Thursday, October 27, 2005

GOOD NEWS made the media!

What a 'delight' to read a heart warming story like this for a change, even if it was on the BBC News, Kent, England !

Puppy saves boy, 4, from injury

A puppy saved its four-year-old owner from serious injury after the boy stepped on a manhole cover and plunged feet first into a sewer.

Jack and Mia were returning
from a walk in Barnetts Wood

The accident happened last Thursday when Jack Sorrell, from High Brooms, was holding the Staffordshire Bull Terrier on a walk with his grandfather.
Fortunately Mia the dog pulled forward on the lead and stopped Jack from falling down any further.
Kent County Council denied any blame as the drain is on private land.
But Jack's father Tony Philips said it was the second such incident.
"The lady who lives next door, her husband fell through the same drain hole two months ago and they reported it, but it still hasn't been fixed."

Jack's family say two people have now fallen into the sewer

Jack's family say two people
have now fallen into the sewer

Norman Kelly, the youngster's grandfather, demanded that something be done.
"It's down by a set of garages so it should be able to take the weight of a vehicle, never mind the weight of a four-year-old child.
Jack described the experience as "scary".
His father said it could have been a lot worse because his son suffers from a medical condition where by he can stop breathing if he hits his head.
He added: "Mia's a super dog, she's a star and she's Jack's saviour."


Amstaffie said...

What a good girl Mia!!!!
Finally, some good press!

Conners said...

I sent this article to Michael Bryant with the email header saying, 'For your information'. I KNOW I won't receive a reply, but I made sure the whole page was on the email. *giggle* And to make sure he got it, I sent it to both of his email addies I have. LOL