Friday, October 28, 2005

TARGETS: Innocent People

Today is the last day of freedom for the Pit bulls in Ontario, IF you can call that some cities have not required the muzzling until tomorrow, freedom. For the cities like Windsor and Kitchener/Waterloo that decided on a complete ban of Pit bulls, they were completely banned from their cities without the Grandfathering clause...although I'm a little comfused about Windsor, as I met a couple while camping in the summer, and they told me that as long as they met all the requirements, along with insurance, etc. they could keep their pittie.
Some cities have already enforced the muzzling and short leash while out in public, as it's a municipal ruling, so it looks like many haven't had what I call freedom for awhile now. We were given a 60 day grace period in which we had time to get our dogs fixed, liceased and ready for tomorrows full ban.
Yesterday, while walking with my youngest grand son, I met up with a guy that had a muzzled Pit bull, so naturally I asked if friendly and was it alright for us to pat his dog. He told me he had only had him fixed the day before and he was 7 years old. That's really taking a chance with your dog in my eyes leaving it until the last minute, but at least he got it done.
Last night I was walking Shasta and a drunk came up to me. Not a nice thing to meet up with on a dark night when out walking your dog, and naturally he approached us because of Shasta. I had to go into the variety store, but a little voice inside me told me not to tie her outside while I went inside. I try to listen to that small voice within me, and decided to take her in the store and explain to the clerk inside why I did. There was no problem. The conversation the drunk was telling me was that he also had a pit bull and it was sad he could never have another, but in the next breath, he said he would get one anyway. Whether it was the booze talking or not, I wondered if he was one of the people that was causing our problem. Neither Shasta nor I felt comfortable while around him.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people walking that may have had a bit too much to drink, but when you are hearing, 'F*CK the MUZZLES' and 'F*CK the f*cking government, I'll do what I want to do. No f*cking *assh*les as going to tell ME what to f*cking do!' Angry drunks to a complete stranger just doesn't sit well with me, nor Shasta especially late at night. For safety reasons, I think that Shasta and I will have to stop our late night walks as a tiny woman with a muzzled dog could be ideal targets now.
There are a lot of concerns as to how young a puppy has to be before it is muzzled. That would be a lot of muzzles as the puppy grows until full maturity, but we aren't going to get any sympathy from the government for that. You rescued pay the price! Michael Bryant hates the breed and wants them GONE FOREVER!
While we are promoting the responsible ownership of all breeds, he is promoting his hate against the breeds throughout Canada and the US. If he could rid the planet of them, in his mind, he thinks he is doing a justice to all citizens. The Grandfathering Clause was basically forced upon him, but we know he is hoping the owners will screw up in some way...or that neighbour issues will help the matter.
I'm dealing with that problem right at this very moment. My neighbour has been using my phone and unknowingly rung up very high long distance calls on my phone while telling me he was phoning for pizza, etc. Now that I've received my bill and confronted him with it, I get every excuse in the book that I will get paid last month, next week, soon. I could finally just settle the matter by taking it to small claims court and get all my money returned to me as I'm already on a limited disability income. But then what actions could he take with me? If he is the type to rip you off, is he not the type that would lie about Shasta and cause me even more grief? Do you see how the pattern is set? I fear for my dog, so I take a loss I can't afford because I can't afford to lose my dog over it neither. We are walking targets having to watch every move we make, whether justified or not. From a trusting and good neighbour, will this force me to be afraid to trust anyone any more?
The full ban may be enforced tomorrow, but the way I see it, we became victims a few months ago. Ontario isn't a nice place to live anymore...and I've lived here all my life!


Amstaffie said...

It's a shame that you have to feel that way about your "home town".

You never know what someone is going to do, especially if they're intoxicated. I'm glad there wasn't any trouble with the store clerk when you brought Shasta in.

Conners said...

There are quite a few stores I frequent that aren't suppose to allow dogs (or so the sign says), but as long as it's not busy, they don't mind a bit. They rather enjoy our short stays and nobody has lost a customer because of her. Matter of fact, she becomes the center of attention.
I don't do it often, but nights such as that, I wouldn't take the chance of someone stealing her or deciding to give her a swift kick... which is what I am afraid of now that they HAVE to be muzzled and defenceless to protect themselves.
Both dogs and owners are very valnerable to the creeps that will think it funny to put the boots to us and our dogs. And the only source of protection in the Act is we are allowed to call the police.
I guess I will always ghave to stay near a pay phone with a quarter in my hand incase of an attack to us.