Monday, October 17, 2005

Law Breaker!

Ok, I KNOW I'm on the wrong side of the fence, and no I wasn't checking to see if the other side was greener. It just so happened that the frisbee went flying over the fence, and Linda nominated me to go retreive it. NOT a good example for the dogs, but Linda had just bought the darn thing.
What else could I have done? *giggle*

Lucy and Shasta stayed close as I was nervous about taking her off her leash, but a little romp never hurt and as you can see, we were far away from everyone. Not that Shasta would have hurt anyone or another dog...just that I was totally nervous about the whole thing. I'm such a 'big time' law breaker.
I don't get it. It is completely fenced in land and on private property, meaning whoever owns it. Still, it's NOT for the pitties, so in that way, I was doing a no! no! Even if the owners of the other dogs told me to go ahead and let her run.
Lucy was loving it too, even though she is used to freedom. She gets to
go to fields all the time. I'm glad she doesn't have to go through what Shasta does.

Shasta got to run, but never too far away that when I called her back, she came running back to see what I wanted her for. I think she knew I was
giving her a real treat by letting her go for that little while. All dogs NEED this. What does the government thing isolation will do to our dogs! That would be like not allowing a child to play, especially with other kids.

Here's my girl getting some good cuddling and a nice pat before I have to take her freedom away from her again. I'm glad she was satified with
short run I allowed her.

Look at just this little bit of the 2 acre park. They have the open fields, along with plenty of paths for the dogs to run around in. It was like a dream come true.


Amstaffie said...

Shasta looked as if she was having soooo much fun! I'm glad she got to enjoy herself!

Conners said...

It will be the last time, but so was I. Her freedom isn't something I can play with. Her brief 15 minutes could cost her, her life very shortly. I'm not willing to risk that again.