Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another Child Dies!

Pit-bull mix attacks, kills 2½-year-old Suffolk boy

Police believe the boy was attacked and killed by this 35-pound male pit-bull mix named Ox.

Even the headlines in this news article contradict each other. The first one says the pit bull mix killed the boy. The heading under says, the police believe the pit bull mix attacked and killed the child. Regardless, a child dies and that is unacceptable by any means. To me, I look to reasons why this toddler died. Yes, obviously, the pit bull mix seems to be the reason, but as I look closer into this story, as with all the others, what questions do I find? MANY! And many contradictions.

This toddler did not have to die. It was shear carelessness of people that caused this childs death, even if the papers want to put the dog to blame. The dog may have committed the act, but the parents were negligent again. Isn't that the same as 2nd degree murder?

As you read The Virginian-Pilot , I look at this statement, "Police believe that Jonathan was attacked and killed by a male pit-bull mix named Ox. The dog had been a family pet for about a year and a half, George said. A female pit-bull mix, with four puppies, also was in the home at the time. All of the dogs were taken by animal control, but there are no immediate plans to euthanize the male dog, George said." and I also look to this statement, "George said Jonathan’s parents told police that the family’s dogs didn’t usually stay inside the house but had been brought inside late Sunday night. When police arrived, George said, the female was chained in the yard.
Police were told that the puppies were still inside and that Ox had run off, she said. Authorities later found Ox inside the house."
hmmm...smell something fishy yet? Jonathan's parents told the police one thing, but authorities find out something differently. Plus the fact, that the parents were both upstairs and left a 2 1/2 year old child unattended and alone with a dog?

"Percy Conner, who also lives nearby, said he had tried to warn his great -niece about the aggressive nature of Ox. "“That dog tried to attack me, and he came after my wife,” said Conner, shaking his head. “I told them just last week that they ought to get rid of him.” So now we hear there have been prievious aggressive tendancies that the mother ignored. If she did not believe her great uncle, would she not at least take precautions? The dog is NOT a BABYSITTER! More neligence on the mothers part.

"George said Jonathan’s parents told police that the family’s dogs didn’t usually stay inside the house but had been brought inside late Sunday night. When police arrived, George said, the female was chained in the yard." So, the puppies and Ox are inside the house, and the female is tied outside, which was first inside. We don't know if Ox is the father of the puppies and we don't know if Jonathan was with or near the puppies. We do know that all the dogs are normally outdoors, but for some reason the male and the puppies were brought inside. That surely would attract a toddler and I'm sure Jonathan was no exception.

I read that tragity has struck another child and his life is gone forever. How many more of these stories do we have to read about before people realize, THEY are the parents and the responsibility of their children is in their hands. It's a very sad day, when the carelessness and neglect of parents leads to a childs death. But who's picture is in the news article?

If the parents owned a gun and the child was left alone with that gun and the gun went off, would a picture of the gun be on the article? I know NOT!

We need a proper dog-bite prevention program for children, parents, dog owners, service workers and the general public. We also need a proper law to protect citizens from all dog attacks, regardless of breed, by targeting a dog's previous inappropriate behaviour and the owner's inability to properly train, contain, and socialize their dog.

We need a thorough comprehensive program of education, training and legislation encouraging respnsible ownership of all breeds. This child did not have to die along with many others and many more to come. They blame it on the dog. I blame it on the ill-informed and the negect of owners that should never have owned a dog in the first place without the proper responsibility and education needed to own a dog; ANY dog!

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Anonymous said...

Parents need to stop useing animals as a diversion for the kids, who leaves a 2 year old with ANY DOG how many times did the baby poke the dog in the eye its a baby people don't care enough about to watch it what is the dog supposed to do? be a play thing? that dog looks half starved AND COWED DOWN probably the most human thing that ever happened to it was to put it down.