Monday, August 22, 2005


I didn't post today (yesterday actually as it's now about 4 am but I could sleep once I read this). It will be in todays newspaper.
Today...yesterday...whatever, I decided I needed a much needed break from all this BSL, pardon my french and I don't normally swear, but it's BULL SHIT LEGISLATION! Lord forgive me but I'm awe struck!
I wrote a post awhile ago saying that in North Bay, they were putting the dog licences up from $10 to $50 and wondered if we already pay $25 what they would raise ours to, if they so desired.
Under the proposed bylaw for London, pit bull owners would have to:
- Pay a licence fee of $130 annually, compared to the current $25.
- Pay $25 for a warning sign at the entrance to their property.
- Pay a first-time administration fee of $25.
- Provide proof their pit bull is microchipped and sterilized.
- Purchase $1 million in liability insurance.

I'm still in shock as I write this and the next best thing to tears. I'm NOT going to take this without a fight and if you think I've been fighting before, I'll be fighting harder and stronger than ever!
This is the article in the London Free Press. I'll let you read it as I better TRY to get some sleep no matter how many sleeping pills I need to take, because tomorrow is going to be a VERY busy day for me phoning and emailing my mayor, the MPP's and whoever else it takes.
I'm already of a set permanant disability pension and just making it on what I get. Now if this goes through, they are saying the disabled can't afford certain dogs? I also pay each year for both my cats for their tags and neither go outside. This is nothing more than a money grabbing skeme.
I WILL NOT LOSE SHASTA!!! They'd have to kill me first!
UPDATE: Microchipping costs approvimately $65.00 which does not include an examination. My vet also has information and brochures that he will put together for me for the insurance to check out the prices, for just INCASE!


Amstaffie said...

Just reading your post stressed me out! That is totally rediculous. If they're going to impose all these high-priced fees then there shouldn't be a ban. But if they insist on a ban, then let the responsible owners alone & at least be able to afford their lov-a-bulls.

Personally, I think the whole thing is stupid. The ones that are breaking the laws now aren't going to follow the rules that are gonna cost people out the yin-yang!

Conners said...

I'll tell you more after the 11PM news. I couldn't have looked worse. No makeup, hair all tossled from the long bikeride with Shasta. And who comes up to me, but a reporter. I don't know what I said. I know stuff spewed out of my mouth, but haven't a clue what. He video'd a lot of Shasta. You always said she would make it to tv. Well she was so happy from all the attention and of course was her lovable self. That will definately show the positive side of pitbulls.
Will tell you what I found out...and YES, there is a LOT more! AAAUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Guitartists said...

That is BS alright! But, it seems that the only people who understand are the ones that have pits, or know that pits are not the problem. Like criminals and dog fighters are going to obey the law :P I swear these politicians are on CRACK! >:(

The way that people are going about this is all wrong and completely bass ackwards!!! I wish people would say no to hysteria and spend even one minute with open eyes, and open mind and a feeling heart..... then maybe they would finally see the truth.

Conners said...

Since when does Government even care. This is no longer free rights. We are now being dictated to by the government. The public meetings are for show, to make it legal, but their monds are already made us.
When Michael Bryant announced that 90% of Ontario residence were for the ban, that was so much crock! Turn the for to against and the statistics would be more accurate.
It's over-whelming and it's scarey. There are so many responsible owners so afraid of what the government will pull next.
I'm not sure if it was in this post or the next one, but they changed a vicious attack to a bite.
You may not have read mt more recent post and I forgot to add it.
It was brought up in the City Hall meeting about two vicious attacks made, but one was a lab and I forget the other. Not a pittie though. The lab bit a puppy and tore it's eye out, this was a second attack of this dog. They asked why these two dogs did not require a muzzle when in public. Both were dismissed and neither dogs require to wear a muzzle. The owners were not even fined.
So what does that tell you? It tells you they want the breed to die off. Bottom line.

Conners said...

This is where I wish my brain would allow me to remember the whole picture, rather than spurts at a time.
In the new law it said the pitties in the Humane Society would go up for adoption providing the people abided by the rules.
In London, anyway, not sure of the others, but this is what I was told at City Hall by a group outside that rescue Pit bulls.
One went in to adopt a pitty, but because she was under 30, they told her she couldnt.
Next, the mother of the girl went in (she was over 30) and they gave her another excuse. The third, learning the do's and don't from the first two, went in and had all of the requirements, yet they still told him no.
All the pitties in the Humane Society will be murdered on August 29th. Now that is very, very SAD!!!

Guitartists said...


Conners said...

Yes Ang. VERY!!!