Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Demands for Muzzles Can't be Kept up by Suppliers


Seems the rush of getting muzzles for your pittie as been so over-whelming that the suppliers have not been able to keep up to the demands of making enough muzzles to send to the retailers in London, Ontario. I can't speak for the other cities, but would imagine it is the same.
Cindy and I went from pets store to pet store with Shasta yesterday, trying to find her a muzzle. All they have is muzzles for small dogs, as they are not in demand and have plenty of them.
I finally signed up to several of the better stores to phone me when they receive new stock as they have waiting lists. In the meantime, I did buy her a comfort muzzle, just so I have one ( and it's legal) to tide me over until I can get her a proper one.
In the stores, she was so obedient and friendly, that all agreed that it was a crazy law for me to have to muzzle such a sweet tempered dog. She socialized with people and other dogs and always remained calm, friendly and obedient. She won the hearts of everyone she met. I felt so proud as she gathered attention without even trying. She just has one of those personalities that people and animals are attracted to.
I'm not keen on the muzzle I got her, as, as soon as it says to take caution and to be fully superised while wearing the muzzle, it makes me wonder why. But, as I said before, this will give me time to get one that I will feel will be more secure, but without all the restrictive devices that you would get for an aggressive dog.
In some ways, this is very simular as her gentle leader (halti), only it goes around the neck and the snout. She will be able to pant, breath and drink with it, and the sales clerk suggested that during our bike riding adventures, that I loosen the snout part a little looser for her safety.


phred said...

Sorry about your dog / muzzle woes.. It is unfair that all should have to be regulated because a few will not be responsible. We don`t have muzzle laws where I live in Texas.. we don`t even have a dog-catcher.

Amstaffie said...

Shasta is such a pretty girl, it doesn't matter what kind of muzzle she has on, she'll still be beautiful!

I know Shasta's mommy isn't going to let her have just a plain muzzle, it'll be fixed up to match Shasta's personality!

Oh yeah Conners, glad to be back too! Not having a computer.... BITES! :)

Conners said...

Can't you just imagine 90% of all Ontarian moving to Texas with their pitties?!!! The responsible owner ones only. LOL
I'm thinking that now that I have this temp muzzle, I just might decide to make one after all. Then it will be to MY specifications and Shasta will look and feel good in it too. Naturally, it WILL be pretty and although it will do what it's suppose to do, it doesn't have to be uncomfortable and binding.
Going out and seeing all the different kind, even if they were all too small for her, gave me loads of idea's and to combine some of those idea's just may well be the route to go.
Hey! If Michael Bryant can say, 'If it looks like a pit bull, walks like a pit bull, barks like a pit bull, wags it's tail like a pit bull, then it's probably a pit bull.'
So take his logic and put it to wards a muzzle, then it must be a muzzle. From what I've seen, if it's got muzzle somewhere stamped on it, then it's a muzzle. I can do that! LOL

smoochdog said...

I know I have some catching up to do on your blog - but where you live there is a LAW that pitties must wear muzzles?