Monday, October 10, 2005

Don't be a BAD Dad! Just change it's BREED!

I just read a story in The Morning News and other than it being in Bentonville, I'm not sure what State that is in. But, banning Pit bulls is being considered. It seems that between Denver and Ontario, Canada, we are the model examples. Let's hope we get the amendments we are fighting for so we can be a model province to others in a positive way and other states and provinces will follow suit.
In this article, a 2 year old dog, Toby was being discussed. The owner states he is supposedly borne of boxers, but says his dog's head and build could be of a pit bull. Gee...are there simularities??? Well, I can tell this owner certainly doesn't love his dog unconditionally even if his kids do as he's already considering of getting rid of Toby. Sounds to me, this man is looking for a reason so he doesn't look like the bad guy in his kids eyes. Sure, give the kids a puppy for a Christmas present and 2 years later, sorry kids but Toby has to go. It's the LAW! And why NOW does this supposingly borne of boxers dog, in his eyes think Toby could look like a pit bull?
Why doesn't he simply say, he's had enough of Toby's jumping and doesn't want the responsibility of the dog in the first place, rather than trying to pin it to a pit bull?
This man shouldn't have gotten a dog if he doesn't have the patience to raise it properly. You do NOT get a dog (or any other pet) unless you can honestly say you will make a commitment to this animal for the rest of it's natural life. A decision you should consider BEFORE you get a dog.
People like this make me angry! To use the Pit bull breeds as a reason makes me even angrier!!!
It makes me wonder how many other unresponsible owners are using the pit bull breeds as an excuse of thinking of getting rid of their family pet. What will we hear next? I have a white, kinky haired dog supposingly bred of poodles, but I think it 'might' be a pit bull, so I'm thinking if there is a ban, I might let it go. Sorry kids! grrrrrr...


Amstaffie said...

What a crock... you're right Connie, it's a commitment. I would absolutely cry my eyeballs out if I had to get rid of any of my poochies. But I'd do all I could before it even came to that. For someone to be able to get rid of a dog, *snap* just like that, shouldn't be allowed to get a dog again.

That makes me angry too.. and to blame it on "maybe" being a pit!?!? *squinty eyes with evil look*

Conners said...

It's bad enough watcging this BSL epidemic growing (but hopefully we can turn it around soon)and we FIGHT to try to change it!
But now using the breeds name as an excuse to get rid of a dog is too much. Pitties are being blamed for everything, so why not use the breed to do more dirty work.
It's outrages! I wish I could talk to these people to their faces. Talk to their families. Daddy doesn't want the dog kids, but it's not because it's a pit bull. It's NOT! He simply is tired of Toby's jumping and rather than seeking help to break the bad behaviour, he's calling it a pit bull so it's easier on him, and you guys will be broken hearted because you are too little to blame the law. Daddy will come out of this smelling like a rose saying he will TRY to protect Toby, but when it comes to the law, Daddy can't fight that. BS!
No! I wouldn't tell the kids, but I sure would talk to the owner and his wife and tell them exactly what the owner is doing. Matter of fact, I would contact the HS and the newspapers and tell them peoples new excuses.
So does Toby get put down because the owner decided to change the dogs breed? And what about Toby? Torn away from the love of the kids. Nobody thinks of what the dog feels. They feel stress, abandonment and confusion. This whole story churns my stomach!!!

Faira said...
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Dak-Ind said...

the owner of the boxer is a jerk. he is the type of guy that makes legitamate pet owners seethe because he ruins it for the rest of us. he shoudl just be a man and say "look, im a jack ass and cant be bothered to care for my own pet, it isnt the dogs fault." but guys like that are the ones who blame everyone else for their short comings.

Conners said...

That was the way I viewed it too, but especially using a dog that is already getting a bad rap because of other irresponsible owners.
I honestly didn't even see a point to why he was even in that article. Seems as if the media needed to dig deep just to put anything in about pit bulls, so here's a person with a pup borne to boxers, that all of a sudden may be a pit bull to fit into the piece. Could they not have found at least a person WITH a pit bull?! That's stooping pretty low with both the guy and the media.