Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Bow Wow Pow Wow Gang came back!

Yesterday, we had another gathering of our dogs again. It was just Bow Wow Pow Wow fun this time to keep the dogs socialized. Not everyone was able to attend this time, so we are missing 3 people and their dogs. One of the dogs, a male is nearing close to the year mark and this is an extremely crutial time for him to be socialized. What was Michael Bryant thinking? But then, what does he know about dogs???!!!
There are different stages a dog goes through, and each stage is important to get them through them as easily as possible. Proper socialization is KEY...but that's pretty hard when we have to keep them either secluded, muzzled and short leashed. We're lucky to have our Bow Wow Group, but even those for some of the younger dogs aren't enough. They need this frequently and as often as possible.
You can't expect a child to know how to act properly without peers, and this is exactly the same for the dogs, especially those that haven't fully learnt their socialization skills.
The one woman with the younger dog lives out of town, yet it's still under London, and she travels the distance just to bring her dog to learn these skills and socialize. That's pretty sad that it's come to this. We are trying to work on something more permanant as we can't keep invading people with fenced in back yards...not that they mind and keep inviting us back. The funny part is she has three dogs of her own, but none of them Pit bulls. But she also understands the importance being a member of a dogs association.
To view the various events that Shasta and I have been to, got to Collectively Conners and view my albums. When people tell me my life is going to the dogs! I do believe they are right!!! LOL

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