Monday, August 08, 2005

Pit bull owners Will have rights!

I've been doing a little research as to the rights of the Pit bull owners and dogs with this new law coming into effect in Ontario. We do HAVE some! I don't know exactly what they are, as it takes a genius to read some of these kind of documents. Why they can't just write them out in plain english (and french...of course) so that the average joe blow could read them?!
But I did manage to catch that they wanted ALL of Ontarians safe, not just the people without dogs.
Well, naturally there was a place were you could write Michael Bryant directly and he would send a reply in snail mail. I wrote down my concerns and questions, and because I didn't have to leave my email address, he won't know I'm the woman that always blasts him. LOL
You're probably wondering if I slammed him. NOPE! I was direct to the point, no digs as I'm interested in info...not slamming.
I was half into my sleeper, so that might account for me not being able to remember, but I will have to try to find that site again and give it a re-read. The good news is that the owners of the dogs have come into consideration. A little good news is better than none.
UPDATE: I added the new info on my site in the Ontario Pit bull Ban page. Check it out.


Amstaffie said...

The disturbing thing to me when I read the Q&A part was.... For example, if I were to come visit you & Shasta, I could not bring Storm, because that would be in contravention of the law. I could be fined or serve jail time AND worst of all, Storm could be taken away from me!!! This is the same thing that could happen if I were to drive through Ohio with Storm & get pulled over for speeding or something. They could take her from me. NOT COOL!

Adam said...

If they wrote the laws in plain english those poor overpaid lawyers would be out of work.

Conners said...

You'r RIGHT Adam! I never thought about it that way! LOL Thanks for the comment.
Andee, sheesh, I never thought about it that way neither. Of course, you could always 'show' Storm and at the same time visit me. You would shom her to me. *giggle* Yeah, I doesn't work that way.
I think if I were you, I would avoid Ohio.
It looks like the will have to redraw maps for pittie owners only.
The part that took me for surprise was allowing Show Dogs. They were dead against that.
Where I first saw the information was not where I got this info from. But the other one said something like, 'on the recommendation of' and listed the Canadian Kennel Club,...oh sure, this is where my brain decides to go blank, but it listed about 5 reputable organizations including an American one.

Anonymous said...

not to steal your thunder, but i was check'n the logs on my blog and i noticed that someone went and watched your video on there :-)

Host: /wp/wp-video/truth.wmv
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Agent: NSPlayer/ WMFSDK/10.0

I know it to be someone new because I have never seen that IP address... unless you guys are using proxy's now :-) wooohooo!? Its amazing how many people come to the site and mull around quietly... i had no idea.

Flex said...

that wasnt anonymous that was me, i hit the return key too fast :-)

Conners said...

New name! Speedy Gonzolez! Too bad I can't spell. LOL
That's cool and I'm glad they are coming to see it whether it be on yours or mine. The point of it is to be watched and hopefully to soften a few hearts.
You and stats! LOL How do you KNOW all these things???? I have no idea who visits here unless they comment, email or sign my guest book.
On my website it tells me how many original visitors I have on all my pages, but I don't have any idea who. Course...I'm going to what I can afford...the free route. You must have a service which gives you all the extra's. Thanks to my son, I'm on the net.
If I ever win a Lotto or something, then I will get a new computer and a whatsamadoodle, for my web site (where you pay and get more room) and keep a little for the kids, parents and friends, then the rest will go to the dogs! (meaning places like the Humane Society, etc.) OH! I would move out of this health hazard apartment and get something nice with a backyard for Shasta.
Notice how I can get offtrack very easily?! LOL

Amstaffie said...

I've sent the link to a bunch of my friends to watch & have had several people call me saying how surprised they were at the doggies!

I say.... it's a success!!

Conners said...

RIGHT ON!!! It might not convince them completely against the breeds, but at least they will see there are the good and bad, but they will understand that a lot ARE good! It's a start! WHEEEEOOO! I've had so many visits on the new page, it's unbelievable! News must be travelling fast!
If they can understand the the MAJORITY of pet bulls are like this and only a very low percentage have been brought up cruely. Then they may understand why it's so important to go after the irresponsible owners rather than the dogs! Thanx for that info Andee! Good news is always welcome. Flex is getting them at his page too.

Anonymous said...

all u have to do is go to forums where they debate this stuff and post w/ link to the video...

Conners said...

hey! GREAT IDEA! I'm glad you are using your brain for me. ROFL