Saturday, September 24, 2005

Martha Stewart Joins PETA

No sooner do I decide to post about PETA, then I come across this article saying that good ol' Martha Stewart has joined ranks with them. *sigh*
Obviously SHE doesn't read my blog or do her homework. You would have thought she would have had enough time being she had so much TIME on her hands.
I must make one comment though, I do have to agree with her in this one...just not the organization she has joined. Press to view the video, but be warned, it's GRAPHIC and DISTURBING!


Amstaffie said...

Geez, that was kinda heart-breaking seeing those poor little animals. But, that doesn't make PETA right for everything they do.

Conners said...

No! Not at all! We aren't even sure if they shot that footage of the animals trapped, but I did find it difficult to watch. I hate to see anything suffer so humanely. I understand that animals do have to be used for some things, but progress eliminates a lot of the use of animals when they can. Look how they used to use rabbits for pregnacy tests. If the rabbit died, you were pregnant, Now they don't have to use rabbits any more.
There's a difference between brutality and humane.
I'm an animal lover and I don't wear fur (not that I have the need), but I do wear leather boots, shoes, etc. I eat meat, fish and chicken. I eat eggs and although lactose intolerance, I do add milk to me tea's and in cooking.
I love vegetables, but especially with me required to eat an extremely high protein diet, it's hard to get all the protein I need by eatting peanut butter sandwiches all the time.
Does this make me less of an animal lover? I also love to fish, even though it's a lot of catch and release. If I have damaged a fish during fishing, I keep that fish rather than letting it suffer. I know the wildlife would probably get it, but how do I know?
Does that make me a hyercrit (sp?). When I go to a site like PETA, I sure feel like one.
And what about all my medications? Did I know they came from animals? No! But can I give them up? Only if I want to die for the sake of saving animals I suppose. Is that fair to my family, because it would be the same as suicide.
I can't go into a restaurant and pick out a lobster and say I want to murder that one to eat...but I can eat lobster tail as I know that lobster is already dead. Does that make sense?
I guess what I'm trying to say, is I do not go out of my way to kill or harm an animal in any way. When I go to the grocery store, I do not see an animal before me. I see packages of meat and don't think, I just killed a cow as it has many parts and a pkg of ground beef doesn't look like a cow to me.
Oh shoot, I don't know what I'm saying??? I know the dog food I feed Shasta and the cats have meat byproducts in it. Does that make me bad?
We take many things forgranted and that includes what we eat and what we wear. I'm not an extremeist that is going to go out and by rubber shoes for a dress up occation.
You know...I think I better go to bed, my sleeper is got me nodding off. I wonder if it is made from animal?

Amstaffie said...

I completely agree with what you're saying. I'm the same way, I eat meat & veggies, eat ice cream. I don't look at the food in the store as a cow or chicken, I look at it as nutrition for people.

Yes, I too use medicine on a daily basis. I hate the fact that scientist have to test on animals, but I believe I would rather a clinically raised rat die, than someone's loved parent, brother, sister, etc.

OK, now as for hunting deer, etc, I personally couldn't do it because of cute little Bambi, but I don't put people down that do hunt because it's like a population control. If the deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc did not have a hunting season, we would be over-run with critters! But hence the word "season". That's to make sure that their existance is not wiped out. (Unlike BSL.)

Conners said...

You hit the nail right on the head and couldn't have said it any better!!!!