Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, Birthday Baby!

In the mix of events and turmoils over bylaws and laws, today became a simple pleasure day as together, Shasta and I celebrated her '3rd' birthday!
She was excited as I bought her gifts and somehow she knew they were for her. Even when I sang Happy Birthday to her, she licked my face the whole time. Most dogs would be howling with my singing voice, but not my Shasta.
We had a lot of fun and she had plenty of treats and played games. Doggy games! So now we are just relaxing and I thought I would share the pictures of her SPECIAL DAY with you.


Amstaffie said...

Look at pretty Shasta! With her pretty tiara and wrap. Storm and I were there with you in our hearts!

Uh-oh, who's "22nd" b-day is coming up!?!?!?! :)

Faira said...

What a wonderful day for you both!
Shasta looks like she likes playing dress up and being the center of Mom's attention! You can always tell when a pet is well loved, it shows in their eyes! And Shasta is one well loved 3 year old!

Conners said...

She LOVED the tiera and the jewelry and especially the boa, but for some reason the purple birthday hat seemed to make her feel like it was soooo heavy. It was so comical, I'd call her and call her, but she wouldn't lift her head up. It weighed as much as a penny. Go figure.
Unfortunately, we over did it with the treats and she has an upset belly...the kind that runs out the 'other' end. But she did enjoy her day sooo much!!! And yes, I admit, I did too!!! *giggle*
She might not have had Storm there physically, but in spirit he is ALWAYS here!!! And someone is going to be 22 again??? Sheesh, it wouldn't happen to be a tiny, skinny blond wearing a really SPECIAL Bully T-shirt that says "Bless the Bullys" "A righeous man regardeth the life of his animals." that a very DEAR friend sent to me from NC would it???? *giggle*
*hugs to all of you!!!*

Freda said...

Hey Shasta,

Just found your blog. HAPPY BELATED B-DAY. From your pictures looks like you had a great day.

Check out my blog about a blog dog calendar. You may want to get your buddies together and put a Bless the Bullys calendar together to help your campaign way up there in the north country.

Arf, Arf again!



Conners said...

Yes I've seen the Bless the Bullie Calendars and do plan on ordering one at the beginning of the month. With all the muzzles and extra's that Shasta has needed, plus B-day month for everybody, the budget is tight this month. LOL
BTW...I voted and hope I made a wise choice since I don't know how the American Animal Associations are run. But I've read about some and that's how I voted.
Thanks for the tip Freda