Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Worrying NEEDLESSLY...and making new friends...

All my worries about the camping trip were soon removed shortly after we got our site setup. My brother mentioned that he paid money to rent the lot, so therefore it was private property.
At first I keep the muzzle on Shasta (just in case), but did give her a longer line than just the 1 1/2 metres. The next day, we received a new neighbour and when I approached him to find out if he felt threatened by Shasta is she were not to wear her muzzle while tied up on our property, he said he also had a pittie cross with rottie and had he known he could bring his dog, he would have.
The next morning when my Mom awoke, she noticed their vehicle was gone and when I wole up, she bet me they had driven all the way back to Windsor to pick up his dog to bring her back.
She was right and Shasta seemed to sense it and when she saw their car approaching she stayed glued with excitement waiting to see their dog.
Her name is Mercades and she was beautiful and friendly, same as Shasta. They became great friends and Shasta enjoyed the playtimes they had together.


Gary told me that as of Monday, ALL dogs in Windsor needed to be muzzled, not only the pit bull owners. Even the little ankle biters. Let's see how all the owners will feel about this muzzle law. It could produce a chance if enough responsible owners are dissatified with this new bylaw.

Even me walking Shasta on the muzzle didn't detere people fromcoming up and showing Shasta the positive response that she normally gets.
This made her happy and seeing her happy of course made me feel happy.

It also gave me an opportunity to talk about the amendments we are trying to make to the new Ontario Law and of course I gave them the site so they could print out the petition to add their names to the list. Never let an opportunity go past with out informing people THEY can make a difference. A lot of other tpes of dog owners also agreed. Shasta and I worked at educating people even on our much needed holidays.


Amstaffie said...

Glad to have you back!!! Hope you got some much needed rest. September 12th is coming up really fast!

I'm glad to see that you didn't have to keep Shasta locked up like a criminal while you were camping. She is such a lovely dog, people need to see her and see how great she is!!!

It's apparent that it's not everyone that thinks pit bulls are bad. I would also like to see a little fu-fu dog wearing a muzzle and see how their owner feels. I don't think that they'll like it too much either. What is made for one, should be made for the other... or not made at all.

Conners said...

But it's still the dogs being punished when it should be the owners. Maybe oners should wear the muzzles to see how it feels.
Yeah...the camping trip was relaxing and I picked acorns for my squirrels for when I got back, although I left them enough peanuts for a week. *giggle* They took my big planter and all, but were they glad to see me.
The sad part was me losing Ruby my fish. He wasn't well before I left and although I kept coming back in concerned about BrandyCat being so old, Ruby was still alive the day before I got home.
I remind myself a Betta doesn't live long. Perhaps 3 years, but still, he was family and that was sad.
I'm going to post about what all we have planned prior to the meeting. Londoners are really pulling together on this. Wait until you read what is planned. LOL