Thursday, October 13, 2005

Today went to the dogs...

My girlfriend and her pup spent the night at my place last night. She noticed a small lump between Shasta’s dewclaw, so today we took her to the vet. It’s a small cyst that comes from hair oils, or I suppose that would be fur oil.
The vet said it wasn’t dangerous, as in cancer or anything, and because of where it’s located, he didn’t really recommend surgery. He said it’s small and in about three weeks should burst by itself and then to dab peroxide on it with a cotton ball. While I was there, I decided she might as well get her DA2P/PV shot and she’s all done until you needs her next rabies shot in another two years. He gives her the shot that are given every three years now after her first year.
Afterwards we went to the pet store and enjoyed ourselves trying on the latest fashions, meeting with people and their dogs, along with buying some things for her and the cats.
Naturally, I asked people if they were aware of the new dog park and invited them to the Grand Opening. One woman I was talking to told me about a woman that trained dogs and believes she also trains them for Service Dogs too. She gave me the name of a trainer along with the school and I will give her a call tomorrow and check it out. She also told me about a fun Flyball place here in London that she thought Shasta might enjoy. The vet also gave me a list of area trainers/schools, and said if they didn’t train Service Dogs, that perhaps they could give me some information of who to contact. It’s a start.
Hours later, LOL we left the store and while driving home noticed there were some people and dogs already in the new leash free park that's opening this week-end and decided to go and take a look. It’s HUGE! Totally fenced in with lots of paths to take too.
Just as we were walking towards the park, we noticed two women quickly gathering up their dogs and getting ready to leave. Linda quickly spoke up and told them that both our dogs were friendly. They insisted that they were leaving anyway. One had a rottie, while the other a big shepherd. As the shepherd passed by Shasta, he tried to make a quick, aggressive lunged to Shasta, almost biting her face. Shasta kept walking with me as the woman apologetically told us her dog wasn’t. I was glad that her dog's aggression didn't phase Shasta.
Once inside, Linda let Lucy go, but I wouldn’t take the leash off Shasta, as she’s not allowed off the leash, even in a leash free park because of her breed. Still she had fun with the dogs there and the people there (especially this older woman) kept telling me to let her have a little romp. I wanted to, but was so nervous. All that were there were encouraging me to let her have a run with the others, as they saw her gentleness, good nature and the way she allowed especially this little white puppy that adored her to jump all over her as she lay down on her back to let the little one play.
Maybe it was wrong, but I decided to give her this chance of freedom before the total ban came in. She was so happy and never ventured very far away, but must have sniffed every patch of grass and bush from the scent of all the other dogs ever to been at the park previously.
Linda was snapping pictures with her digital. I’m glad one of us remembered to bring our camera. She’ll send me the pictures later on tonight, through email.
After Shasta had a nice little run and play, I leashed her back up in case someone else came into the park that might not be so friendly. Even then, the sweetest and tiniest dogs came running towards her to play. She really attracts the puppies and just loves them. Their owners not one bit concerned as to her breed.
There were dogs of all breeds there. Some pedigree and others mixed breeds. Regardless, they were having so much fun. I had never seen a miniature Doberman before. Shasta was confused by it too. It looked like just a pup, yet I guess it smelt more like a grown up dog. It was exactly the same colour as Shasta and talk about Mutt and Jeff in size, but the dog adored her. So from the miniature to a Burmese Mountain dog. They came in all sorts and sizes. Both Lucy and Shasta felt like they were in doggy heaven. Lucy was the greeter. She greeted all the dogs as they entered into the park as if playing hostess as welcome into her park. LOL
People were coming and going all the time and as one woman entered, Linda and I noticed she patted Lucy, but kept her dog and her away from Shasta. That didn’t bother me until we got ‘the look’. I was also very thankful that Shasta was leashed as ‘that look’ could have caused problems for us other wise.
Linda couldn’t believe how most people adored Shasta, but from a couple of them, there was ‘that look’ again. It was the first time she had actually witnessed discrimination because of Shasta’s breed rather than by her nature.I can’t say honestly that it doesn’t bother me, as inside it does. I’m not the type of person that cares what people think, but when it comes to Shasta, it does hurt that they are ignorant in their way of thinking and can opening show it in their faces. It’s a disgusted kind of look. I remind myself that there are shallow minded people in this world, but out of everyone that was there while we were, only two had the brains of a nat. Still, that was two too many. I’m just glad that Shasta isn’t aware of it and with Lucy spending the night with her, the dogs she met at the vet, the pet store and the park, she had a WONDERFUL doggy time!


Amstaffie said...

Glad you're back...

That's so great that you & Shasta had so much fun! Those ignorant people just don't want to admit that their way of stereotyping is wrong.

Conners said...

If it was a look of fearor nervousness, I could understand it. But when someone openly gives you a look of discust, that's just plain out and out RUDE! It's like making a statement without words.
The other people were GREAT! They wanted her to have a good time and felt that everything that was happening to them was so unfair. They all knew it depended on the owners. So I wasn't about to let the couple of ignoramasses spoil our day! Bow wow Pow Wow is today and tomorrow is the Grand Opening. We are as welcome as everybody else and Shasta and I plan to have LOTS of fun!!!