Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bans, should be BANNED!

I was reading a post in the some of the outrages bans around the world and their reason for having them. Rediculous! Just as rediculous as Ontario's Pit bull Ban which is also mentioned.


Faira said...

The poem by Alan W. Joslin, really made me cry. So many animals are sacrificed, in the name of sport and profit!

Conners said...

Did you press on the link and see the rest of the page along with Triump? Poor thing! It breaks my heart the evil greed does to man/woman. That old saying of 'the world is going to the dogs' sure doesn't apply anymore. It's as if man has turned his back on mans best friend. I'll NEVER understand it!!! NEVER!!!! It's horrid and heart breaking!