Monday, October 17, 2005


It was so hard taking pictures of all the dogs. They were EVERY WHERE, but no where for long. Shasta, although leashed, always had a few friends coming to meet her.
The London Dog Owners Association put on a fun day with lots to do and see. It was a huge success. There was plenty to do and games to be won. Shasta and I did it all! She even won a prize for not breaking a sit position. It was done through disqualifications as the dogs moved. With all the distractions of dogs running past, even so, Shasta sat and didn't move a muscle. YEA SHASTA!
The pitties were invited to the Grand Opening dispite the law. Naturally we didn't allow them to run loose even though I was told by a vet, 'Today there are no pit bulls...only Terriers!' We weren't taking chances. This is Brutis and he is the friendliest guy you could meet.
So many beautiful dogs in one place. The larger dog only wanted to lay down, while the smaller one of the two, wanted to go places. The heaviest one of the two won out. LOL
Somehow when I took pictures, I got more of people than dogs. That was because the dogs were zipping by that I barely could get many all in the same spot.
After Shasta staying still uncollared and unleashed for her picture being taken, I told her to sit to reward her with a cookie (treat). All of a sudden, I had 4 dogs sitting nice waiting for a treat too. It was so comical...and yes! I gave them all a treat, but Shasta got two.
Yesterday was so much fun, but fun is exausting. It's time I go to bed and sleep in tomorrow. We've earned it!


Amstaffie said...

Wow that is so AWESOME! I really wish we had something like that here. I wonder if our governement would give grants to open something like that, I may have to check in to that.

Congratulations Shasta on being the best sitting pooch out there. Have your mommy give you a good scratch behind the ear for me!

Conners said...

The Free Leash Dog Parks are not for Pit bull breeds or any dog that may be a Pit bull mix. It was a 'special invite' for this occasion that ALL dogs could come. By the end of the day, the LDOA had to abide by the law and post the new signs all around, saying: NO MUZZLED OR LEASHED DOGS ALLOWED! Believe me, I know many of these people and they are fighting hard for our cause. But laws are laws and if they don't abide, the parks get closed down.
The city or government doesn't run these parks. The LDOA has to acually pay the city so much in order to be allowed them. They issued the city their cheque right on stage, The pitty owners didn't clap. hehehe The city is making enough money off of us pittie owners. Shasta got her microchip and had a fun time though, even if it was her last a the park.
She was so vocal in the car with excitement as we were nearing the park. I've never heard her so excited about anything.
Hopefully if we win with the fight against the province, she and the other bullies will be welcomed in with open gates and signs down.

Amstaffie said...

Ah man, that kinda bites... I thought it was for all dogs. I can't believe that... That's like having a kiddie party and not allowing certain kids to participate. What a crock!

That makes me a little on the angry side.

Conners said...

It's not the fault of the LDOA. Believe me, they are doing their best to fight this as much as we all are. They were at City Hall fighting and one of them organized the Bow Wow Pow Wow even though she doesn't have pitties herself.
She knows the importance of socialization and how we MUST keep it up. That's why she invites us to her place. She's a sweetheart!
And through her, we met other women with pitties and one now has a fence, so she threw a Bow Wow Pow Wow too.
It does suck about not being allowed in the Leash Free Parks, but that's the Liberals doing. Not the city or an association. Michael Bryant does not want our killer dogs unleashed and unmuzzled anywhere around a public area...even a Leash Free Park.
Do we know what it's like to be discriminated against? You can bet your bootie we do!