Friday, September 09, 2005

Some small talk this morning...

Today I'm up early as I have my youngest grandchild, Julian spend the night with me and he wakes up wayyyy earlier than what I nomally would. You would have thought I would have gone to bed earlier because knowing this, but doesn't it figure that finally there was a good movie on tv that I got into and didn't end until 5 AM. *yawn*
Looks like I will take a nap when he does. Need to be rested for the big 'bow wow bow wow' tomorrow and that's another early morning as it starts at about the same time as I wake up. So tonight, I better not have the tv on so I don't get tempted with a movie. *sigh*

Yesterday, my son Michael was in the paper. It's him working, but they tend to like taking pictures due to the high risk job he does. Swinging on a small seat high in the air.
I know the seats are perfectly safe as not only do they wear their safety harness, but I've watched my ex hubby make them enough times and they may not look like much, but are plenty sturdy. You just would never see me on one or I would pass out from fright and be dangling with my safety harness. Guess I'd make the papers quite often saying Woman dangles through the air with the greatest of ease...sure, until I came around and passed out again. LOL

He made the news a few months ago doing the trick riding on his bike with some of his buddies, then Shasta and I at the last City Hall meeting fighting for the dogs. Now he makes the paper...will this be a trend and I make the paper next? ROL We'll just have to wait and see. I don't think they are allowed to take picture of speakers although they do take pictures in there. Sometimes of people holding up banners in the balcony section, plus their own commentory and speaking to people in the halls. We'll just have to wait and see. ;)

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