Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Effects of the BSL on me as REALITY sets in...

Do you ever get that sick feeling down in your gut, that makes you gag and you feel like you are going to vomit, but you don’t. Your insides shake and your nerves are totally on edge. Every fibre in your body hurts and your muscles ache where you didn’t even know you had them? The bad headache won’t go away no matter what you take for it and you are in all around BAD shape.
Well, the reality of the 60-day phase in period that is just about here on the 29th is doing a number on me. Am I prepared properly? Is the type of muzzle I have for Shasta acceptable to what the province is suggesting?
You THINK you are ready, but as time closes in, you begin to second guess yourself and wonder, have I forgotten something important? Will Shasta be properly protected? Have I done what the province requires of me?
We still are unsure of the cities bylaws that will be informed about Oct. 31st. Do they have something up their sleeve we aren’t prepared for?
I TRY not to worry about the what ifs, but when this could mean the matter of life and death of my beloved Shasta, how can I not worry that I might have left out something very small, but vital?
The weather is getting colder here in Ontario. For most, a simple jacket would suffice, but with my health problems and my body being a human barometer without many of the necessary medications I’m suppose to be on, I’m sinking fast. The tears are turning on much quicker and I’m not getting Shasta out on her walks every day like I should be doing. I feel like such a bad Mommy, as I know it’s important, but my body just won’t work to do it. Stress is dictating to my body.
Shasta's not complaining and knows when I’m not doing well. But that’s not the point, her very sense of freedom will be completely denied to her and I’m helpless to do anything about it. The best I can do is pray and put my faith in to the hands of the Lord and Clayton Ruby and try with all my heart he will win the amendments we are seeking and taking our lovable creatures off the ban list.
Daily as I search through the Internet and see the horror happening, not only to our wonderful breed, but other animals and breeds, I wonder when did humanity change? When did they become so callas and cold hearted? When did life become so invaluable, whether it be a person or an animal?
It’s not just Ontario that is upsetting me, but the spread of this global disease called BSL. The media are having a hay day at our dogs expense and now bringing fear into the uneducated about other breeds that they know nothing about.
A golden retriever attacked a victim and it took 50 stitches. Did the media jump on that story? NO! It was a brutal attack, yet it wasn’t the breeds of dogs that make our headlines. How could THAT be ignored? A person was viciously attacked and no mention. Why? Because it wasn't one of the breeds the media storms to, to get the story.
I shake my head and don’t understand. I suppose I never will. All I can do is fight against what I so strongly believe. Will it help? I hope so. GOD, I hope so!
Usually I feel positive and my insides tell me we will win, but as the time nears closer… and closer, that positivism slowly gets swept away.
What crime has our dogs done to deserve this bad reputation, when not that many years ago, they were dubbed as hero dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs and loyal and loving family pets. Because of a small percentage of people, the media and the irresponsible owners and crooks, they have destroyed what many people know to be honourable and loving companions.
No, they aren’t for everybody, just as many people shouldn’t have small dogs. Some people shouldn’t have ANY pets PERIOD!
When I look at Shasta, what do I see? I see a beautiful, well manners and friendly dog that I am proud to have as part of my family. I don’t see anything frightening about her. She may not win ribbons if put in a dog show, but she has won my heart and that’s better than a ribbon any day. What am I seeing the some people are not?
She could so easily over take me at 50 pounds and me only 80. Yet, she doesn’t because her whole being is doing what pleases me. Her only requirement is my love and that she definitely has. Yet I get that ‘open disgusting look’ from a few uneducated, brainwashed people that believe that all Pit bull are vicious. That they will turn on you and your loved ones in time. How absurd is that kind of thinking?
You can take a Pit bull that has been trained to fight, and after it is rescued from the hands of the cruel owners that have left them to die, many, through love and proper care turn into solid doggy citizens and many have turned into hero’s that you no longer read about.
Even the hero dogs here in Ontario that have been recognized and rewarded for their extreme bravery are treated as criminals now and also are needed to be muzzled and on short leashes. The owners and dogs are guilty of something they have never done unless we can prove them innocent…and even then, for how long?
Yes the time is nearing and we don’t know what will happen. We are being discriminated against for no reason other that we have a family member known as Pit bull.On my side bar, you will see a link called ‘BREED BANS: Legislated Hate’. Please view it and see the asinine, senseless ban for what it is.


Anonymous said...

Aww, your post made me cry. Please cheer up, I know it is hard, but there are people out there who understand your pain and are doing everything they can to help the dogs and their owners. I feel so bad to see you so upset!

It isn't fair by any means, but you have to remember that all the fighting is worth it when you look into Shasta's eyes. I will give my puppies an extra hug tonight, and say a prayer for you and Shasta!


Amstaffie said...

I agree with lauraleigh. Connie, cheer up, look at how far you've came... You know they have changed the insurance policy, that wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for you & the others!

We have faith in our Lord, we need to give it to HIM, 1Peter 5:7. He knows the cry and pain in our hearts... He was there, persecuted just as our dogs.

Chet said...

Cheer up^^

Conners said...

Thanks all of you! Sometimes when you think you'd had about all you can take...encouragement and little reminders can set you back on the straight and narrow again.
I can't honestly say I'm 100%, but when I read what all of you have written, even the couple of words from Chet, it's like getting much needed strength and hugs to continue this battle.
Thanks Laura, Andee and Chet. And Andee, that verse helped a LOT!
*hugs to all*