Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dogs with human characteristics...

I guess being raised amongst people that dogs learn our characteristics, and Shasta has definitely learnt from the grand kids! Fooled you didn't I; you thought I was going to say me!
She has a cyst on her leg right between her dew-claw. I had taken her to the vet about it and because of where it's located, he's adviced me to let it burst on it's own. *OUCH*
Now, having cysts myself ever the years, I know that they are quite painful, no doubt about that. But, I've noticed that when I baby Shasta while I nurse it, my poor baby looks like she's soooo sad. I'll show you what I mean.

Isn't that pitiful?
Well, not even 3/4 of an hour later while I was busy doing something, I could hear her and Petu playing up a storm. So what happened to my sad baby with the so sore foot? I caught her in the act with my camera.

Not only that, but once she started playing with one of her favorite toys, Lambie, she was all over the place!

Amazing how child-like our comical fur-kids really are and why we love them sooo much!


Sam I Am said...

Thank you for sharing ,You have a AWESOME blog, Lots of reading .
Lol, liked the pictures

Conners said...

Thank you sam i am,
I really enjoyed yours too and it gave me a break from what we are going through right now.
It's like a refreshing breath of air!