Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pit Bull Ban:Day 1 - Please HELP our Pit Bulls

Here is a site where you can oppose the Pit bull Ban. They will be collected and help with our fight making ammendments to the already Pit Bull Ban which came in full swing TODAY!
I ask everyone to fill out the registration FOR the Pit bulls. Tell your friends, neighbours, cousins, family, just anybody and everybody that opposes the breed ban. Help our Pitties PLEASE!
We are just beginning our battle. Today may be Day One, but we still have a chance at changing this. The battle isn't over, but we need all the support we can get.
I've registered and filled all the catagories with yes'.

A short story of Shasta's and our last walk of freedom (muzzleless) yesterday evening while at the store. Everyone made such a fuss over Shasta even knowing her breed. She felt like a star and I was grateful for the kind words of people talking to us.
On our way home, we passed a small group of people. The one woman saw Shasta and must have thought her gentle leader was a muzzle. Out loud she exclaimed, "Oh NO! THOSE THINGS SHOULD BE SHOT! What's WRONG with these teenagers!"
I'm tiny, but by far NOT a teenager. I was almost going to comment I was a mother of two grown adults and grandmother of 2...but why waste my breath on ignorance. Her mind was made up. I would have liked to tell her that Shasta was going into the St. John's Ambulance Course to help the seniors and sick kids before bill 132 had first come in. But people like that just don't listen to realism and my words would have been futile. That would have left me more frustrated, so I left the remark alone and just kept walking with my perfectly mannered Pit bull.
I even made sure I needed to re-adjust my backpack (which didn't need adjusting) just so she could see that Shasta sat the whole time it took for me to do it, and only on command did she stand and walk with me.
When I came to the edge of the road before crossing, she sits and awaits my signal to 'come'.
If nothing else, I showed her I had a well behaved and well trained 'killer beast' at my side. LOL

I also have the addy in my links on my side bar, so PLEASE get everyone to take a minute and fill it out!


Amstaffie said...

I put my 2 cents in!

Conners said...

Thanx and GOOD GIRL! I HOPE others do the same. We NEED it! Tell others to fill it in too. It's so crutial for the pit bulls.

Sam I Am said...

Thats sounds great .I'm in

Conners said...

Thanks Sam I Am, any friends you have let them know too. The more signatures there are the better. It shows we have support all over the globe. The owners and dogs appreciate you!!!!

JuliaR said...

I’ve been aware of this stupid legislation since it was introduced and every time someone made an argument against it, I thought it would get shot down. But it never did. It will stay on the books for some time and maybe one day, an MPP will see the light and work to repeal it. It is only there (as well all know) for “political” reasons and vote-getting. Dogs are dogs and some are bad dogs because of their genetics but they are all individuals and cannot be judged on their genetics, just like people cannot be judged by their genetics. Of course, it is not politically correct to compare dogs and humans so we can’t use this analogy.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Sorry, we tried to fill out the registration form out too - but there were only 3 countries to choose from, Australia, Canada, and USA.

On a different note, wtg on showing that ignorant human how polite you really are!

Take care and walk proud!

Conners said...

Juliar, I never thought it would ever go this far neither. And NOW what we are seeing is the HATRED people bare for both the owners and the dogs. Not only the pitties, but these same people are openly verbably attacking people with Boxers and Jack Russel Terriers that I know of.
For someone to openly say, "THAT DOG SHOULD BE SHOT!" is horrifying as what if we were on a lonely street somewhere away from the public. Think of the danger both owner and dog would be in.
But I'm handling this one like I did with my surgery for my broken neck. The surgeon said it would take approx. 6 months to heal. No matter how bad the pain, I looked at it as one day closer to the 6 month mark.
Well, the way I'm going to try to get through this, is that Clayton Ruby, the lawyer against the provincial government is going to be my healing date. So each day that passes, is one day closer to him winning our case and amending the Act.
It' not easy, but taking it one day at a time is the best way for me and at the same time we must continue to fight for what we believe and know is right.
Furkids in Hong Kong, I want to thank you for trying. That in itself shows your support and I thank you for that.
And thank you for the compliment. Ignorance doesn't have to breed ignorance and I refuse to come down to that level due to a very ignorant remark...although I must admit, I said a couple of quiet words inside of me. LOL
I AM very proud of Shasta and I'm proud of the way I've raised and trained her. She would be loved by all if it wasn't for her breed... which is just plain stupidity. If she were any other breed, she would be loved. How much sence does that make? But to me, she IS my life and my love and she's never let me down in any way. I will fight for her life as she would mine.

IndyPindy said...

We would love to have Shasta in the Dog Blog Calendar, and I will add a link to your blog on my blog! My mommy was very upset about the pit bull ban in Denver, CO and there is also breed legislation in Washington, DC (right next door to us in MD) that is considering banning pit bulls, and some people are talking about including other "dangerous" breeds, which could include the Siberian Husky. Even though I am totally lovable, and play very gently with cats and small children, some people still think I am dangerous and scary. Please feel free to come back and visit my blog!

Conners said...

NO WAY! I mean, no way are you serious about them thinking of banning beautiful Siberian Huskys! What ever for??? I've never heard of a husky attack before. And a husky isn't the typical type that a criminal would think to get.
I'm sorry, but this really upsets me to hear this. I'm speechless!
I'm going to add your beautiful, wonderful blog to mine and don't worry, I am fighting for ALL the wonderful doggies. Not just mine.
This craziness has GOT to stop!