Saturday, August 27, 2005

Amendment to the Dog Owners' Liability Act (Bill 132) Petition

It's time for as many Ontario residence to get these petitions circulated and gather all the signatures we possibly can. Distribute them to all that will help, such as stores, send them to school with your kids and have students and teachers sign (even put the name and city of the school so they can see it's more than owners of dogs wanting amendments), friends and relatives out of town without access to a computer. The more that get involved gathering signatures the better for us.
Clayton Rudy is holding a press conference on Monday, Aug. 29th in Toronto, on the day the ban takes effect. We can't expect to win if we all don't do our share of what we can.
If you are unable to collect signatures, at least please sign the petition. There is no restriction to age and the only requirement is that you are an Ontario resident signing.
Please print the petition and get it circulating so we can get to the real problem at hand and help make Ontario a safer place to live. We need to start now!

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