Saturday, September 10, 2005

last of bow wow pow wow

None of us or our dogs had ever met one another. This was a meeting for the Bow Wow Pow Wow for our dogs to socialise together and for us to get our speeches rehersed befor the big day at City Hall on Monday.
Not one incident took place other than the dogs having a lot of fun together. Especially the two males, that some how decided to have a love affair amongst all the females. LOL
The only one on patrol was the neighbours cat waiting for something aweful to happen so it could call the newspaper and report the incident.
Don't think you had me fooled for a minute cat! I know you were working for the other side. LOL
We didn't get a whole lot done...but we sure as heck had a lot of FUN!


Amstaffie said...

Well, it looks as if the bwpw went great! I hope all goes well tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow! Good luck to you and all the others speaking!

Conners said...

Keep those prayers coming. This is our LAST chance for the city tomorrow. Lord hear our hearts and our prayers and be with us as we gather together. Keep us calm and touch the hearts of the councillers with our words. This I pray in Jesus Name. Amen.