Friday, September 23, 2005

Media Scare Tactics starts Again!

It's starting already! The media with the scare campaign has started again, only now it's the rotties that they are going after. Sure, now that the Pit bulls are banned and not headline news anymore (and notice no signs of attacks since the ban has been in place), so now lets pick on another 'dangerous breed' and see if these can be banned too. Check out Hairy Deal and you will see what I am talking about.
First let me point out the statement, "The woman and her pets weren’t seriously injured – requiring some bandages for cuts and scratches before returning home. The woman also stated, she wasn’t angry at the animal, but its owner. So why did this article even make it into the paper? It wouldn't have when the fucus was on Pit bulls.
Another assumption made by the media...remember, this is their words to add to the fuel of scaring people just as they did with the Pit bulls, is "It raises the issue of whether other dogs besides pit bulls should have been included in the ban that took effect in late August. Rottweilers have been known to attack, as have other breeds, like German Shepherds."
It does not say, that it may look as if the Breed Specific Ban doesn't work, but instead suggests that Rottweilers and German Sheherds have been known to attack.
Well, I hate to inform them...but any dog could be known to attack if the owner are irresponsible and allows the dogs to roam and not socialized. HELLO? What have we been saying all along?
The 2nd Rottie in this story, the owner admits has been aggressive in the past. Did he ever think of proper training to break that aggression...and another question while I'm at it...what (or who) made this dog aggressive in the first place?


Amstaffie said...

"It raises the issue of whether other dogs besides pit bulls should have been included in the ban that took effect in late August."

Yes it should have been "other dogs" besides the name "pit". It should have been "aggressive and/or dangerous" dogs. When are these idiots going to learn? And you're right, you're not going to hear of any more pitbull attacks, because that would make Michael Bryant look like a fool. He said banning pitbulls would stop pit bull attacks, so therefore the media will focus on other breeds, besides a pitbull that would prove Michael Bryant wrong.

Conners said...

You've got that exactly right Andee. With the media not showing Pit bull atacks (or making them up to be Pit bulls anymore) they are trying to prove that the Pit bull ban is working.
It makes me wonder if this was BEFORE Sept. 29th, would they have called this dog a Pit bull. There are no pictures to prove otherwise.