Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Skies the Limit!

My ex hubby and I may not have had a successful marriage, but I will always love him for the two wonderful kids we had together. There were plenty of good times in our marriage that what happened later, I was able to forgive. Even now, I always wish him well and lots of happness in his new life.
One thing I can tell you with complete honestly, is that he was (and is) a VERY hard worker and took pride in the job he did. Michael couldn't have had a better teacher to show him the ropes.

This is my son, Michael. With me totally frightened of heights (to an extreme), Michael watched his Dad, my ex as he was young and would be so proud that his Daddy was Spider Man! Naturally, Michael followed in his footsteps, with much concern on my part.
But Michael has a good head on his shoulders. He works hard and believed in doing a job well done. He also believes in safety! I couldn't be any more proud of Michael than I already am.
He is very sensitive to others, a gentle free spirit, giving, a very hard and loyal worker and I couldn't ask for any better. Does it sound like I beam when I speak of him? I can't help it, I love him sooo much!

This is the day they got stuck! No! I didn't know, thank God! But now that I do and that was quite awhile ago, I'm able not to worry. But I do admit, I never go to watch Michael work. I just CAN'T! My heart would be in my throat the whole time as I get dizzy if I step on a step ladder with only three steps. LOL

This is Michael's dog Spanky that you hear me talk about quite often. He's a PitPei and such a rascle and very loving. He's about 8 - 9 years old now. Notice he has the blue and pink tongue. Spank was the runt of the litter, but he has grown to be quite the hansome hulk. People's first impresion of him is caution as he can look very intiminating when you first see him...but looks can be very deceiving as we all know very well.
He loves children and people and Petu can still put him in his place. Shasta adores him...and visa vera. Spanky is the one that if disobedient, I call upon Mr. Paper.
Now when you hear me talk about my family, you have faces to put behind the names.


Flex said...

Spanky is about as close to a lookalike to Boo as you will find. Of course, her tongue was not blue and the only white on her was a cross on her chest... other than that pitch black.

Flex said...

Pit-pei...ROFL :-)

Amstaffie said...

You've got a beautiful family. I can tell you are very proud, as you should be! I wouldn't be able to watch either. Don't get me wrong, I love heights & an adrenaline rush, but I don't know about watching him do his job! *yikes*

Conners said...

Flex...I thought Boo was fawn like Shasta? You better pit up a page of her as I'm really confused. Shasta and Spank don't look at all alike.
As far as PitPei, Spanks mama was a purebred Sharpei and his daddy a that makes him a PitPei, I think? LOL Usually I say PeiPit since this new bill came in. If you say it fast enough, it sounds like a totally different breed all together. *giggle*
Andee, between family (human and fur), great friends and the Lord, I usually feel like the riches person in the world. I have so much love coming from them and love them all unconditionally. Yesterday I took the time to remember my blessings rather than getting boggled down in problems. Today I am so much more refreshed and happy.
To Flex and Andee...I found my way out of the windowless, doorless room. AMEN!

Flex said...

nope.. she was jet black...

Little man was fawn...

Tippy was a Red Rednose...

"Im workin on some posts about them" Its tak'n awhile i have them saved in 'draft' mode.

and it looks like Shasta is a red rednose to me, but i could be wrong! Fawns usually have a black nose.