Wednesday, September 28, 2005


It wasn't long ago, it might have been at the Bow Wow Pow Wow or it could have been mentioned at City Hall, but because of my speech and we saying that not only is Shasta my loving pet, loyal companion, but also my Service and Therapy dog to help me with things related to my health problems and disabilities, that without her help, I would not be able to have some of the independance that I have. I also wrote some of the things that we have thought up to do to help me out in these ways.
Well, someone suggested that I should get her certified as my Service dog since she is already playing that role in my life.
Never did I once think of that before and the more I thought about it the more it made sence. After all, who better knows me than Shasta and wants to please me so much that when it's work time, she gets all excited and I enjoy having her by my side.
They probably could suggest other things in which she could be of assistance to me too, that I've never thought of. This could mean even more freedom for me as they allow Service dogs on the bus (another of my big phobia's) and even in stores (so I wouldn't have to try to lug everything outside to her first).
She already pulls all my heavy groceries home for me and takes the garbage to the big bins with a sled. She wakes me if someone is at the door when I'm sleeping and don't hear the knocking. If I had some sort of cart, she could help me with groceries in the summer too.
I'm sure they must have special harnesses in which to pull these things as I only put on a normal harness and attach an extra leash to it, but with proper equipement, it would be so much easier on her.
There are so many other needs I would require, but because the trainers are familiar with people with disabilities, I'm sure these things are already known to them.
On another positive note, because these are Service dogs, they are exempt from licensing fees and many of the other 'normal' fees. All this is news to me and if this is at all possible...what a dream come true!
Someone told me that would exempt her from having to wear a muzzle too, as how can she help if she were to wear a muzzle with some things?!
She watches me as we walk as at times I do not hear a roller blader behind me and she skiddles me over to the side of the sidewalk. I've learn to trust her even if I'm not sure at the time why.
This could be such a God sent if this works out. As yet, there is no mention that pit bulls can not be Service dogs and not sure what the new law says about it, but basically, she has grown with me and my needs for nearly 3 years. Who best to know me but her.
I've requested more information into this and now awaiting that info from a few different trainers. If anyone that reads this and is from around the London area, you can contact me through my email address Make sure you put SERVICE DOG in the heading incase it goes into my junk mail. Also if you have any knowledge about any of the information, I'd like to hear about that too.
I am unable to drive a car (due to confusion and panic attacks, plus I sometimes have problems with cognative thinking, so I assume this training would have to take place at my home.
I hope this works out for me and I'm trying not to get prematurely excited, but must admit I already am. This could be a chance in a lifetime for both Shasta and me. I already know she is perfect for the job from what I already have her doing and she LOVES me putting her to work.
Now I wait again...but this I wait on is so exciting that I just had to tell anyone who reads my blog as I'm too excited to keep this in and wait to tell once we get accepted or rejected. Prayer, fingers crossed and whatever else you do is most welcome.

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