasta.
We had a lot of fun and she had plenty of treats and played games. Doggy games! So now we are just relaxing and I thought I would share the pictures of her SPECIAL DAY with you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bans, should be BANNED!

I was reading a post in the some of the outrages bans around the world and their reason for having them. Rediculous! Just as rediculous as Ontario's Pit bull Ban which is also mentioned.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I might have been too quick on the draw...

City Hall might not have gone on with the proposed bylaw in London, Ontario, but it looks like the pittie owners may have to make a lot of the changes regardless.
We still aren't sure what and of course, being so close to Christmas, they will hit us good at a bad time of year. Sorry grandchildren, if your Christmas is spoiled because the City has some surprises for Gramma she wasn't expecting! *sob*
A friend of mine just bought a new house. It should have been a great move, except her insurance company was about to drop her because... you guessed it, she has a pit bull. She was frantic and searching EVERYWHERE and even posting on the net to find someone who would take her. Out of desperation, she said she owned a mutt. Hopefully they don't find her out, but it's sad that it's come to this.
Law abiding citizens are needing to be sneeky when it's not in their nature all for the love of their dog.
I also found out, that the licensing is going from $25 a dog to $130 a dog if it is a put bull or pit look alike. And not only that, as if you had a second or third dog, the rates get cheaper for the next two, but not if it is a pit.
Many of these dogs have been rescued and the city is punishing those that have rescued dogs too. It's sad that you do a good turn and the city trys their darnest to make it hard on you.

I don't know if microchipping will still be enforced, but I got Shasta done anyway. Here she is with her baby T saying, 'It was a big pinch!'
At the Grand Opening of the new dog park, they had a Microchipping Booth for a small donation of $20 you could have your dog done. People were bringing one dog and finding out about it, that they took their dog home and brought another. The average price for Microchipping varies from $45 to over $100. The London Dog Owners Association were hoping as many people with Pit bulls would show up to take advantage of it. It was for any dog of course, but the Pitties were the real reason for the Clinic set up.
As things keep cropping up, we keep finding out more, yet nothing is official yet and we were told nothing would happen until the next meeting.
The City Hall Meeting as nothing but a play for the citizens, as their minds are already made up. That was the same with the Provincal ban. Only the Liberals voted for it. The rest of the parties were wanting what we are now fighting for. But since the Liberals hold the majority of the seats, it was a no win situation and the Liberals lied to the media and public and said 90% of Ontario citizen were for the ban. BULL! And I don't mean Pit bull!
I'll keep you updated (naturally!) as I find out more. They have taken away the Freedom and Rights of people that is in the Constitution. All I can say is, Clayton Ruby...DO YOUR STUFF and go GET 'EM!

Monday, October 17, 2005


It was so hard taking pictures of all the dogs. They were EVERY WHERE, but no where for long. Shasta, although leashed, always had a few friends coming to meet her.
The London Dog Owners Association put on a fun day with lots to do and see. It was a huge success. There was plenty to do and games to be won. Shasta and I did it all! She even won a prize for not breaking a sit position. It was done through disqualifications as the dogs moved. With all the distractions of dogs running past, even so, Shasta sat and didn't move a muscle. YEA SHASTA!
The pitties were invited to the Grand Opening dispite the law. Naturally we didn't allow them to run loose even though I was told by a vet, 'Today there are no pit bulls...only Terriers!' We weren't taking chances. This is Brutis and he is the friendliest guy you could meet.
So many beautiful dogs in one place. The larger dog only wanted to lay down, while the smaller one of the two, wanted to go places. The heaviest one of the two won out. LOL
Somehow when I took pictures, I got more of people than dogs. That was because the dogs were zipping by that I barely could get many all in the same spot.
After Shasta staying still uncollared and unleashed for her picture being taken, I told her to sit to reward her with a cookie (treat). All of a sudden, I had 4 dogs sitting nice waiting for a treat too. It was so comical...and yes! I gave them all a treat, but Shasta got two.
Yesterday was so much fun, but fun is exausting. It's time I go to bed and sleep in tomorrow. We've earned it!

People and Dogs gathering already!

This Bermise Mountain Dog pup isn't even a year old yet and full of energy.
Lucy, being a pup herself kept up the pace and they had so much fun together.
Shasta would have liked to play too, but a different set of people were coming in, so I kept her on her leash.

There were quite a few people and dogs there, but because it's such a large area, you can't tell as this is just one of the large open fields here. This is London's 2nd Leash Free Park.
It still wasn't fully completed as the Grand Opening wasn't until Sunday, October 16th.
But people have been taking advantage of it until it officially opens.

Law Breaker!

Ok, I KNOW I'm on the wrong side of the fence, and no I wasn't checking to see if the other side was greener. It just so happened that the frisbee went flying over the fence, and Linda nominated me to go retreive it. NOT a good example for the dogs, but Linda had just bought the darn thing.
What else could I have done? *giggle*

Lucy and Shasta stayed close as I was nervous about taking her off her leash, but a little romp never hurt and as you can see, we were far away from everyone. Not that Shasta would have hurt anyone or another dog...just that I was totally nervous about the whole thing. I'm such a 'big time' law breaker.
I don't get it. It is completely fenced in land and on private property, meaning whoever owns it. Still, it's NOT for the pitties, so in that way, I was doing a no! no! Even if the owners of the other dogs told me to go ahead and let her run.
Lucy was loving it too, even though she is used to freedom. She gets to
go to fields all the time. I'm glad she doesn't have to go through what Shasta does.

Shasta got to run, but never too far away that when I called her back, she came running back to see what I wanted her for. I think she knew I was
giving her a real treat by letting her go for that little while. All dogs NEED this. What does the government thing isolation will do to our dogs! That would be like not allowing a child to play, especially with other kids.

Here's my girl getting some good cuddling and a nice pat before I have to take her freedom away from her again. I'm glad she was satified with
short run I allowed her.

Look at just this little bit of the 2 acre park. They have the open fields, along with plenty of paths for the dogs to run around in. It was like a dream come true.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Today went to the dogs...

My girlfriend and her pup spent the night at my place last night. She noticed a small lump between Shasta’s dewclaw, so today we took her to the vet. It’s a small cyst that comes from hair oils, or I suppose that would be fur oil.
The vet said it wasn’t dangerous, as in cancer or anything, and because of where it’s located, he didn’t really recommend surgery. He said it’s small and in about three weeks should burst by itself and then to dab peroxide on it with a cotton ball. While I was there, I decided she might as well get her DA2P/PV shot and she’s all done until you needs her next rabies shot in another two years. He gives her the shot that are given every three years now after her first year.
Afterwards we went to the pet store and enjoyed ourselves trying on the latest fashions, meeting with people and their dogs, along with buying some things for her and the cats.
Naturally, I asked people if they were aware of the new dog park and invited them to the Grand Opening. One woman I was talking to told me about a woman that trained dogs and believes she also trains them for Service Dogs too. She gave me the name of a trainer along with the school and I will give her a call tomorrow and check it out. She also told me about a fun Flyball place here in London that she thought Shasta might enjoy. The vet also gave me a list of area trainers/schools, and said if they didn’t train Service Dogs, that perhaps they could give me some information of who to contact. It’s a start.
Hours later, LOL we left the store and while driving home noticed there were some people and dogs already in the new leash free park that's opening this week-end and decided to go and take a look. It’s HUGE! Totally fenced in with lots of paths to take too.
Just as we were walking towards the park, we noticed two women quickly gathering up their dogs and getting ready to leave. Linda quickly spoke up and told them that both our dogs were friendly. They insisted that they were leaving anyway. One had a rottie, while the other a big shepherd. As the shepherd passed by Shasta, he tried to make a quick, aggressive lunged to Shasta, almost biting her face. Shasta kept walking with me as the woman apologetically told us her dog wasn’t. I was glad that her dog's aggression didn't phase Shasta.
Once inside, Linda let Lucy go, but I wouldn’t take the leash off Shasta, as she’s not allowed off the leash, even in a leash free park because of her breed. Still she had fun with the dogs there and the people there (especially this older woman) kept telling me to let her have a little romp. I wanted to, but was so nervous. All that were there were encouraging me to let her have a run with the others, as they saw her gentleness, good nature and the way she allowed especially this little white puppy that adored her to jump all over her as she lay down on her back to let the little one play.
Maybe it was wrong, but I decided to give her this chance of freedom before the total ban came in. She was so happy and never ventured very far away, but must have sniffed every patch of grass and bush from the scent of all the other dogs ever to been at the park previously.
Linda was snapping pictures with her digital. I’m glad one of us remembered to bring our camera. She’ll send me the pictures later on tonight, through email.
After Shasta had a nice little run and play, I leashed her back up in case someone else came into the park that might not be so friendly. Even then, the sweetest and tiniest dogs came running towards her to play. She really attracts the puppies and just loves them. Their owners not one bit concerned as to her breed.
There were dogs of all breeds there. Some pedigree and others mixed breeds. Regardless, they were having so much fun. I had never seen a miniature Doberman before. Shasta was confused by it too. It looked like just a pup, yet I guess it smelt more like a grown up dog. It was exactly the same colour as Shasta and talk about Mutt and Jeff in size, but the dog adored her. So from the miniature to a Burmese Mountain dog. They came in all sorts and sizes. Both Lucy and Shasta felt like they were in doggy heaven. Lucy was the greeter. She greeted all the dogs as they entered into the park as if playing hostess as welcome into her park. LOL
People were coming and going all the time and as one woman entered, Linda and I noticed she patted Lucy, but kept her dog and her away from Shasta. That didn’t bother me until we got ‘the look’. I was also very thankful that Shasta was leashed as ‘that look’ could have caused problems for us other wise.
Linda couldn’t believe how most people adored Shasta, but from a couple of them, there was ‘that look’ again. It was the first time she had actually witnessed discrimination because of Shasta’s breed rather than by her nature.I can’t say honestly that it doesn’t bother me, as inside it does. I’m not the type of person that cares what people think, but when it comes to Shasta, it does hurt that they are ignorant in their way of thinking and can opening show it in their faces. It’s a disgusted kind of look. I remind myself that there are shallow minded people in this world, but out of everyone that was there while we were, only two had the brains of a nat. Still, that was two too many. I’m just glad that Shasta isn’t aware of it and with Lucy spending the night with her, the dogs she met at the vet, the pet store and the park, she had a WONDERFUL doggy time!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Don't be a BAD Dad! Just change it's BREED!

I just read a story in The Morning News and other than it being in Bentonville, I'm not sure what State that is in. But, banning Pit bulls is being considered. It seems that between Denver and Ontario, Canada, we are the model examples. Let's hope we get the amendments we are fighting for so we can be a model province to others in a positive way and other states and provinces will follow suit.
In this article, a 2 year old dog, Toby was being discussed. The owner states he is supposedly borne of boxers, but says his dog's head and build could be of a pit bull. Gee...are there simularities??? Well, I can tell this owner certainly doesn't love his dog unconditionally even if his kids do as he's already considering of getting rid of Toby. Sounds to me, this man is looking for a reason so he doesn't look like the bad guy in his kids eyes. Sure, give the kids a puppy for a Christmas present and 2 years later, sorry kids but Toby has to go. It's the LAW! And why NOW does this supposingly borne of boxers dog, in his eyes think Toby could look like a pit bull?
Why doesn't he simply say, he's had enough of Toby's jumping and doesn't want the responsibility of the dog in the first place, rather than trying to pin it to a pit bull?
This man shouldn't have gotten a dog if he doesn't have the patience to raise it properly. You do NOT get a dog (or any other pet) unless you can honestly say you will make a commitment to this animal for the rest of it's natural life. A decision you should consider BEFORE you get a dog.
People like this make me angry! To use the Pit bull breeds as a reason makes me even angrier!!!
It makes me wonder how many other unresponsible owners are using the pit bull breeds as an excuse of thinking of getting rid of their family pet. What will we hear next? I have a white, kinky haired dog supposingly bred of poodles, but I think it 'might' be a pit bull, so I'm thinking if there is a ban, I might let it go. Sorry kids! grrrrrr...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Bow Wow Pow Wow Gang came back!

Yesterday, we had another gathering of our dogs again. It was just Bow Wow Pow Wow fun this time to keep the dogs socialized. Not everyone was able to attend this time, so we are missing 3 people and their dogs. One of the dogs, a male is nearing close to the year mark and this is an extremely crutial time for him to be socialized. What was Michael Bryant thinking? But then, what does he know about dogs???!!!
There are different stages a dog goes through, and each stage is important to get them through them as easily as possible. Proper socialization is KEY...but that's pretty hard when we have to keep them either secluded, muzzled and short leashed. We're lucky to have our Bow Wow Group, but even those for some of the younger dogs aren't enough. They need this frequently and as often as possible.
You can't expect a child to know how to act properly without peers, and this is exactly the same for the dogs, especially those that haven't fully learnt their socialization skills.
The one woman with the younger dog lives out of town, yet it's still under London, and she travels the distance just to bring her dog to learn these skills and socialize. That's pretty sad that it's come to this. We are trying to work on something more permanant as we can't keep invading people with fenced in back yards...not that they mind and keep inviting us back. The funny part is she has three dogs of her own, but none of them Pit bulls. But she also understands the importance being a member of a dogs association.
To view the various events that Shasta and I have been to, got to Collectively Conners and view my albums. When people tell me my life is going to the dogs! I do believe they are right!!! LOL

Friday, October 07, 2005

GRAND OPENING of London's New Off Leash Park!

WAHOO! This sounds like FUN and Pit bulls are also invited!!! Wanna go Shasta?
Yeah! Me too!!!
Can you believe John Wade will be there!!!! We better tell Auntie Cindy to come with Pooh. If John Wade can't fix him, nobody can! *giggle*
Oh don't you worry Shasta, I already invited Auntie Linda with Lucy.
YES! YES! All your other friends with be there from the Bow Wow Pow Wow!
You're excited? Hey! Well so am I. Do you want to get into some contests?
WHAT? I HAVE to bring treats? Sheesh, I'd thought you'd do them just because they are fun.
Don't worry lil' girl, Mama will bring your baby powder scented poop bags. Now all we have to concentrate on is what you are going to wear!
Do you want to tell the folks all about it or should I? Well go ahead then and tell them.

The London Dog Owners' Association invites all to attend the GRAND OPENING of the City of Londons' New Off Leash Park! on Sunday October 16th from noon to 4 p.m. located at Stoney Creek Dog Off Leash Park, Adelaide St. north of Windermere Rd.
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: 1 p.m.;
Guest Speaker: Dog Behaviouralist John Wade;
Contests and talent events with prizes and refreshments!;
Microchipping clinic while supplies last!;
Pet photographer!
For more info, contact Beth Sayler at 453-9452 or visit our website at:

Very GOOD Shasta! I couldn't have done better myself!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Canadian Guide Dog Walk

The day at the Canadian Guide Dog Walk last Sunday, couldn't have been more perfect of a day. The weather was just perfect for the walk, neither too hot nor too cold. A friend of mine, Lindy drove us along with one of her three dogs. Both her Mom and Dad were involved in organizing the walk and it was the first time for me to meet them. That's probably why, she seemed to know just about everybody we came across. LOL
At 11 AM we registered and received our t-shirts, number and poopie bags. LOL That gave us an hour before the walk which started at noon to mingle and naturally I took pictures. The walk was 2 K and we all had a great time with plenty of water stations along the way. The path took as along the Thames River and with all the trees along it, gave us a mixture of shade and sun. There were the Lions Club Members in full uniform and a big smile to make sure we crossed the roads safely as on to another path.
As we crossed the finish line we were greeted by another member giving us goody bags for both the walkers and their dogs. It was just like Christmas only warmer. *giggle*
Shasta and I couldn't have had a better time and as usual, she drew a lot of POSITIVE attention to herself. People were even telling others that she was a pit bull...meaning like, see these are the ones you don't read about in the papers. She was the only full pittie there and she minded all of her manners and behaved like the angel she is. The President of the club complimented me on my training of her, her manner and her calmness. He couldn't believe just how calm she was and he was the one telling people that she is a pit bull.
We were called to gather around the huge stage and we had some doggie contests. Lindy's dog won a prize for the best trick. She said, "Bang! Bang!" and her dog played dead. It was just tooo funny! There were other contests too, like who could bark the loudest and other simple but fun things like that.
They also had door prizes as that was the reason for our numbers. I thought it was to keep track of us. LOL When my number was called and Shasta and I went up for a prize, I picked out this Shephard statue, very detailed with a welcome sign hanging from his mouth. Shasta was given a little brownish, red stuffed puppy that looked a lot like her. *giggle*
I'm happy to say, I was amongst some of the best trained dogs in Canada, and you wouldn't have known Shasta wasn't one of them except she didn't wear a full body vest and harness like they did, that she wasn't trained by them. The only difference was when we were all relaxing and listening to speakers, she sat on my lap on the grass while I hugged her and she would occasionally slip me a cute little kiss, whch I would do the same to her. Nobody can deny we certainy love each other and together we are one. I think that's why the President gave Shasta that little stuffed puppy as a gesture of being such a good girl.
There weren't all the walkers out that I had expected, but there was also a Run for Breast Cancer on at Victoria Park, but The Canadian Guide Dog Association assured us these walks were taking place all across Canada, so it would be a huge suceess.
Half the time you were standing or talking to someone, you didn't even realize them as a disabled person until you spotted their dog and the vest it was wearing along with the halter. But then again, with me, my disabilities are not outward neither.
We were told right from the beginning not to go pat these peoples dogs as they were working and not to be distracted unless the owner gave you the ok. I noticed mostly labs, but there were also collies and even a large standard poodle that a visually impaired woman had.
An elderly gent told us his story up on the stage. Prior to his dog, his life was pretty bleak. He needed assistance in everything and didn't feel good about himself. Someone told him about the Canadian Guide Dogs and he told them he was going to find himself a blond female. LOL
As things turned out, he didn't get his blond, nor female, instead he got his new pair of eyes that happened to be a male, black lab. The training between the two is so extensive. When he tells his dog he needs to go to the bank, the dog takes him. If it's the grocery store, the dog takes him. He even opens the door for him when needed.
You could tell by the people that with their dogs, they had found the missing part of them. I can fully relate as Shasta is that part to me. Without her, I couldn't do nearly all the things I do.
It was comical though, when the man said, "If only I could teach him how to grocery shop. I can't tell a can of beans from a tin of soup." I saw humour in all of them. Their dogs gave them back their independance that they had formally lost.
Whether it was a service dog or a visually or hearing impaired dog, they all had different collar full bodied vest with the words of what type of service they provided. They also had special harnesses with the visually impaired being more of a long buggy handle.
The people were more than willing to talk and explain how their dogs helped them in different situations. It's pretty extonishing the tasks these dogs were trained to do. I was very impressed and happy to be amongst such a happy crowd gathered for such a worthy cause.
There was also a canine officer there that talked to us about the extensive training of their dogs and what some of the amazing tasks they do. There are also some trained specifically for drug enforcement with undercover police and he told us about how these dogs use their amazing abilities.
Very rarely will you ever see a female police dog and all the dogs are imported from Argentenia, if I remember properly. I forget the worth of each dog, but it is in the thouands of dollars.
He put on a simple demonstration of how him and his dog worked together. It was total obedience plus! Even when he had his dog relax by his side, you could see that he was always alert to respond at a given notice. The most comical part was when the officer gave him his handled kong to give him some play for a job well done. As they walked off the stage together, the dog unleashed by his side carrying his toy, they looked no different than a man with his dog other than the officer had his uniform on.
We were asked if we had any questions and I wanted to know how long a dog worked before he was retired and then did the officer keep him after that. After they have completed their training, they give at least 5 years to the sevice, but some have worked much longer before retireing, and the bond between them is so great, that the dog remains with the officer and his family as a pet for the rest of his days. I was so happy to hear that response.
So in everything I learnt that day, is in every case and situation, all the people there relied on their dogs as a part of them. I realized that I wasn't absessed with Shasta as so many people think, she is the lost part of me that together we are whole. Now, I even understand my own feelings.
The whole day was filled with fun, relaxation and education. The Lions Club did a great job of hosting the walk and the many sponsors, such as Molly Maid, Purina, the Lions Foundation and others such as the London Dog Owners Association with their information tent. There was drinks and food, but I was so engrossed with the speakers, I wasn't thinking of my stomach. Shasta and I had my CamelBac filled with iced water, so there was no need to go for drinks. It was very excillerating.
Every part of my body killed afterwards, but it's worth all the pain and tiredness, as if we had to do it all over again...we WOULD!

God's Love for Animals

I have been searching for scripture regarding God's love for the animals. I have written ministers and various people, seeking the answers to this horrid abuse going on of the animals and how God must be so sad that man is distroying and abusing that, which He created.
Today I received an email from a very dear friend, and she found that answer for me. I'd like to share it with you.

A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

Proverbs 12:10-11(KJV): 10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.11 He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.

Thoughts for the Day:
The wisdom in the book of Proverbs in these verses addresses the issue regarding the care of animals and the land. Verse 10 tells us that if a man is righteous, he will care for the life of the animals that belong to him. He will have tender mercy for them, and not be as a wicked man whose tender mercies are cruel. God had a special love for animals as they were a big part of his creation in the book of Genesis. He never intended the abuse we see today of earth's wonderful creatures. Does God care how we treat these special creations?
Does His heart respond to the fearful mewing of a motherless kitten or the exhaustion of a donkey staggering under a load far too heavy for it? Does He care about the animals that are bred in cramped quarters and exploited for profit? Does He care when animals are made to race until many die from over-exertion? Does He care that cocks are encouraged to fight so that men might win a bet when one of them is killed? Does He care that a bull will be gored to death so that a gallant display of pageantry between a man and a beast can be applauded? Yes, He cares about these animals and so should we.
God was so interested in the welfare of the animal kingdom that He created, that He even commanded Noah, in the time of judgement on the earth, to make the ark big enough to hold two of every kind of animal that existed so that they would not be destroyed. He made the animals so that man could enjoy them, and so that they would be a blessing to him.
The Bible actually has much to say in regard to animal abuse. In the beginning, God created the earth and all the creatures on it to be under the authority of humanity. He entrusted these beautiful elements of His creation to our care (Genesis 1:26). Our sinful nature causes us to abuse these things, sometimes without even realizing it. Yet, God expects the Christian, above all others, to be sensitive to all of His creation, knowing that exploiting or abusing it shows a disrespect for God Himself. Abuse of anything that God made is not the character of God, but rather of the Evil One.
Verse 11 tells us that even the land is a gift to man and that we are to manage it properly as well. The earth brings forth the food for man, and if it is neglected and abused it will produce inferior crops. A man must till his land for proper planting and also to keep it free from the weeds that would not allow a good crop. If a man works his land and takes care of his crop, he will produce a harvest that will bring forth the food (bread) that he needs. However, if a man follows useless pursuits and neglects his land, he is a man who lacks the understanding of the principles of proper stewardship.
Today men are not only abusing the animals, but they are raping the land as well, by the over use of it. In the Law of the Israelites, for example, one of the purposes of the Sabbath year of rest for the land, was to let the land lie fallow--and so that the poor as well as livestock and wild animals could eat from it (Exodus 23:11 and Leviticus 25:7). The Sabbath day itself was not only for humans to rest. God also commanded us to give our animals rest on the same day. (Exodus 20:10). He also commanded the Israelites to help both their friends and enemies when their ox or donkey had fallen over, or was carrying a burden too heavy for it to bear (Exodus 23:5 and Deuteronomy 22:4). In addition, livestock were also allowed to eat as they worked (Deuteronomy 25:4). Finally, God says to us in Proverbs 27:23: "Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds." Throughout the Bible, God shows how He expects us to care for our animals in practical ways.

Prayer for the Day:
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your beautiful creation of the animal world. Lord, I am personally thankful for all the wonderful pets that I have had throughout my lifetime. They have been, and are a great joy in my life. I pray for the safety and health of them. Lord, I pray that men will care for the animals in this world properly. Change men's hearts that are guilty of exploiting the animal kingdom all over the world. Bless the creatures of the sea, the birds of the air, all the domestic animals and all of the wild animals as well. Lord, it will be a blessing when the day of Your kingdom arrives in this earth and the animals will no longer fear man and the lamb and lion shall lie down together. In the meantime, help us all to do our part in caring for your magnificent creation -- animals, plants, sea and land. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.