Friday, August 19, 2005


I’m getting so paranoid over little things that I might have over looked before. I’m still vibrating inside as I’m writing this.
About 5 minutes ago, I received a phone call from a neighbour in the building across from me. He was accusing me of allowing my dog to bark all day and him working nights. I told him I was a responsible dog owner and would not allow my dog to continue barking, if she was a barker, but she isn’t unless you come either to my patio door or front door.
He said he had seen my, ‘Beware of Dog’ sign on my door and if this barking continued, he was calling the Humane Society on me. No reassurance that it wasn’t Shasta was like talking to deaf ears.
Only minutes later, the dog started barking again. Because I’m so afraid that Shasta will be taken from me due to any kind of misunderstanding, I phoned the man back and thought luckily he hadn’t blocked him name and number when he phoned me.
I asked him if the dog that was barking right now, was the dog he was hearing? He apologized to me for accusing me as he said he didn’t quite know which apartment it was in my building, but that the barking was coming from the third floor. To me it sounds like the third floor and over further to the end of the building, but he thinks it sounds more over me.
I don’t want any owner to get in trouble, but this dog does bark A LOT! Perhaps they are working. I have no idea. All I know is that everyone knows I have a dog and most are familiar with her, but there are others that when disturbed, automatically assume it’s got to be Shasta. Reason being, she is out in the public all the time.
Even thinking about the Humane Society coming here has put me in a panic, even though Shasta is right here by my side napping and the dog is still barking.
This new ‘unclear’ law has got me sitting on the edge of my seat when the slightest little thing happens.
Just as I was starting this post, my next-door neighbour knocked on my door and my heart started thumping. Well, wasn’t I surprised as he brought over his one day old daughter to see Shasta and me? At first I was going to put Shasta in the other room thinking he might be overly protective daddy, but he told me it was ok.
She was comical. She sat and stared at the baby, but the whole while her tail was wagging and her great big smile with her nose sniffing from a short distance. She didn’t try to lick the baby which was what I was concerned of.
When I was holding the baby, he didn’t jump up on me, but rather looked at me like, ‘Can we keep it Mommy?’ After our short visit when I returned the baby back to her daddy, it was as if Shasta knew the baby belonged to him. Usually she greets him with a lick, but not this time. She knew he was carrying something delicate and she showed her joy, but in a calm manner.
I still say she would have made a perfect Therapy Dog, as she’s a natural even before any training. To think that I have to feel like I’m walking on raw eggs all the time without breaking any is crazy. I wonder if others are feeling as I do?
I’m glad for Shasta’s sake, which dog was and is still barking just to prove I wasn’t her. Whatever type of dog it is, I don’t really know, but do know it’s not a Pit bull type. The owners would get a complaint notice from the Humane Society as ask them to keep it quiet. Unlike Shasta and I, who would probably get a black mark against us and in TEN MORE DAYS, no more warnings.
I already live with a condition, Chronic Anxiety and that’s the reason I try very hard to keep laid back about many things rather than worry, but because of the new law I’m going to be a nervous wreck. I thought fighting for what I believe in a worthy cause, but fighting to prove Shasta is innocent in the simplest occurrences is just plain UNFAIR! Not only are the dogs targeted, but also the owners.When the man at the forum called all Pit bull owners thugs…well, let’s just say, I’m really feeling like I am a low-life in the governments eyes. I don’t care about that, but I DO care about Shasta!


Amstaffie said...

Thug: an aggressive & violent young criminal.

Responsible: able to be trusted or depended on.

Yes there are thugs that have pit bulls... and THEY are the ones that are ruining it for the responsible owners.

Ignorance is a weapon.

Conners said...

Thugs yes. Young, not always. There are 30 and 40 year old wanting to make a fast buck the easy way rather than working. All in the name of sport of course. Yeah right! They just don't care! But we the ones that do are the TARGETs...owners and dogs.