Monday, June 27, 2005

Open Challenge to Michael Bryant, Ont. MPP

Dear Mr. Ontario Health Minister, Michael Bryant,
On the news they have been warning people with breathing problems to stay inside and although I also have a memory problem, I believe it was 76% of premature deaths of people dying due to the high humidity and polution. I must tell you, the way my ribs are feeling as if they are being crushed in by some heavy vise and breathing is difficult. Doing anything is a chore in itself. I don't drive, so it's not so simple to get to the hospital.
You have left me and so many other Ontarians with out a doctor and sent them running out West for better pay and opportunity. Where does that leave us? You promise us that in 6 or 7 years, the province will see improvements with added doctors. There are some of us that can't wait those years and need a doctor NOW!
Isn't it bad enough you ban our dogs and now you leave us in danger. Do you plan on killing everything to make a safer Ontario? That certainly would solve the problem of safety if there was no one left to keep safe.
But the strong survive, so I guess the government will remain, but you know Michael, you don't mind me calling you by your first name do you? Afterall, you are so involved with ruining our lives that I'm sure that qualifies us to use first name basis. Besides, it beats the names I normally call you. Hmmm...where was I? Yes Michael, I have a problem with memory too as I have multi conditions that aren't being treated properly know...a DOCTOR!
Are you comfortable in your central air conditioned beautiful home? My 2 fans just don't seem to give me the same feeling. Blowing humid heat dosen't really cool you off, but it does raise our hydro bills. Do the Ontario citizens pay for your luxuries with our tax dollars?
I would love to have you come live in my apartment for one month. Now to be fair, you wouldn't be allowed to buy or bring anything with you. You would have to live like I do.
Let me make one thing PERFECTLY CLEAR Michael! I have a staffie, which you call Pit bull. Under no condition can you do her any harm. YOU will take her for her walks and bike rides she loves. Yes, you will have the use of my BMX, so leave your gas guzzling, polution making car at home. You will live with what the government gives me to live on for that month. You will not use any of your money or bank cards or bank accounts for that month. Only MY allowance. Now I must remind you, you did after 20 or 30 years finally give us an increase of an additional $20 - $25 monthly. Living in poverty isn't quite so bad, other that you seemed to have forgotten that everything else has risen during that time, and to tell you the truth Michael, and not to sound non-appreciative, but prior to my disabilities I was a hard worker holding a good job that I loved very much. Nothing like YOUR job Michael, what I was doing was 'honest work' and it made me feel good about myself. How do you sleep at nights?
Oh, back to Shasta. Don't forget I keep plenty of baggies hidden away, but handy for when she does her business. I expect you to make sure you clean up right after her. You will notice she is fairly regular, so watch for mornings and after 7PM. Another thing she requires is LOVE! You MUST PROMISE me you will offer her that love for the month that you live here. She will not be a problem for you, but I would advise against wearing black as my cats tend to shed. And you MUST share my bed with all the pets as we don't want anything changed other than you and I.
Warning Michael. Shasta is very effectionate and I hope you won't mind her showing you so. Who knows, perhaps after a month with Shasta you could even change your mind about the muzzling and the ban.
I will allow you cetain access to my computer, but since you are in MY realm now, you will speak to my friends. My friends also have what you classify as Pit bulls. You just might learn something from all this. Plus I have tons of website for you to visit. It will teach you so many things you never knew before about the breed. You may come away a new and more appreciative man Michael.
It could be an experience of a live time and show you how some of the private sector lives. You may not like it, but perhaps you will understand up just a little more.
I really hope you take me up on my offer. I hope you don't mind, but there is a sink full of dishes that I haven't been able to get to due to being weak. Be a dear and clean then up for me won't you Michael.
Yours truly,

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Update on Video Presentation

I just thought I'd let you know that the video presentation is near completion and should be up very soon. Thanks to all that send me all the wonderful pic's. Without them, it wouldn't have been such a huge success. I really had fun doing this project and hope everybody get's to watch it...not only dog lovers, but everybody in general. I think you will enjoy it, and some of you may learn something from it.
I do hope that those of you sceptical of Pit bulls will take the time to view it. This shows their true nature, unlike what you hear of in the newspapers.
For the people that have read my blog and hear me talking about my Shasta and think I'm different from other Pit owners...well, that is just so untrue and this video proves this. I'm not going to give the ending away, but I get goose bumps when I watch it. (good goose bumps) LOL
So without saying any more, I will let you know when it ups and invite 'everyone' to view it.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mr. Pige On has Flown the Coop!

It's a beautiful morning, with the sun shining and Mr. Pige On's wing had mended beautifully. He's been flying around in my cramped little quarters, so I figured he was ready to be released.
It didn't take him long before he was up and away. Both wings strong and flying in the sky. As a precaution, I've left his carrier with food and water out on the patio up on the BBQ if he feels the need to come back... but somehow I doubt that, although a visit here and there would be nice.
What adventures he has to tell all his other pigeon friends that haven't seen him all this time. I'm sure he will exaggerate. LOL
So just to update you, I thought I'd let you all know that he mended nicely and with his mates.
Funny how you nurse something for so long and grow attached. Am I worried about him? Yes, a little, but I don't regret setting him free as he is a wild bird and needs his freedom. He found me one time, so if he feels like it, he will find me again.
Good bye Mr. Pige ON! Good luck!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nothing could go WRONG today!

This was my horoscope for today. Not that I look at them very often...and so many time's they are sooo wrong...but today, it couldn't have been any closer. LOL

September 22 - October 22Your adventurous spirit longs to go out and see the world, dear Libra. You are feeling braver than usual, and the independent, wild side of you is not scared to venture out. Under normal circumstances, you may not want to stray far from your home without the company of another, but on a day like this, you only need yourself and a good pair of walking shoes. Feel free to be a bit selfish about what you want to do and how you want to do it. The number one priority for you is to have a good time. Let others tag along if they want.

Today I went out and got so many signatures for the Breed Ban Amendment. Walking shoes were right, because I was walking EVERYWHERE! Not one person turned me down and if someone over heard me talking to a couple of people, they said they were interested in signing too. Naturally, that made for a VERY good day for me...and very incouraging!

Even in the stores shopping I never missed an opportunity to stop people and get their John Henry on the petition. Felt SOOOO FANTASTIC! Let's hope tomorrow will go just as well...or better!

I plan on asking a couple of the pet stores around the area if they would allow me to leave some petitions there. Any opportunity must be taken. The most they can say is, 'No.', but they signed my other petition against the BSL ban, so I think my chances are good. If everyone else is having the same response as me, we should have this one in the bag. WAAHOO!

My vision is much broader than winning in Ontario. Since other places are watching Ontario to see how the ban goes prior to adopting Bryant's bill as their own, this could change everything. Perhaps we could go Country wide. From there, other countries could follow. It's a great amendment and would get the responsibility on owners of ALL breeds without targeting any breed. That would eliminate the back yard breeders, the illegal dog fights, the puppy mills, etc. And the criminals couldn't just go off onto another breed as now they would be in the same trouble.

Now, THIS is how you clean up the streets and make it safer as far as the dog attacks. What will come next? I was thinking we need to take care of the innocent that can't fight for themselves...children, elderly, so much can be done and like the dogs, they need people like us to get on the podium and give them our best.

It's late and I'm exausted...but a 'good' exausted, so I bid you all good night.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


It’s much easier to blame the dogs than people, as you will see in each of these cases.
The first case in Ottawa shows the irresponsibility of both the owner of the cat and the owner of the dog. When you live in an apartment building or house, those units are only private properties within the confines of your own dwelling. Neither the dog, nor the cat should have been allowed in the hallways or the stairwells without supervision of the owners. One other thing I would like to comment on is the headlines. Headlines announce the attack was made by a pit bull. When you read the article, all through it you will read pit bull mix. Mixed with what, it does not say. The woman is the only person to make reference as pit bull.
I’m glad they are going to look further into this story, but in my option, both owners were negligent. Please read the
full story to view all the details.

In the second story in Toronto, it does state that the dog was a pit bull and shepherd mix. I reread this article several times as I didn’t understand why the dog was trained as a guard dog and although my assumption may be wrong, I'm wondering if the owner had rescued and taken in this dog because of taking the precaution of people entering her premises without knocking first.
Although it doesn’t state this, her actions tends toward her being responsible and quite aware that she must take precautions with her dog.
The boy entering the premises was an intruder and even the police state that the dog was protecting his own territory. It’s unfortunate about these attacks happening, but in both instances, they could have been prevented if only the people involved had abided by the rules. For the full story to the 2nd attack, please
go here.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

An Appeal to Hear Me Out...

I’ve decided to write something a little differently, that perhaps may make understandably for what my plea is all about and for the people who have a different point of view then mine and why this is so important to me to be heard. I’m just asking for an open mind and to hear me out. If you still disagree, that’s your prerogative. I can’t change minds, but I’m hoping to make you think and give this some consideration.
We can’t judge people based on the few such as Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, Paul Bernardo or Karla Homolka, nor can we judge all husbands or wives because of spousal abuse. We can’t distrust people because of pedophiles. These sick individuals are not typical of our society.
We can’t judge race because of terrible events that have occurred in the past. We can’t judge all teenagers, based on acts of violence that some have committed. There will always be some that are an exception to the rule, but do we harden our hearts to all people and look at them all as killers, rapists, and molesters? It would be a very sad and scary world we live in if we couldn’t put our trust in people.
So, I ask you this. Is it right to judge a breed of dog, by a reputation that has be handed down to by man? By a name man has instilled upon it? Can you not see that just like people, fear has led you to believe the worst in certain breeds that are no more deserving than man of judgement? If the breed of these dogs were in fact true, why do honest; loving people have them as part of their families, trusting them with their children and loved ones? I’m not speaking of drug dealers and gangsters. I’m talking about hard working, honest, law abiding citizens. What would they have to gain by keeping a vicious killer? They would have nothing to gain, but plenty at stake.
Do you think perhaps, because you don’t understand something, that it must be true? Have you taken the time to do thorough research, or do you take the word of what you see in the media, just as murderers and gangsters make headlines.
Often the media is misleading or covered up.
Did you know that some of these ‘killers dogs’ have given their lives to save lives? Did you know the Pit bulls have been used as Therapy Dogs because they don’t jump and panic if run over by a wheel chair accidentally? Did you know these dogs make excellent Search and Rescue dogs and matter of fact, did you know some of these dogs were involved in the 9-11 rescues?
But you don’t read about their breed in the paper when they have saved a child from drowning or a woman from a deadly snakebite. You only hear about the attacks and assume it is the whole breed, and so you judge.
If you searched out the net or the libraries, you would be amazed at the loyalty of these dogs that have saved peoples lives. But, do you even bother to look or do you prefer to assume the worst?
And what if by chance you are wrong? How will you feel when this loving, caring breed has finally gone into extinction, because this is what it is gradually happening.
Why are so many good and solid people fighting to have the myths and reputations of these dogs cleared? Why do we take the time? Could it be because we have solid evidence against the myths and reputations?
Did you know the Helen Keller herself had a pit bull as a Therapy dog? Did you know America's first war dog was a Pit bull named Stubby who earned several medals and the rank of sergeant for his service in W.W.I. He received a hero's welcome and was even honoured at the White House. He inspired the U.S. Military K-9 Corps. He also went on to become Georgetown University's mascot?
Do you remember Petey, in Spanky and our Gang? He was a beloved pit bull adored by young and old alike.
Has something changed them during all this time to make them vicious; or is it headlines that often refer to a dog as Pit bull when in fact, it wasn’t.
Right here in my own city, the police came to a home and shot it twice in the legs. Why? For the reason that, it was a Pit bull. What they didn’t know was that the dog was on a chain. In the news it was reported that the chain could reach the door to where the officers were standing, but upon further investigation, the dog couldn’t even get near the door, or close to the officers. The owners of their family pet are so distraught that they are suing the police for the vet bills. I hope they succeed.
I’m not asking you to take my word for it. I’m asking you to broaden your scope and find out fact from fiction, then base your decision on what you have learnt.
Thank you

Saturday, June 18, 2005

What DO They Keep in their Purse?

Shasta's Purse Posted by Hello
Shasta is continually in my purse when I leave the house and that is one personal item, which I like to think of my own person property. So since she seemed so interested it, I thought it high time to buy her one of her own.
Now, what would you assume a 2 ½ year old staffie would keep in her purse?
Are you the least bit curious? Well, let's take a peek, with Shasta's permission of course.

purse contents Posted by Hello
Hmmm…I see she has her favourite doggy cologne scent, Puppy. I love when she wears it. It has a wonderful scent and it helps condition her coat as well. She has some of her grooming items in here, such as a comb that she chewed on when she was much younger, and her handy dandy nail file for those emergency touch ups that you never know when you’ll need. Let’s look in side her wallet… she has her cookie snacks. Smart girl! You never know when you might need that little burst of indulgence. Sunglasses. Very smart! And look here, her very first sleeping plush toy. I believe it was suppose to be a funny looking ladybug. She still likes to keep it handy for when she’s sleeping. Well, isn’t she quite the little lady!
She’s the same way with the company she keeps too. She loves gentle mannered, happy and friendly dogs with a fun personality. Now, are any of you people reading this that have been afraid of Pit bulls feeling a little ridicules? After all, it’s not the dog that is mean, unless an owner trains it to be. But we don’t associate with any of them, do we Shasta! We would turn them in to the authorities the same way anyone else should and get those people off our streets. Shasta agrees. What's that you say Shasta? Oh you are soooo right! Shasta was just saying that nobody should judge on race, colour, creed or breed. Now I agree!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

HOT Dogs Can Be Cool!

Cool Shasta Posted by Hello
Shasta is taking time out from playing with her friend Lucy, to show you her cool shades. You can't see the pretty, silk, green and white bow scarf on the back of her collar. Obviously, she doesn't see very well with them inside, but outside she really enjoys wearing them. And why not, if the sun bothers our eyes, I would imagine the glasses must feel good for her too. Is that a hint to other doggy owners? Perhaps! *giggle*
When Linda brought Lucy over for a visit yesterday, I was shocked at how much she had grown. She's clearly catching up to Shasta and she's only 3 months old. Lucy is a purebred Heinz 57 and full of puppy energy. It amazes me to watch the two play. Shasta is so gentle with her dispite her size and energy and well aware that she is a puppy. It was my friend that was telling Lucy to be gentle. LOL But Shasta was enjoying the robust play of the pup. She was sharing her toys, her food and her water.
There is one toy she has that has a ball inside of a ball with holes, but they can't quite grasp the ball inside. It's a fun toy and Lucy loves to play with it. When it was time for them to go, my friend took the ball away from Lucy and returned it to Shasta's toy box. Shasta, not wanting them to leave, retreived the ball from her toy box and brought it back to Lucy. It was a sweet gesture. And while they were here, I wanted Linda to see Mr. Pige On, so we went into the other room to see him while Shasta babysat Luc. You could hear them playing from the other room, yet I know in no way would Shasta harm her in any way.
It made me feel so good to watch as Shasta played with such gentleness even though Lucy still has her sharp little baby teeth and her nips can be quite painful. But Shasta didn't mind one bit.
It makes me think that if only some people could see through my eyes and see what I see. If only they would take the time to see and to listen. It's not just Shasta, but misunderstood breeds. If they would only give us the time to show them, our dogs could melt a lot of harden hearts...but they won't take the time.
On a very POSITIVE note, I have not come across one person not anxious to sign this new petition for the amendments to the Pit bull Ban Law. Sometimes I take Shasta along with me and naturally she minds her manners. Quite often she attracts the people that I was about to approach. In her own way, she is helping to make amendments for her own breed and not even aware of it.
A funny thought just popped into my head. Headlines on front page; Pit bull Shasta helps to amend Michael Bryant's, Ontario Pit bull Law. LOL Best I teach her how to curtsy. Wouldn't that burn him up inside?! *giggle* And I feel very positive with this new amendment as this time there is a hired lawyer working our case, so Tryant Bryant won't be able to file all our signatures under 'Trash' this time.
Now, If other Provinces in Canada and States in the US that are looking to adopt Bryant's Bill 132, think of it. If we Ontarians have a victory with this at home, it will also most likely effect the other places that are looking at Bill 132. It could be a far vaster victory than just home. I'm excited!!!
I've got to go. I need some huggin' from my Shasta. Have you hugged your dog today?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

REMINDER! Lots of GREAT PICS...but MORE is Better...

I want to thank all the wonderful people who have contributed so many WONDERFUL and utterly fantastic pic's of pitties. I'm collecting quite a pile, but I sure could use a lot more. I want to blow people away for those that aren't familair how loving, loyal and comical these wonderful breeds actually are.
These pictures are from responsible owners and you will not find a vicious one in the bunch. This is the TRUE nature of our dogs that have not been taught to be vicious or mean as we do not abuse our pet family, but rather love them...and in return, they will go out of their way to please us, entertain us and simply give their all for us.
Please don't be shy. If you have pictures, don't hestitate to send them. I'm still waiting for as many as I can get.
Send them to and in the subject header, put Pit Pics. I know this will be worth the wait and let everyone know when it is completed. So come on...keep these wonderful picture coming.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart from Shasta and I and al of the other pitties that we are trying to break the myth and the false bad reputation of this very loyal breed.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

New Project...but need Your Help!

I'm making a video to put up on my page and I need pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.
It's regarding the positive side of the Pit bull breeds. I'm looking for cute pictures. Pictures with Pits and their owners. Pits and their friends. Pits with children. Pits with other animals. Funny Pits. Silly Pits. Pits dressed up in clothes. If you have any pictures you would like to contribute, you can email me at with the header saying 'Pit Pics'.
Come on Pittie owners and lovers, see if you can make me dream nothing but Pits and I'll let you know when it's done and up. It's for the breeds.
Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Reward of the BEST KIND...and MORE!

When I first started to blog, it was more of a release for me than caring if anyone was reading my blog posts, but as time went did my frame of mind. This avenue is one of the best ways to get to people that may not even be aware of a problem.
I have had many replies and emails and met a lot of friends a long this journey. Many that feel the same as I do and helping in this fight of liberating the breeds, know as Pit bulls and showing their true and positive nature, rather than the few that have ruined it by their owning a dog and teaching it the opposite of what this breed is all about.
At first, I felt alone in my battle for the dogs, but now I find so many of you out there that leave me comments, guestbook messages and email to let me know I'm one of many that are helping to make a difference. To these people, I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for helping me to push on and thank you for helping us reach a goal of showing that a Pit bull is not what a lot of people think.
One woman left me a comment that before comimg to my blog, she never realized what the nature of pit bull was. That the names given to some of these dogs were enough to scare the public. And I have to agree with her, that the names do hurt the dogs as so do the myths about them.
Pit bulls are only as dangerous as their owners want them to be...or make them to be, or they are thrown out as useless.
We not only want to get rid of the myths about pit bulls, but we desparately want to get rid of the owners that are doing this breed and any breed an injustice. We want them jailed, highly fined and not allowed to ruin another animals life by allowing them to own another animal.
Anyone that has followed any of my posts know I am from Ontario, Canada where the banning of Pit bulls has been passed, but with restrictions. I no longer fight against the BSL in my province, but rather for an amendment to this new law.
Amendments that would protect citizens from all bite attacks, regardless of breed. We want more responsibility placed on the owners and emphasize proper socialization, training and not allowing any inappropriate behavior. People who can not or do not abide by these rules do not deserve to own an animal. With a bite registry in place province wide, an assemby could track accurately offending dogs and their owners. Same with an education program aimed at dog owners, children, parents, service workers and the general public.
If we truly want to be protected from attacks, this makes a whole lot more sence than banning a specific breed and saying we are safe. We're NOT!
Pit bull bites ranked 4th on the list...from the bottom. Michael Bryant and the media has alarmed the general public by not providing fact. He is giving Ontarians a false sense of security by saying that banning Pit bulls will decrease the amount of attacks. If he really wanted to decrease attacks, then having all the above mentioned put into play would provide a real sense of security.
Dog owners across the province want our dogs name cleared, whether they be Pit bulls or any other breed. If we have a breed that has never committed a crime or does not even have the temperment to do such a crime, why should they be punished. Education with a proper registry in place would provide the safety that Michael Bryant has neglected to gather information on. Are you going to let a Health Minister that has not taken the time to educate himself on the issues dictate to you that false sense of security...or would you rather have facts and know your safety is a priority?
To see how much Michael Bryant really knows about this issue, go
here and watch the Citytv interview. It just might give you something to think about.
Well, I only started off wanting to thank a lot of people for their support, but as always...I've gone off in another direction. But hey...that's me! LOL

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Amazing Sniffer...

There are certain breeds of dogs that seem to be better at Search and Rescue, Police dogs that smell out drugs and even criminals, and are you aware that the Pit bull breeds are one of these fantastic dogs.
Let me tell you about an experience we have had with Shasta. My friend Cindy had a sore on her face and we had a very hard time keeping Shasta away from it. She was determined that she needed to lick it. Now Shasta is an extremely lovable dog, but I can normally get her to settle down once she says her hello's, but when Cindy came over, it was a completely different story. Shasta would try her darndest to lick Cindy's face, but only at the mouth and chin area.
We later found out that Cindy had cancer in that part of her face and needed to have extensive surgery. After she was checked out, they said the surgery was a complete success. Cindy's health continued to faulter though, rather than getting better. Shasta was still acting in the same manner, only now she left her face area's alone.
The doctors kept telling Cindy that it was a long process of recovery and that her feeling weak and lifeless was part of the healing process. It's been quite awhile since she had the surgery and should be showing some signs of recovery, but she continues to be going downwards and Shasta will not leave her alone.
Well, we finally received news that while the surgery was a complete success to her face, the cancer medizised through her blood stream and to her lymph nodes. She will be seeing the cancer doctor in a couple of weeks to see how they will handle it.
The awesomeness though is that Shasta knew something was wrong in her body even prior to the doctors realizing it and again when they told her it was all cleared up. I've heard of cases like this before of dogs reacting strangly and when the person goes to the doctor, they find a medical condition that needs to be treated.
It would be wise for the the medical profession to do some research into this and rather than banning dogs, let them use their talent to good use.
I've already posted before that I was gettig Shasta and myself ready for the St. John's Anbulance Therapy Dog Program, but because when Bill 132 was first proposed, that would alter our course of action and Shasta being under the breed, Pit bull was not allowed to proceed.
I've also noticed with me and my medical conditions that when I am going through a very bad time, Shasta stays close beside me the whole time. To the point that she does not even ask to be taken for walks. She quicky goes outside in the back yard to do her duty and straight back inside to be with me.
If that means I need to sleep day and night for periods of time, she is laying down right next to me and always close enough that she is touching me. She demands nothing from me and senses that I am ill. She's my comfort and although I live alone, I believe if I was in grave danger, she would find a way to bring help to me in some way. She's a very sensitive and truely remarkable dog and very in tune to sickness and disease. Perhaps we were destined to be together.
I've seen when I've been sick with the flu or with a head banging migraine. Shasta will stay quiet and does not vocalize like she normally does with her saying, 'Mom', as I believe she understands Mommy is sick and this is not the time to play or be comical. During those times when I am weak and barely can walk, Shasta comes with me, even if it is to the washroom.
When she was younger and this would happen, she would wine quietly and if I was sick to my stomach, she wanted to clean my face. Of course I put a stop to that and as she's become older, she seems to understand that staying near is what I need rather than her being afraid and trying to clean me off.
If some people that didn't understand, knew the compassion and and the unconditional love these dogs have for their families, they might just change their minds about the animal and not look so closely at what a dogs breed may be.
On another note, the Property Manager of where I live has a fear of dogs. Even more so to large dogs, as she was bit as a child. I asked her if it happened to be a pit and she said no. I was happy to hear that, at least. But what she asked me next made me feel very good. She asked me if I would bring Shasta with me to the office more often, so help her overcome her fears. She knows Shasta is friendly...and yes, she is fully aware of her breed, yet she has asked for me to bring her.
When I went to pay my rent on the first of this month, she was going to get up the courage to come aound from behind the counter and come closer to Shasta. I told Shasta to sit and I honestly believe Shasta knew that this woman had a fear, as rather than being her usual friendly self, instead sat quietly and still while she was being petted by her. She looked up at her with her pretty light brown eyes and let the woman know she enjoyed that by her smile, but she didn't move a muscle.
Dumb, vicious dogs? NOT! Shasta is 'special' to mean, but this is very much simular with her breed as I've talked to other pittie owners, but it's not the owners of this spectacular breed that needs to be convinced, it's the ones that have heard only the horror stories through the media. The ones that won't even 'try' to understand what these dogs are all about.
With me having Shasta though, she has already changed a lot of minds of people who once thought as the others did, so I guess it's a slow process. It's a shame we couldn't reach more people at one time, as it would disspell a lot of the myths that some people have regarding the Pit bull breeds. Walking past them with a halti or muzzle only validates in their minds that the myths are true. What can we do to help change their minds?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Child Serial Killer vrs Pit Bulls

Michael Bryant does NOT have all his faculties working. OBVIOUSLY... an understatement! The release of convicted Canadian serial killer, Karla Homolka (now using the last name of Teale) and Bryant saying she has paid her dues to society.
While she may have served her prison term, let's not forget that when they made the deal with her for a lighter sentence regarding information of her estranged husband, Paul Bernardo, at that time, police believed she herself was a victim of abuse from Bernardo. She made it appear as if he made her carry out his plans. But, after the plea bargain was made, is when they found out that she was not a victim at all, but a callus cold-blooded monster, equal to Bernardo himself.
The merciless tortured children they raped and killed while her and Bernardo videotaped the savage and brutal acts. She even drugged her younger sister, Tammy to give Bernardo the pleasure of raping her on Christmas Eve. This was a cold, planned and violent act, as were the other sick and twisted child killings. She worked at an animal shelter and was able to bring home drugs and supplies from work. Unfortunately, she over-dosed her sister and she died in her own vomit.
The mother's of the other girls have lost their daughters and had to relive each ordeal over and over again in court. How they could stand to sit through that day in and day out was heartbreaking, but so was losing their beautiful daughters, especially in such a sick and despicable way. The details are deplorable and those I know, I'm not going to repeat along with the wide published names of the girls, as let them rest in peace. Now with her soon to be roaming free while their daughters’ lives snuffed out forever; how must they and their families be feeling? I as a Canadian am appalled!
Homolka is about to be released and Michael Bryant says she's served her time. He was so adamant about banning Pit bulls province wide; yet here he is allowing a child murderer roam free countrywide. WHY; to allow her to kill still more innocent children?
He makes uneducated claims that all Pit bulls are dangerous and should therefore be banned province wide...yet, this same man, is allowing a convicted, sick criminal that HAS maimed, and killed her victims, not out of anger, but sick pleasure and releasing her to perhaps be 'your' new next door neighbour.
If banning Pit bulls is for the safety of all Ontarians, as he claims, then how is freeing a merciless child abuser and killer to roam anywhere in Canada she pleases, keeping our children safe from this monster?
Michael Bryant, YOU are a monster and if one of our children lay victim by this horrid murderess, it will be on your conscience...or do you even have one, which makes YOU dangerous!Have your say on
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