Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What SHOULD she be???

I've got some material that would look great for Shasta's Halloween Costume. Now the problem is deciding what I should make it into and what Shasta should be? I thought with the purple, maybe a gypsy or a knight? And the blue...hmmm...she could be a princess or a butterfly?
What do YOU think??? Any idea's?


Amstaffie said...

She looks like she's saying, "Yes I AM the princess, what are you going to do about it?" in the bottom picture. Such a pretty girl!

Conners said...

*giggle* She definitely is MY princess, that's for sure, but for Halloween, she is going to be an Arabian Princess. It HAS been decided. She's excited too as now she knows it's not just posing with material, but that Mommy is actually making her something.
I forgot to take one part off of her prior to getting on the computer and all of a sudden I hear hopping. Weird, I think to myself. She got her leg caught up in the material and was trying to hop to me. I asked her why she just didn't call out, "Mom!" With that she gave me many wet, wet licks. I guess she didn't want to disturb me, precious girl!