Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bow Wow Pow Wow

The meeting at London City Hall for the proposed By-law on Pit bull Licensing and amendment to the Dog Licensing and Control meeting is on September 12th. My slotted speaking time is at 5:30 pm. We are allowed 10 minutes.
I belong to a Canadian Pet Forum and a bunch of us from London are getting together, with our dogs at one on the girls houses with a big fenced in back yard. We will be rehersing our speeches and making changes, etc. as the dogs have their play time together. It's called a 'bow wow pow wow'. LOL That's on Saturday. I'm really excited about that and it will be great to meet the faces we talk to all the time.
That should also help us all to relax a little more during the actual meeting knowing we are amongst friends.
Plus we have some do's and don't from an expert speaker with lots of good advise to follow. She has been doing this for years now and she knows what makes them listen and what turns them off and tunes them out.
While I was away on holidays, they already thought of me and got me a ride. What a thoughtful loving group, plus I got another offer for a ride.
I'm so used to asking for help and being told they are too busy or other excuses that with this group, it makes me hugging each and every one of them to the point of tears. I'm not used to people being so friendly and we've never met. Well, actually a few of them from the other City Hall meeting, but this will be good for all of us, dogs included.
Also, we won't be repeating each other with the same things since we will all be rehersing together and making changes. It will be so much less stressful, even without Shasta by my side at the meeting.
I still like Andee'ssuggestion of taking pictures of Shasta and setting them on the speakers table as I speak.
I've made so many changes to my speech and think I have everything covered what my concerns are.
On a good note, they have disregarded the single dwelling for now, but with a condition that they can apply it into the by-law if the feel it necessary and I have a lot to say about that.
I'll keep you updated on both the bw wow pow wow and the city hall proposed bylaw meeting. We even have support from out of towners wishing us luck and amazed at how we Londoners are coming together to fight this thing. They say we are not only doing it for London, but forall the pit bulls. As nervous as some of us are, we keep telling ourselves, THIS IS FOR THE DOGS! No flying off the handle and ruining it for the dogs. This is our chance to make a difference and I feel very positive about this.
Well off to bed I go. Just wanted to keep you informed. Holidays are over and it's time to fight again...for the dogs!


Joe Powel said...

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Amstaffie said...

I wish there was some way I could be up there too. (At least for support!)

Please take pictures to post of the BowWowPowWow. I think that is awesome!!! (Of the dogs and the people! It's always cool to put names, faces, and pets together!)

I know you all will do great, and it will make a difference!

Conners said...

To be sure I will take my camera. A party of pitties playing together should be a hoot.
And Pit bull owners coming together all for the sake of the dogs...oh yes, this will be great and pics are a definate MUST!
You and Storm will be there in spirit, that I can be sure of.
As far as the City Hall meeting, we want it to go smoothly and not 1/2 cocked. That's why this was planned. We want the council to see we are not the slime of the earth, as Tranquilli seems to think Pit bull owners are. We are decent, responsible people with dogs with wonderful natures...not the irresponsible owners that make bad names for us and our dogs.
If anyone should be targeted with the high fees, let it be the people that break the bylaws and laws. It's because of them we are in this position to fight for the dogs in the first place.
We've aready made a difference. I believe through letters and emails, that that is why they dropped the single housing from the agenda, even though I stiplan on reinforcing it.
Thanks for your well wishes. Keep us up in prayer...I know you have and will.

phred said...


Conners said...

Thanks Phred! We need all the support, prayers and how ever you give support...even in thought. They ALL count and I appreciate you and all the people that have send any kind of encouragement at all. It means so much and we need people like us to keep our heads on straight and fight for the dogs the very best we possibly can. Thank you!