Saturday, October 01, 2005

Shasta's SPECIAL Message!!!

"Why are you all prettied up today Shasta with your beautiful necklace and earring?"
" You're already! Oh my GOSH! I totally forgot?"
"What's that you say?"
"Are you kidding? You want me to sing on my blog?"
" I'm not sure I should really sing Shasta. Come let me whisper in your ear and tell me if this is ok."
psssssst psssst psssssst psssssst pssssst...
"So what do you think about that?
"PERFECT! goes!"
"What else did you want me to add?"
"OHHHH...but of course!!!
To wish Andee your own birthday wishes, visit her at


Amstaffie said...

Oh Shasta, you didn't have to get all dressed up on my account. But I must say, it brightened my day... turning another year older wasn't something I was looking forward to when I woke up this morning.

Thank you Connie; you & Shasta are very special to me!!!!! Love ya lots! *hugs*

Conners said...

She INSISTED she wanted to get all dressed up for Auntie Andee's birthday and we are drinking strawberry bubble tea to celebrate your birthday too.
She got the first batch that when my chopper/blender/mixer thingy decided to burst from the ice and went EVERYWHERE in the kitchen (whooooeee) she got all the stuff that went to the floor. *sticky sticky* The second batch I crushed with a hammer *giggle* Still have all my hands and fingers, plus saved some ice from the first one and it is DELICIOUS...except I didn't know you were suppose to cook the Tapico Black Pearls and has a warning not to eat it that was another boo boo I made and wondered why they tasted so yucky.'s all in chinese abd red writing. My eyes don't read red well, plus it's small...and the translation into english is not quite right. For pot, they have a lot of guess work involved. So THIS TIME I think I have it right, but I already had one without the tapicia black pearls and it was good that way until I reached the bottom and got a mouthful of raw pearls. hehehehe Your birthday is quite exciting here in Canada. LOL And what is birthdays without fun!!!