Friday, October 07, 2005

GRAND OPENING of London's New Off Leash Park!

WAHOO! This sounds like FUN and Pit bulls are also invited!!! Wanna go Shasta?
Yeah! Me too!!!
Can you believe John Wade will be there!!!! We better tell Auntie Cindy to come with Pooh. If John Wade can't fix him, nobody can! *giggle*
Oh don't you worry Shasta, I already invited Auntie Linda with Lucy.
YES! YES! All your other friends with be there from the Bow Wow Pow Wow!
You're excited? Hey! Well so am I. Do you want to get into some contests?
WHAT? I HAVE to bring treats? Sheesh, I'd thought you'd do them just because they are fun.
Don't worry lil' girl, Mama will bring your baby powder scented poop bags. Now all we have to concentrate on is what you are going to wear!
Do you want to tell the folks all about it or should I? Well go ahead then and tell them.

The London Dog Owners' Association invites all to attend the GRAND OPENING of the City of Londons' New Off Leash Park! on Sunday October 16th from noon to 4 p.m. located at Stoney Creek Dog Off Leash Park, Adelaide St. north of Windermere Rd.
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: 1 p.m.;
Guest Speaker: Dog Behaviouralist John Wade;
Contests and talent events with prizes and refreshments!;
Microchipping clinic while supplies last!;
Pet photographer!
For more info, contact Beth Sayler at 453-9452 or visit our website at:

Very GOOD Shasta! I couldn't have done better myself!


Faira said...

I wish we had things like that here in my hometown, Albany, Oregon.

You had fun and met some very nice people. Just reading through your Blog, I know you must touch many lives with your warmth,laughter and sweetness.(: Faira

Amstaffie said...

Yippee Shasta! That sounds like a lot of fun!!!! I know if you go, you'll show everyone how a little lady pittie is suppose to be. Make us proud, you always do! :)

Conners said...

Well, naturally, Shasta won't be off leash, but she says she doesn't care. It's just BEING there that's important.
We will have to see what the bylaw proposes after Oct. 28th to see if pit bulls are even allowed in leash free parks PERIOD!
I'm trying to get her out as often as possible to be around other dogs of all kinds prior to the muzzling.
After that last mishap of the other dog growling at her muzzle, she's more afraid of it than ever.
I wish Oct 29th could kind of not happen. You know...go from Oct 28th to Oct 30th. Oh but I dream! LOL

Dak-Ind said...

We have a few off leash parks in the metro area here, but of course we dont LIVE in the metro area. What a great thing they are, though.

Conners said...

We have a few in London already. The only problem for us pittie owners are that we are not allowed to let ours off the leash anymore and probably will be banned from the parks after Oct. 28th.
But then, what socialization would they get with the other dogs as they stand by leashed and muzzled as they watch other dogs romping freely?
Great for the other breeds though. Just wish we weren't discriminated against as our dogs need the socialization too and it's sad being a mom with a discriminated, loving dog at her side that has never shown a mean bone in her body from the time she was born.

Amstaffie said...

I wish we had a dog park around here... I think there may be one in the Charlotte area, but that's a good 1/2 hour drive from here. I live near a park, which unfortunately has a pound located in it & shamelessly gasses poor strays. I can take my dogs, but they have to stay on a leash.

Conners said...

OUCH! I certainly wouldn't want to go to THAT park! When you say pound, do you mean a State funded pound or the HS, or are these private pounds? Do they adopt animals out too and find owners?

Amstaffie said...

I'm not exactly sure, all I know is it's a part of County police. Animal Control of our county. So I guess maybe that's state funded???

When I went to the dog festival, they had a petition that we all signed to "stop the gassing". There was an article in the paper about it a month or so ago.

The pound says that it's too expensive to give every dog an injection & that it's cheaper to gas a lot of dogs at one time. *grrr* How do they think the dogs feel all being put in a cage & then slid into a chamber... talk about getting stressed.

They do adopt animals out, but I'm not sure how long they keep them. It breaks my heart to go up there. There's an agility course right behind the pound & you can see the dogs & cats when you're walking around there. :( *sniff*

Conners said...

I know we are talking about animals and not humans, but all the same, GASSING IS WRONG AND UNHUMANE! Too many need to be put down? Holy smokes, it doesn't seem like they try very hard trying to find their homes or look for new homes if they have THAT many to gas at once. grrrr... That is the saddest. What has happened to humanity?!