Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I might have been too quick on the draw...

City Hall might not have gone on with the proposed bylaw in London, Ontario, but it looks like the pittie owners may have to make a lot of the changes regardless.
We still aren't sure what and of course, being so close to Christmas, they will hit us good at a bad time of year. Sorry grandchildren, if your Christmas is spoiled because the City has some surprises for Gramma she wasn't expecting! *sob*
A friend of mine just bought a new house. It should have been a great move, except her insurance company was about to drop her because... you guessed it, she has a pit bull. She was frantic and searching EVERYWHERE and even posting on the net to find someone who would take her. Out of desperation, she said she owned a mutt. Hopefully they don't find her out, but it's sad that it's come to this.
Law abiding citizens are needing to be sneeky when it's not in their nature all for the love of their dog.
I also found out, that the licensing is going from $25 a dog to $130 a dog if it is a put bull or pit look alike. And not only that, as if you had a second or third dog, the rates get cheaper for the next two, but not if it is a pit.
Many of these dogs have been rescued and the city is punishing those that have rescued dogs too. It's sad that you do a good turn and the city trys their darnest to make it hard on you.

I don't know if microchipping will still be enforced, but I got Shasta done anyway. Here she is with her baby T saying, 'It was a big pinch!'
At the Grand Opening of the new dog park, they had a Microchipping Booth for a small donation of $20 you could have your dog done. People were bringing one dog and finding out about it, that they took their dog home and brought another. The average price for Microchipping varies from $45 to over $100. The London Dog Owners Association were hoping as many people with Pit bulls would show up to take advantage of it. It was for any dog of course, but the Pitties were the real reason for the Clinic set up.
As things keep cropping up, we keep finding out more, yet nothing is official yet and we were told nothing would happen until the next meeting.
The City Hall Meeting as nothing but a play for the citizens, as their minds are already made up. That was the same with the Provincal ban. Only the Liberals voted for it. The rest of the parties were wanting what we are now fighting for. But since the Liberals hold the majority of the seats, it was a no win situation and the Liberals lied to the media and public and said 90% of Ontario citizen were for the ban. BULL! And I don't mean Pit bull!
I'll keep you updated (naturally!) as I find out more. They have taken away the Freedom and Rights of people that is in the Constitution. All I can say is, Clayton Ruby...DO YOUR STUFF and go GET 'EM!


Faira said...

Conner, It seems it is always like that, the responsible pet owner always seems to pay for the irresponsible pet owner. And the gentle pets of a breed pay for the viciousness of a few. Pit Bulls also have a bad Rep here, along with the Rottweiler.

My husband went to the grocery store a couple years ago and when he was putting the groceries away in the car a Rottweiler in the bed of a pickup next to his car, viciously attacked him by biting into his arm, by the time he got the dog off him his upper arm was a mess. He had to go into the Docter immediately and have stiches, the Doctors are required by law to report Dog attacks. The owner said her dog had never done anything like that before and tried to put the blame on my husband ... For putting his groceries in his own car?!

I believe she knew her dog to be vicious and was a very irresponsible pet owner. My husband said he was glad that it happened to him and not to me or another woman or a baby in their Mothers arms or a small child.

We blame the pet owner, who should not have left a vicious pet, unattended in the back of her pickup truck in a grocery store parking lot!!

Conners said...

You are absolutely right Faira. The dog should not of been left unattended in the back of a pickup truck. For one, it looks at the truck as it's property and of course is going to defend it.
That owner, had they have been responsible and needing to take the dog with them, should have put it in the cab of the truck with the windows mostly up to prevent it from attacking anyone. WHEN WILL PEOPLE USE THEIR GOD GIVEN BRAIN????
I'm sorry about your husband and hope his injuries are not too severe, but as he said, what if it was a small child in it's mothers arms?
But you watch what happens. The dog will probably be put down and the owner go away scott free and already blaming your husband must have done something wrong. People like that don't realize no matter how friendly a dog may be, you never put it in a situation where it can cause harm to anyone. Would they leave a small child unattended in the back of a truck?
Irresponsible owners are making it very difficult for the rest of us responsible owners to keep our dogs.
From what I've noticed Faira is that now that the law here is looking so much towards the pit bulls and their owners, the other owners of dogs are breaking our bylaws (which are meant for ALL dog owners) as if it's not meant for them anymore. It's CRAZY! See why I come to your blog to relax? LOL
I hope your husband insists on restitution from the owner for being careless. The dog was HER RESPONSIBILITY!!! For another, she shouldn't have parked so close to other cars. Who knows if her dog protects her premises too. Does she not think the same could happen in her truck. STUPID, STUPID PEOPLE!!!!
On a quick last note, I bet if the dog was not of one of the feared breeds, the doctor would not have written up the report and sent it in.